Costa Coffee Menu With Prices [Updated June 2024]

Costa Coffee menu with prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. We have provided the prices of Costa Coffee menu from the location George Street, UK. The menu is updated on 1st June 2024.

Costa Coffee Restaurant

For the accurate prices, you might have to look for the menu of your nearest Costa Coffee from its official website, android app or iOS app, or any other food delivery app.

Costa Coffee menu with prices has got a wide variety of coffee options like latte, Americano white, mocha, caramel cortado and many more. The popular flat white coffee offered at Cost Coffee costs you £3.45.

Costa coffee is so popular because of Costa’s ubiquity in their coffee. The ubiquity perpetuates the popularity and makes the Costa Coffee special. Besides its popularity, it is the second-largest coffee chain in the UK.

This was just an overview of Costa Coffee menu. Keep reading the article, you’ll also find this restaurant’s franchise details, contact information, and the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Costa Coffee’s menu.

But before knowing all of this, let’s know some history about Costa Coffee.

History Of Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is among the best-known caffeine hubs in the UK. Costa Coffee is a British Coffee Chain that was founded by two brothers Brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa, in London in 1978. The first store of Costa was opened in Vauxhall Bridge Road, London.

In 1985, Sergio bought the whole company from Buron and started operating the whole company on his own. Later in 1995, when Costa had only 42 stores in the UK, it was acquired by the UK’s largest hotel and coffee shop operator, Whitebread.

However, it was sold in 2019 by Whitbread to Coca-Cola Company and from 2019, their business got a boost and has grown to more than 3,850 stores across 31 countries with 2121 stores alone in the UK.

Costa Coffee Menu With Prices

Costa Coffee Food

Costa Coffee menu includes a wide selection of coffee that is available in various flavors that include mochas, chocolates, specialty drinks, fruit coolers, creamy coolers, etc.

They also serve white chocolate for those who would like to enjoy something different from coffee. Even if you are a tea lover, then Costa Coffee has tea options available for you as well. Costa Coffee’s coffee, tea, and other beverage options are a must-try.

With your coffee, you can have food from a variety of food options that includes like toasties, baps, or yogurt. Baked items like muffins, cakes and biscuits are also present on the menu of Costa.

The plus point is that the Costa Coffee menu prices are budget-friendly than its competitors. Everyone can afford to go to Costa Coffee without looking into their pockets.

So, without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Costa Coffee menu with prices.


Breakfast for 1£8.50
Vegetrain Breakfast for 1£8.50
Lunch For 1£11.20
Hot Chocolate And a Muffin£7.50
Traybake Platter£13.40

What’s New

Chocolate Hazel Frappé£5.10
Maple Hazel Latte£4.95
Maple Hazel Hot Chocolate£4.95
Hog Roast Toastie£ 5.80
Nacho Chilli Cheese & Chicken Toastie£5.80
Maple Hazelnut Muffin£3.35
Maple Hazelnut Blondie£3.35
Terry’s Chocolate Orange Muffin®£3.35
All Butter Mince Pie (V)£3.25
GF Mince Tart£2.85

Pastries, Baps & Breakfast

Greek Style Yogurt with Mixed Berry Compote£3.15
Cinnamon Bun£3.10
British Pork Sausage Bap£4.40
British Smoked Bacon Bap£4.40
Egg Mushroom & Spinach Bap (V)£4.40

Main Meals

All Day Breakfast Wrap£5.35
Hog Roast Toastie£5.80
Nacho Chilli Cheese & Chicken Toastie£5.80
Cajun Spiced Chicken Pizza Wrap£5.60
Ham & Cheese Toastie£4.25
British Chicken & Bacon Toastie£5.60
Wiltshire Ham & Mature Cheddar Toastie£5.45
Beanz & Cheese Toastie (V)£4.05
Mozzarella & Tomato Panini (V)£5.45
Pole & Line Tuna Melt Panini£5.45

Muffins, Cakes, And Bakes

Maple Hazelnut Muffin£3.35
Terry’s Chocolate Orange Muffin®£3.35
All Butter Mince Pie (V)£3.25
Blueberry Muffin (V)£3.15
Lemon Muffin (V)£3.10
Victoria Sponge Muffin£3.35
Maple Hazelnut Blondie£3.35
Loaded Flapjack£3.35
Millionaire’s Shortbread (V)£3.10
Chocolate Tiffin (V)£3.10
Salted Caramel Brownie (V)£3.20
Raspberry & Almond Bake (V)£3.10
Rocky Road (Vg)£3.35
Apple & Blackberry Loaf Cake£3.60
Carrot & Walnut Cake (V)£4.10
Banana & Pecan Loaf Cake (V)£3.80
Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cake£4.35
Bakewell Tart (V)£3.10
Lemon Curd Tart (V)£3.10
Chocolate Cornflake Cake£2.00
Belgian Chocolate Chunk Cookie£3.10

