The Costco Honey Turkey Label Mishap

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Grocery shopping is a weekly ritual for most people. While buying or purchasing groceries, we tend to look at the label of the products. The ingredients used, the manufacturing date, the expiration date, etc., is what we pay attention to the most.

Costco Honey Turkey

Doing just that, a Costco customer found something a bit disturbing while shopping for groceries. What happened was that the customer was seeking to buy sliced honey turkey but found the label to be a bit misleading.

The packet of sliced honey turkey seemed to have a label slapped on top of the original one. The original label had a lower price and an earlier use-by date. It was originally priced at $12.86 and had a use-by date of April 17.

On the other hand, the new label reported the product’s price as $14.23 and the use-by date as April 27. The customer went on to Reddit and reported the same by writing, “Costco label slapped over manufacturer label. Lists higher price and a different sell-by date” and attaching an image of the same.

The Reddit post received a lot of comments with differing opinions. One Redditor, CostcoPanda, commented, “This happens whenever the price changes on a weighted item, and we have enough of it on hand to justify the labor costs to relabel it.”

He further added, “We have to manually key in the sell-by date and use the meat scales to relabel each package. This looks like the employee keyed the wrong date, 4/27, instead of 4/17. They could have been relabeling a case of all 4/27s and, in the chaos of being shopped and restocked, this unit of 4/17 was mixed into that case.”

While this seemed to be a possible explanation for the mistake in jotting down the dates, nothing seemed to justify the increase in the product’s price. Some said it was due to inflation and increased prices; some say it was a result of Costco’s greed.

Whatever might be the case, we hope people can get to the bottom of this. You should always check whatever the label says of a product and if it is suitable for your needs. Stay safe!

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