10 Best Cottage Cheese Substitutes That You Can Try

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Whether it comes to making desserts or savory cooking, cottage cheese is a widely used ingredient. It adds a creamy texture and also has a mild taste, so it does not really overpower any dish. So, in this article, I will tell you about the best cottage cheese substitutes. 

Cottage Cheese

Though cottage cheese is a great ingredient to work with, there can be times when you are out of the same. So, in situations like these, you can easily use a substitute. A substitute for cottage cheese will work equally well and give the same flavor and texture to your food. 

But, here the real question is, what are the best substitutes for cottage cheese? The best cottage cheese substitutes are ricotta cheese, Greek yogurt, Fromage blanc, tofu, heavy cream, mascarpone cheese, cream cheese, feta cheese, and homemade cottage cheese. 

Although, I do believe that before I tell you what the best substitutes for cottage cheese are, let me tell you some about cottage cheese itself. Knowing a little bit more about the cheese will make it easier for you to pick your favorite substitutes. 

Quick Peek: Cottage Cheese

In this section, you will find information about what cottage cheese is, along with facts about how it tastes and how its texture is. Other than that, you will also get to know what recipes it is used in and its nutritional information. 

What Is Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese is a curdled milk product. Also known by the name curds and whey, cottage cheese is made from cow’s milk by draining the cheese. However, cottage cheese is not pressed like various other types of cheese. 

Some of the whey is left in cottage cheese, which helps keep the curds loose. However, there is something else too that distinguishes cottage cheese from other types of cheese. Cottage cheese has cream added to it, which is responsible for its flavor, and it is not aged. 

Describing Cottage Cheese: Flavor And Texture

Cottage cheese has a very mild milky flavor. The flavor is subtle, with a slight hint of salt to it. The flavor of cottage cheese is quite comparable with that of ricotta cheese. Usually, cottage cheese made with low-fat milk is slightly sourer. 

When we talk about the texture of cottage cheese, it is soupy, creamy, and non-homogeneous in texture. The soupy texture is due to the addition of cream to it. It consists of curds of varying sizes in it. 

Uses Of Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is very popularly used in various parts of the world. It also has different variations of it in different parts of the world. Cottage cheese is used frequently in baking as a vegetarian substitute for eggs. 

Other than that, cottage cheese can be spread over toast. It can be added to salads and can be used to make dips too. It pairs well with fruits such as pears and peaches too. It is also a very popular substitute for meat as it has a high protein content. 

Cottage Cheese On The Health Radar | Looking Through The Wellness Telescope

Cottage cheese is a very healthy type of cheese. It is low in calories and high in protein. Around one cup or about 225 grams of cottage cheese has 163 calories, with 28 grams of protein. It has small amounts of carbohydrates and fats and is rich in various nutrients. 

Cottage cheese is very rich in vitamin B12 and has minerals such as phosphorus, selenium, riboflavin, calcium, and folate. It is also packed with decent amounts of vitamin B6, zinc, and copper. 

Due to its rich nutrient values, cottage cheese has been linked to various health benefits. It is linked to helping with weight loss and muscle gain due to its high protein content along with being low in calories. Moreover, it is also said to help with bone strengthening. 

Why Use A Substitute For Cottage Cheese?

Now that I have told you so many great benefits of cottage cheese, I am sure you must be wondering why there is a need to use a substitute for cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a great ingredient to work with, but there can be reasons why you can use a substitute for the same. 

To start off, the consistency of cottage cheese might not be liked by everyone. Cottage cheese has a very soupy consistency with visible curds. While this may work for most recipes, some people may not prefer this consistency. 

So, in a situation like this, using a substitute with a different consistency can come in handy. Other than that, cottage cheese has a very mild flavor. So, if you are looking to use a cheese that has a stronger flavor, cottage cheese might not be your best bet. 

Again, in this situation, using a substitute with a stronger flavor can work well for your recipe. Lastly, if in case you simply are all out of cottage cheese, why run to the store? You can use a substitute that probably is already present in your pantry! 

I do think that I have told you enough about cottage cheese. Now, before your brain gets more saturated with information about the same, I will take you to the main attraction of this article, the best substitutes for cottage cheese. 

Other Food Substitutes You Can Try

10 Best Cottage Cheese Substitutes

This section has all the information about the best substitutes you can use in place of cottage cheese. Moreover, you will get to know what recipes the substitutes work best in and also the ratio of substitution. 

1. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese has a smoother texture than that cottage cheese; however, it still does have some curds in it. It also has a mild flavor, similar to cottage cheese, and so can be used as a substitute for the same in various recipes. 

Considering the mild flavor of ricotta cheese, it can be used in savory and sweet recipes in place of cottage cheese. It works well as a spread for toasts and as a pasta filling too. It absorbs other flavors in a recipe very well and will not overpower the dish. 

The one notable difference between the two, however, is that ricotta has a higher fat content than cottage cheese. But, to fix this, you can use low-fat ricotta cheese. You can use ricotta as a cottage cheese substitute in a 1:1 ratio. 

2. Fromage Blanc

Fromage blanc is a soft white cheese which is French in origin. It has a soft and creamy consistency and has a mild buttery flavor that works well in a lot of recipes. You can use it as a substitute for cottage cheese. 

Fromage blanc is very versatile due to its mild flavor and can be used in both savory and sweet recipes. Moreover, it also has very similar nutritional values to that of cottage cheese, which is an added bonus. It also has a smoother texture. 

The few downsides of using Fromage blanc are that it is expensive and comparatively a little difficult to find. However, if you do get your hands on it, you can use it as a substitute for cottage cheese in most recipes in a 1:1 ratio. 

3. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a thick yogurt with a smooth consistency. It has a milky yet slightly sour flavor. Though not exactly the same as cottage cheese, Greek yogurt can work as a substitute for the same in certain recipes. 

Greek yogurt is very different from cottage cheese when it comes to consistency. It does not have the curds that cottage cheese has. Hence, Greek yogurt is better suited for dessert recipes as compared to savory, where the texture would not be a bother. 

Greek yogurt can be added to savory dishes too, but only in recipes where cottage cheese is added as a creamy element. Greek yogurt is very easily available, though, so that is a big plus. Use it as a substitute in a 1:1 ratio. 

4. Tofu

Tofu comes in different consistencies and overall has a very mild flavor. It is rich in protein, just like cottage cheese, so from that standpoint, too, it works wonderfully well as a substitute for cottage cheese. 

Tofu is a great vegan alternative for cottage cheese if you are looking for something like that. Moreover, due to its mild flavor, it easily absorbs the flavor of other ingredients and does not overpower a dish. 

Tofu can be used as an alternative to cottage cheese in both sweet and savory recipes. To get the right consistency, silken tofu is the best option to use, as it can be broken down into smaller curds. Use it as a substitute in a 1:1 ratio. 

5. Mascarpone Cheese

Mascarpone has a creamy texture, which is a little different as compared to cottage cheese. The flavor of this cheese, however, is mild and slightly sweet. So, in certain recipes, it can work as a substitute for cottage cheese. 

Mascarpone cheese is again a good option of cheese to use in dessert recipes, rather than savory recipes, as it has a slightly sweet flavor. It can work extremely well in place of cottage cheese in baked recipes, as it will provide moisture to your baked goods.

Mascarpone cheese is, however, very smooth in consistency. So, in recipes where you need the curds to be visible, mascarpone will not be your best choice. It is also higher in fat content as compared to cottage cheese. 

6. Heavy Cream

Heavy cream has a milky and mild flavor and a smooth texture. Though it does not exactly have the same texture as cottage cheese, it can work in various recipes as a substitute for the same if you want a creamy consistency. 

Heavy cream is very different from cottage cheese, even from a nutritional standpoint. It has a much higher fat content and lesser protein content. So, if you are looking for a substitute with the same amount of protein as cottage cheese, heavy cream is not a good option. 

However, there are many recipes where cottage cheese is added just to give the dish a creamy texture. So, in such recipes, such as different types of curries, you can use heavy cream as a substitute in a 1:1 ratio. 

7. Cream Cheese

Cream cheese has a smooth texture and a cheesy flavor. Though it does not have curds like cottage cheese does, cream cheese can provide the same creamy consistency in various recipes and hence can be used as a cottage cheese substitute. 

Cream cheese has a smooth texture as compared to cottage cheese. Moreover, the salt content of cream cheese is very less as compared to that of cottage cheese. So, you will have to adjust the overall salt content in the rest of your recipe. 

