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Copeland’s Of New Orleans Menu With Prices

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Copeland’s empire of restaurants is, undoubtedly, the wonderland for foodies! Copeland’s of New Orleans is one of these famous restaurant chains. It’s famous for providing a sophisticated dining experience and delicious food. This restaurant serves appetizers, soups, salads, seafood, steaks, wines, cocktails, and every other element of a perfect meal. I’m here to give you an insight into the menu prices of Copeland’s of New Orleans. 

Copeland's of New Orleans

The menu of Copeland’s of New Orleans has appetizers like crawfish bread, hot crab claws, smoked tuna dip, etc., and entree dishes like fried chicken & waffles, garden chicken, etc. You can enjoy seafood and steaks like seafood platter, shrimp platter, ribeye, etc. Among drinks, you can enjoy white wine, red wine, cocktails like a hurricane, sangria, etc. You can have a perfect meal here for around $ 20.

Copeland’s of New Orleans also has gift cards, and it also offers catering services. Check out the links provided below to buy gift cards or to know more about catering services. You’ll also find some more important links below, along with the contact details of Copeland’s of New Orleans. Wanna know more? I’m here to run you into this little rabbit hole to visit the wonderland (I mean Copeland’s of New Orleans).

Let’s begin with the history first! Copeland’s of New Orleans is a restaurant chain founded by Al Copeland in New Orleans in 1983. This restaurant serves New Orleans-style food and is serving in 12 American states. It has more than 40 active branches. 

Copeland’s Of New Orleans Menu Prices

Copeland's of New Orleans food

Copeland’s menu has fresh salads and heart-warming soups like corn & crab bisque, cajun gumbo ya ya, Caesar salad, penthouse salad, etc. The salads are served fresh with your choice of dressing. Some of the famous appetizers from this restaurant are hot crab claws, buffalo spring rolls, jazzy tenders, and bayou broccoli. 

Sizzling dishes listed under “Entree” on the menu are tomato basil chicken, garden chicken, chicken parmesan, chicken alfredo, etc. Chicken and waffles on the menu has buttermilk waffles with seasoned chicken cutlets. This dish is topped with cane syrup and powdered sugar. Chicken parmesan is breaded chicken bread fried and served with angel hair pasta. This dish is flavored with marinara, alfredo sauce, and parmesan.

For seafood lovers, Copeland’s of New Orleans has a number of items on the menu. This restaurant serves veal Copeland, shrimp & tasso pasta, shrimp etouffee, and many other items. The seafood platter has seasonal oysters, gulf shrimp, crispy catfish, corn fritters, onion strings, and beer-battered French fries. You can also enjoy blackened catfish or salmon, bronzed grouper, and herb-crusted salmon. 

The menu of Copeland’s of New Orleans offers three types of steak, ribeye, classic fillet, and steak Labouchere. These steaks are topped with sautéed crabmeat, sautéed crawfish, or garlic. These steak dishes are the original Copeland’s dishes served since 1983. 

Among various sides, you can enjoy mashed potatoes, fresh-baked potatoes, red hot potatoes, steamed broccoli florets, creamed spinach, and many more. The dessert menu has different flavors in cheesecakes like Copeland’s signature cheesecake, Killed by chocolate, red velvet, turtle, etc. Other desserts offered at the restaurant are bananas foster, homemade brownie, bread pudding, etc. 

For drinks, you can have coffee like cappuccino, double espresso, or wine and cocktails. There’s a wide range of cocktails and wine on the menu. You can have different varieties of white, red, or rose & sparkling wine here. Try restaurant’s signature cocktails like crash & burn strawberry lemonade, or premium martinis like Appletini, cucumber martini, Tito’s lemon drop, or any other. 

You can enjoy delicious weekend brunch at Copeland’s of New Orleans. This restaurant has a special menu for weekend brunch. It serves different varieties of creamy smooth omlettes like California omlette, crawfish velvet, and many more. Plates and meats served for the weekend brunch are crab hash, shrimp & grits, grilled ham, sausage patty, and many more. It also serves sweet & savory waffles like bananas foster, classic honey butter waffles, etc.

You can read the entire menu and prices of Copeland’s of New Orleans from the tables below. You can check out your nearest location and order food online from Copeland’s of New Orleans. All the links are provided below in this article. Follow the social media handles of Copeland’s of New Orleans and check out the nutritional value of these items from the links available in the table below.


