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Download Our Free 9 Recipe Cookbook By Joining FXP+

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Costco’s New Shoyu Ramen Has Become A Customer Favorite

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To all the ramen heads out there! I hear you, and I’ve got news for you! New ramen has managed to generate a buzz among Costco shoppers! It’s neither Nongshim nor Samyang; this ramen is particularly underrated.

Costco Shoyu Ramen

Ramen has been a comfort food of many for a long time now, and why won’t it be? It serves you with all the delicious ingredients in one bowl. With good taste, it also offers you an affordable price. 

But the brand of ramen you purchase matters a lot as well. The most famous ramen brands are Mama, Nongshim, Nissin, etc. But recently, there’s a particular Costco brand that has seemed to catch people’s attention.

Well, on subreddit r/Costco, a user started a discussion or, in Reddit language, a thread, saying, “Instant ramen is pretty good for $14 for a pack of 6. I might go buy another box.”

The picture attached to the thread was of Shoyu ramen and contained six same servings. Things always go with Reddit and Costco products because it attracts people’s attention, and if you put the two together, things will get intense!

That’s exactly what happened. The thread immediately got people putting forward their opinion regarding the same. The ramen has been said to taste delicious and have an appetizing appearance.

One user shared their cooking method, saying, “I bought a box of these for work lunches, and I was really impressed. Just pour some water in the bowl, microwave for about 4 minutes, and have a really good ramen soup.”

Another user was quick to praise the ramen, saying, “This is a totally legit product that I highly recommend, nothing like the cheap dried noodle cake you probably think of when you hear ‘ramen.’ ”

This particular ramen comes with bits and pieces of chicken, which shoppers seem to love. One user commented, “The chicken is actually really good. Always suspect with reheating chicken, and they did a great job here.”

One Redditor seemed to like the ramen so much he said, “These are some good noodle bowls. Ate them so much I got burnt out but good value and flavor for the cost.”

While the ramen seems to be impeccable in taste, some people reckon it contains low sodium. In this case, one user came to the ramen’s defense, saying, “This is not really far off from those pantry ramen noodles that do not need to be frozen.”

The user further added, “For being the same sodium content but looking much higher quality, it really is not that bad.” Shoyu ramen is here to stay, and all the ramen heads should try it!

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