Cream cheese is a good option for a substitute in dessert recipes and recipes where you need cottage cheese just for the creamy consistency, such as in various sauces. You can use it as a substitute in a 1:1 ratio 

8. Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is a crumbly and white cheese with a good salt content to it. Though the flavor of this cheese is not as mild as that of cottage cheese, the crumbly texture of this cheese does justice to recipes as a cottage cheese substitute. 

Feta cheese can be used in any recipe to liven it up. You can use it as a cottage cheese substitute in pastas, desserts, sauces, or any other recipe where the flavor of the cheese is not as important as the texture. 

Moreover, feta cheese is just as nutritionally dense as cottage cheese is, which is also a good reason to use it as a substitute. Just make sure to adjust the salt content in your overall dish as feta can be very salty. 

9. Goat’s Cheese

As the name suggests, goat cheese is made with goat milk. The texture of this cheese is soft, yet crumbly. It also has a creamy flavor and can work well as a substitute for cottage cheese. 

Goat cheese works well in various recipes that require cooking and even in raw recipes. You can use it as a stuffing for pastas, add it to sandwiches and use it in pizzas. Goat cheese can also be used in baking and is actually a great cheese to work with. 

Goat cheese is moreover a rich source of protein and calcium and has a very similar nutritional value to that of cottage cheese. So, if you are looking for a substitute with a similar nutritional value, goat cheese is a great option. 

10. Homemade Cottage Cheese

Homemade cottage cheese is the best bet when it comes to using a substitute for cottage cheese that is store bought. It will have the exact same consistency and flavor as store bought cottage cheese. 

To make homemade cottage cheese, all you need is a liter of full fat milk and an acidic agent. You will have to boil the milk and once it starts boiling, add a teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice to the milk. The milk will start to curdle then. 

Once the milk curdles, pass it through a cheesecloth and let it sit for a bit. Once the whey is sufficiently drained, you can add some salt and cream to finish off the cottage cheese. Voila, your homemade cottage cheese is ready!

Short Recap For Best Cottage Cheese Substitutes

That was an extensive list of substitutes that you can use in place of cottage cheese. I am sure most of you must have already picked your favorite substitute by now. But, I still think I would like to make it easier for everyone by giving you a simple recap of the substitutes. 

Best Substitutes In Terms Of Flavor:

  1. Homemade Cottage Cheese
  2. Ricotta Cheese
  3. Fromage Blanc

Best Substitutes In Terms Of Texture: 

  1. Feta Cheese
  2. Goats Cheese
  3. Homemade Cottage Cheese
  4. Tofu

Substitutes That You Should Pick Last:

  1. Heavy Cream
  2. Mascarpone Cheese
  3. Cream Cheese

How To Substitute Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese 3

Cottage Cheese Substitutes

In savory recipes and desserts, cottage cheese is a very useful ingredient. Though it is an ingredient that works well in both forms, there are chances you may run out of the same. So, in that case you can try using substitutes that work equally well in its place.
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  • Ricotta Cheese
  • Fromage Blanc
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Tofu
  • Mascarpone Cheese
  • Heavy Cream
  • Cream Cheese
  • Feta Cheese
  • Goat's Cheese
  • Homemade Cottage Cheese


  • Go through the substitutes and see which one seems fit for the recipe.
  • Collect your ingredients and use your preferred substitute.
  • Use the substitute in the required amount and proceed to make the dish according to the recipe.
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Final Word

I am sure that the small recap on the best cottage cheese substitutes made it easier for you to pick your substitute for your recipe. The bottom line of this article is that cottage cheese is a very versatile ingredient, but it can very easily be substituted. 

So, you can pick your substitute for the same, based on what purpose you would like to be solved by the substitute. While some substitutes are good in terms of flavor, others work better from a texture standpoint. 

However, my advice is very simple here. If you are keen on using a substitute that is very similar to cottage cheese, just make cottage cheese at home! It definitely is very easy to make and will give you the best result! So, I will see you next time! Wish you a happy time in the kitchen!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is paneer the same as cottage cheese?

Paneer is an Indian version of cottage cheese. The difference between the two is that paneer is pressed to make it in a block form, whereas cottage cheese has a lumpy texture as the curds are left just like that and then mixed with cream.

Is cottage cheese healthy?

Yes, cottage cheese is healthy as it is a great source of protein and calcium and is low in fat. 

Is cottage cheese good for weight loss?

Yes, the protein and calcium in cottage cheese have been associated with aiding weight loss. 

Can cottage cheese be eaten every day?

Yes, cottage cheese can be eaten on a daily basis.

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