Costco’s Bachan BBQ Sauces Leaves Customers Displeased

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As its slogan goes, Costco always does the right thing! From fresh produce to fresh meat, you name it, and Costco has it! It offers its customers great deals at affordable prices, which makes them want to come back for more!

Bachan BBQ Sauce

Now, with great service comes great expectations. Costco customers are used to the amazing quality of items and the prices at which they’re served. With such satisfactory service, Costco leaves no room for disappointment in their customers’ hearts.

The recent discussion surrounding Bachan’s Japanese BBQ sauce is something that has left Costco customers divided. While some seemed to love it greatly, others were not huge fans. This particular sauce came to Costco in the latter half of 2021.

Several customers loved how versatile the sauce was, and they seriously weren’t able to get enough of it. People claimed to love it so much that they were willing to drink it straight out of the bottle. Some even bought it in bulk due to the fear of running out.

On the other hand, there were customers who were dissatisfied with the Bachan BBQ sauce. These customers found the sauce to be a bit too salty for themselves. On Reddit, where the sauce was being discussed, one user wrote, “too salty for me.”

According to the label on the sauce bottle, a single-serve of this sauce contains 1 tablespoon or 520 milligrams of sodium. This amount is nearly equal to about a quarter of the daily sodium intake requirement of a person. Wild, isn’t it?

Another user commented, “ “New Japanese BBQ sauce is a bit salty to me. Also not as thick as I was expecting. Kinda watery.” While some saw no hope for the sauce, others said that it could still work well when used for marination.

Things are looking a bit salty for Costco because of how displeased the customers are from this sauce. Maybe launch a new range of ice cream bars to balance the saltiness, Costco?

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