Why Copper Glaze Kitchen for Kitchen Essentials?

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If you love cooking, then you know that having good kitchen utensils is important. The utensils you cook your food in and the utensils you serve your food should be durables and beautiful. Over the recent years, many kitchen tools have been a “game-changer” for us. Today, I’ve decided to tell you about top-quality American-made kitchenware made that you’ll find on Copper Glaze Kitchen.

Copper Glaze Kitchen

Copper Glaze Kitchen has partnered with some of America’s best kitchenware brands like Emerson Creek Pottery, 360 Cookware, Liberty TableTop, Coastal Carolina, and Toddy Coldbrew. These US-based companies are reputable and reliable. All their designs are unique. So, you have an efficient and beautiful kitchen.

It is important to keep durability and style in mind while buying kitchen essentials. This is the reason why CGK as a kitchen essential brand is so great. So, let me tell you more about CGK, what they offer and why you need to buy your cookware essentials from CGK, and not from anywhere else.

About CGK (Copper Glaze Kitchen)

Copper Glaze Kitchen is a startup company started by a modern-day millennial couple. The goal of this brand is to become a trusted hub for home chefs everywhere, supporting American businesses in the process. 


Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, they grew a love for all kinds of delicious and diverse foods. This couple explored new and exciting locations where the local cuisines inspired them. Like many others, they loved to cook and spent time experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen.

The founder couple moved from Chicago and now lives in the Southeast. As a result of the move, they discovered new culinary adventures. The need to fill their new kitchen with high-quality products was necessary to support this married couple’s culinary experiments. They started looking for the best brands for kitchen essentials. That’s how CGK came into being.

What Are The Kitchenware Essentials Offered By CGK?

Copper Glaze Kitchen 360 Cookware Sets

There are a lot of categories for kitchen essentials available on the CGK website. The categories are; Bakeware, Cookware, Cutting Boards, Flatware, Dinner, and Drinkware. They also have pet bowls for your furry partners. Other than kitchenware, they have Toddy Cold Brew systems so you can be a barista in your kitchen. Just go to their website and see for yourself. 

1. Bakeware

You get bread pans, bread cloches, beautiful cookie stamps, pie plates, pretty ramekins, and shortbread pans with pretty designs in the bakeware. These make sure that you bake good and you bake pretty. You get this beautifully designed bakeware courtesy of Copper Glaze Kitchen and Emerson Pottery Creek.

You’ll also find baking essentials made from stainless steel in the bakeware section. You’ll find items like cookie sheets, cake pans, pie pans, and loaf pans. All this steel bakeware is from 360 cookware.

2. Cookware

In the cookware section, you find pots and pans. You also have sets of the two. The cookware is from 360 Cookware. You can buy them individually. But the sets are more economical if you want to buy cookware in bulk. They are both beautiful and durable.

3. Dinner and Drinkware

You get dinnerware sets, salt & pepper shaker sets, pitchers, and tea sets in the drink and dinnerware section. The beautiful pottery masterpieces are from Emerson Pottery Creek. All of them are available in nature-inspired designs and soothing colors.

4. Cutting Boards

There are also many things in the cutting board category. You get beautiful cutting boards, serving trays, and charcuterie boards. Other than that, you get a cutting board conditioner. You also get cuttings boards in different shapes. You can get your cutting board customized. The cutting boards are from Coastal Carolina Cutting Boards.

5. Flatware

You can also find beautiful handmade flatware with unique designs. The flatware is from Liberty Tabletop. CGK offers flatware from four collections; Lux, Heritage, Sherril Home, and SMI.

6. Pets

CGK also offers beautiful pet bowls for your loved pets. The bowls come in different sizes and are adorned with cute paw prints for your furry pets. The pet bowls are also from Emerson Pottery Creek.

You get all your classy kitchenware from one place. What else do you need? The American-made products are best in class and are CGKs little initiative to bring you our favorite brands. The beautifully crafted kitchenware is not just pretty but also has a long life.

Lastly, you’ll find Toddy Cold Brew Systems on the CGK website. This will help you brew coffee the way baristas have been for the last 50 years. So, you get a cup of delicious coffee at home that tastes just like it has been made by a brewmaster.

The top-quality offerings by CGK will support the journey of learning new cooking techniques and recipes for you. Beginners and professionals alike are using these products in their homes. The shelf life and durability of CGK kitchenware are something we do not take for granted. That’s why Copper Glaze Kitchen makes sure to share your vision of quality. The brand has partnered with suppliers across the US that think likewise and provide an ultimate product.  

Copper Glaze Kitchen brings you Flatware from New York. It brings Drinks Mixes and Coffee Blends from Colorado. The Cookware and Bakeware come from the Southeast and Cutlery and Cutting boards come from some of the best craftsmen in the industry. 

Why Should You Buy From Copper Glaze Kitchen?

copper glaze kitchen

In their own words, “At CGK, our goal is to offer products that are beautifully crafted that will play an essential role in our customer’s kitchens for many years to come. We focus on hiring suppliers that will provide top-shelf quality, dependability and have a similar vision of our own. We’re passionate about supporting American businesses that are creating jobs in their communities. We’re bringing back the basics and offering the best tools to enjoy your time in the kitchen, just like we do.

The pandemic has affected us all and in-home cooking is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. It has driven our desire to roll out our store to the public and we look forward to growing with our network of US-based suppliers.”

Check Copper Glaze Kitchen on their official website copperglaze for the best in the class culinary experience.

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