Why Copper Glaze Kitchen for Kitchen Essentials?

Copper Glaze Kitchen

Cooking has become such a passion of ours and over time, we have used many different kitchen tools that have been a “game-changer” for us. I’ve always loved sharing my cooking tips and tricks with others. That is why today, I’ve decided to share top-quality, American-made kitchenware made and supplied by Copper Glaze Kitchen.

Copper Glaze Kitchen has partnered with some of America’s best kitchenware brands like Warther Cutlery, 360 Cookware, Liberty TableTop and Toddy Coldbrew. These US-based companies are reputable, reliable and we’re thrilled to be working together with them.  

So, let me tell you more about this CGK, what they offer and why you need to buy your cookware essentials from CGK, and not from anywhere else.

About CGK (Copper Glaze Kitchen)

Copper Glaze Kitchen is a husband and wife startup. The goal of this brand is to become a trusted hub for home chefs everywhere, supporting American businesses in the process. 


Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, they grew a love for food – all kinds of delicious and diverse foods. While the audience of CGK got a chance to diversify their taste buds with TheFoodXP, this couple traveled the world to diversify theirs. This coupled explored new and exciting locations where the local foods gave them inspiration and a reason to try to replicate the recipes in their kitchen. The folks at Copper Glaze Kitchen are FoodXP foodies.

Similar to TheFoodXP audience, the people of CGK spend the majority of their time experimenting in the kitchen. Having moved from the Midwest, the couple now lives in the Southeast. New culinary options have presented themselves as a result of the move. The need to fill their new kitchen with high-quality products was necessary to support this married couple’s culinary adventures. Whether they are preparing meals for loved ones or hosting a dinner party, the CGK team is prepared. 

Kitchenware Essentials offered by CGK:

Here are some kitchen essentials available for sale at CGK that you can buy: Pots & Pans, Bakeware, Cold Brew Systems, Coffee / Frozen Drink Mix, Chef Knives, Butcher Blocks… OMG!… Just get to their website and see for yourself. 

The American made products are best in class and are CGKs little initiative to bring you our favorite brands. The beautifully crafted kitchenware is not just meant to lure you in as a chef but will be in your kitchen for the long run.

The top-quality offerings by CGK will support the journey of learning new cooking techniques and recipes of you. Beginners and professionals alike are using our products in their homes nowadays. The shelf life and durability of CGK kitchenware is something we do not take for granted. That’s why Copper Glaze Kitchen makes sure to share your vision of quality. The brand has partnered with suppliers across the US that think likewise and provide an ultimate product.  

Copper Glaze Kitchen bring you Flatware from New York; Drinks Mixes and Coffee Blends from Colorado; Cookware and Bakeware from the Southeast and Cutlery/ Cutting boards/Butcher Blocks all the way from Ohio, not to mention from some of best craftsmen in the industry. 

Does your chopping board need to be customized or is it a gift for the sake of the love of cooking?

Customizing your cutting board or butcher block is an option CGK highly recommends! Whether it’s your name, monogram or podcast logo, the supplier at CGK, Warther Cutlery does an incredible job. And to be honest, this is definitely an essential kitchenware item that can be kept in your family for many years to come and can even be passed down to younger generations. The customers of CGK have given rave reviews about this and are loving the way their customized items look.

Why buy from Copper Glaze Kitchen?

In their own words,

“At CGK, our goal is to offer products that are beautifully crafted that will play an essential role in our customer’s kitchens for many years to come. We focus on hiring suppliers that will provide top-shelf quality, dependability and have a similar vision of our own. We’re passionate about supporting American businesses that are creating jobs in their communities. We’re bringing back the basics and offering the best tools to enjoy your time in the kitchen, just like we do.

The pandemic has affected us all and in-home cooking is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. It has driven our desire to roll out our store to the public and we look forward to growing with our network of US-based suppliers.”

Check Copper Glaze Kitchen at www.copperglaze.com for the best in the class culinary experience.

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