Biscuits And Snacks

Iced Pumpkin Gingerbread Biscuit£2.85
GF Mince Tart£2.85
Costa Gluten Free Brownie (milk choc chunks)£2.85
Cookies & Cream Bites£3.85
Chocolate Filled Mini Muffins£3.85
Sharing Mini All Butter Shortbread (V)£3.75
Caramel Waffles£2.35
Balocco Wafers – Cocoa (V)£2.25
Balocco Wafers – Milk Vanilla (V)£2.25
Fruity Flapjack (Vg GF)£2.85
Triple Chocolate Biscuits (V)£2.45
Stem Ginger Biscuits (V)£2.45
Fruit & Oat Biscuits (V)£2.45
Burts Mature Cheddar & Onion (V GF)£1.50
Burts Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar (Vg)£1.50
Burts Sea Salt (Vg GF)£1.50
Pom-Bear Original (V GF)£1.30
Burts BBQ Lentil Chips£1.55
Burts Sweet & Salty Popcorn£1.55
Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon 54g Bag£1.95

Iced Drinks

Maple Hazel Iced Latte£4.95
Chocolate Hazel Frappé£5.10
Iced Latte£4.30
Coffee Frappé£5.10
Strawberries & Cream Frappé£5.10
Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frappé£5.10
Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frappé Mocha£5.10
Salted Caramel Frappé£5.10
Salted Caramel Frappé with Coffee£5.10
Tropical Mango Bubble Frappé£5.30
Mango & Passion Fruit£4.80
Red Summer Berries£4.80
Fuze Tea Peach Hibiscus Iced Tea£3.95
Watermelon & Mint Refresher£4.00
Blood Orange & Yuzu Refresher£4.00
Apple & Rhubarb Refresher£4.00
Mango Berry Bubble Tea£4.50


Maple Hazel Latte£4.95
Flat White£4.05
Americano White£3.75
Americano Black£3.75
Caramel Cortado£3.75

Hot Chocolate And More

Maple Hazel Hot Chocolate£4.95
Hot Chocolate£4.40
White Hot Chocolate£4.40
Chai Latte£4.50

Teas And Infusions

Mellow Mango with Zinc£3.30
Spiced Apple with Vitamin B6£3.30
Citrus Zing with Vitamin C£3.30
English Breakfast Tea£3.15
Green Tea£3.15
Mint Tea£3.15

Chilled Drinks

Costa Fudge Brownie Frappé£2.45
Costa Caramel Swirl Frappé£2.45
Caramel Latte Can£2.45
Innocent Orange Juice£2.85
Innocent Apple Juice£2.85
Innocent Kids Smoothie£2.25
Coca-Cola Original Taste£2.80
Diet Coke£2.65
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar£2.65
Fanta Orange£2.65
Sprite No Sugar£2.65
SmartWater Still£2.45
SmartWater Sparkling£2.45

Costa Coffee Opening / Closing Hours

Before visiting Costa, I highly recommend you to check out the timings of their store that I’ve mentioned below.

DaysOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday – FridayBetween 6 AM to 7 AMBetween 7 PM to 9 PM
Saturday and Sunday10 AM4 PM

These are the timings of a normal Costa store. But the stores that are present on stations or airports have an opening timing of as early as 4 AM and these stores can be open as late as 11 PM. There are also drive-thru of Costa coffee that are mostly open 24 hours throughout the whole year.

How To Order Online From Costa Coffee?

Costa Coffee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola and Starbucks is a franchise operation, some may be compass owned, but very few. You can order food from the official websiteandroid app or iOS app.

To order food from Costa Coffee online, you can also refer some of the leading food delivery service apps like DoordashGrubhub, and UberEats. We have shared the detailed screenshots that shows how to order food online from Costa Coffee.

Finding The Latest Costa Coffee Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

Do you want to know how to order food from your nearest Costa Coffee? I’m here to guide you through the process of how to find the latest menu. So, read all the steps and refer to the pictures below to learn how to order online from Costa Coffee.

1. Click on any of the delivery platforms to order food online from Costa Coffee. We ordered the food from Deliveroo. First open the homepage of official website of costa coffee .

Costa Coffee

2. Click on deliveroo and add the address of the nearest location of Costa Coffee. It will direct you to the menu of Costa Coffee.

Add the location

3. Once you have added the address, the complete menu of the nearest outlet will be displayed.


4. Choose the menu items and add it to the cart. Select the toppings or extra side options if required and proceed further to checkout.

Add to the cart

5. When you have added all the food items to the cart, proceed to checkout. Enter your billing details and confirm the order.


6. Add your personal details and confirm by placing the order.

Add personal details 1 1


Now that you have read the article, you would have a clear understanding of what to order from the Costa Coffee menu. From the latest menu items and their prices to how to order online, you will find it all!

What are food items present on the Costa Coffee menu?

Costa Coffee’s menu has got a wide variety of coffee options like latte, Americano white, mocha, caramel cortado and many more. Besides that, they also have eatables like on their menu as well.

Is Costa coffee expensive?

Costa menu prices are a little bit lower than its competitors. Everyone can afford to go to Costa Coffee without looking into the money they have.

How to order from Costa online?

You can order food from Costa by using one of their partnered delivery services: UberEats, Deliveroo or Just Eat.

Is Costa better than Starbucks?

In my honest opinion, Costa tastes better than Starbucks.

What are the Costa coffee store timings?

From Monday to Friday, the store is open from 7 AM to 9 PM and on Saturday and Sunday, the store is open from 10 AM to 4 PM

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