Artichoke & Spinach Dip$ 13.99
Smoked Tuna Dip$ 9.99
Jazzy Tenders$ 12.99
Hot Crab Claws $ 15.99
Bayou Broccoli$ 10.99
Crawfish Bread $ 13.99
Buffalo Spring Rolls $ 12.99
Crab Stuffed Beignets $ 11.99

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Soups & Salads

Corn & Crab Bisque (cup)$ 5.99
Corn & Crab Bisque (bowl)$ 8.59
Cajun Gumbo Ya Ya (cup)$ 5.99
Cajun Gumbo Ya Ya (bowl)$ 8.59
Crab & Avocado Stack$ 16.99
Seafood Louis $ 17.99
Caesar Salad$ 10.99
Penthouse Salad$ 12.29
Chicken (grilled or fried)$ 3.99
Shrimp (grilled or fried)$ 4.99
Salmon (grilled or blackened)$ 9.99
Cup of Soup$ 2.99

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Fried Chicken & Waffles$ 13.99
Garden Chicken $ 14.99
Spicy Herb Fried Chicken $ 14.99
Tomato Basil Chicken $ 15.29
Chicken Parmesan$ 15.99
Chicken Alfredo$ 15.99

Seafood Dishes

Crabcakes & Shrimp Alfredo$ 18.99
Veal Copeland $ 19.99
Eggplant Pirogue$ 15.99
Shrimp Etouffee$ 15.99
Crawfish Ravioli$ 17.99
Jambalaya Pasta$ 18.79
Shrimp & Tasso Pasta$ 16.99
Crawfish Fettucine$ 18.99
Seafood Platter$ 25.99
Shrimp Or Catfish Platter$ 20.99

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Bronzed Grouper$24.99
Herb Crusted Salmon$ 26.99
Blackened Catfish$ 15.99


Copeland Burger$ 14.29
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$ 10.69
Shrimp Or Catfish Po-Boy$ 11.99
Half Po-Boy + Soup or Side$ 9.99

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Ribeye$ 35.99
Classic Filet$ 38.99
Steak Labouchere$ 17.99
Specialty ToppingsPrice
Sauteed Crabmeat$ 5.99
Sauteed Crawfish$ 5.99
Garlic$ 1.00

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Mashed Sweet Potatoes$ 4.49
Roasted Sweet Potato Hash$ 4.49
Creamed Spinach$ 4.49
Steamed Broccoli Florets$ 4.49
Red Beans and Rice$ 4.49
Red Hot Potatoes$ 4.49
Fresh Baked Potato$ 4.49
Beer-Battered Fresh Fries$ 4.49
Side Salad$ 4.49


Local New Orleans Roast$ 2.99
Cappuccino$ 3.79
Double Espresso$ 3.49
Cafe Aulait$ 2.99

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Wine & Specialty Cocktails


White Wine6 oz9 ozBottle
Riesling, Chateau Ste Michelle$ 9$ 13$ 27
Sauvignon Blanc, Kendall-Jackson$ 9$ 13$ 27
Sauvignon Blanc, Kim Crawford$ 11$ 16$ 33
Pinot Grigio, Fontana Candida$ 7$ 11$ 23
Chardonnay, Three Thieves California$ 7$ 11$ 23
Chardonnay, Kendall-Jackson$ 11$ 16$ 33
Chardonnay, Sonoma-Cutrer$ 14$ 20$ 42
Moscato, Castello del Poggio$ 8$ 12$ 26
White Zinfandel, Beringer, California$ 7$ 10$ 22
Red Wine6 oz9 ozBottle
Pinot Noir, Three Thieves, California$ 8$ 12$ 26
Pinot Noir, Meiomi, Coastal California$ 13$ 19$ 38
Pinot Noir, La Crema, Monterey$ 11$ 16$ 33
Malbec, Terrazas de los Andes$ 9$ 14$ 29
Cabernet Sauvignon, 14 Hands$ 8 $ 12$ 26
Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonanza$ 10$ 14$ 29
Cabernet Sauvignon, Joel Gott 815$ 12$ 18$ 36
Red Blend, Conundrum$ 9$ 14$ 29
Rose And Sparkling6 oz9 ozBottle
Rosé, Studio Miraval$ 9$ 13$ 27
Champagne, Opera Prima$ 7$ 11$ 23
Prosecco, La Marca, Italy$ 12

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Signature Cocktails

Crash & Burn $ 15.99
Mardi Gras Punch$ 9.49
Copeland’s Margarita$ 10.49
Hurricane$ 8.99
Applewood Smoked Bacon Bloody Mary$ 10.99
Applewood Smoked Bacon Bloody Mary (Non-alcoholic version)$ 6.99
Strawberry Lemonade$ 9.99
Sangria$ 8.99
Blended Beverages$ 10.00

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Premium Martinis

Appletini$ 9.99
Cucumber Martini$ 9.99
Big Al’s Favorite Cosmopolitan$ 9.99
Tito’s Lemon Drop$ 9.99
Margaritatini$ 9.99
Pontchartrain Beach$ 9.99


Signature Cheesecake$ 5.99
Al’s Favorites Homemade Creole Style Cheesecake$ 5.99
Signature Topping (Bananas Foster, Caramel Pecan, Caramel)$ 2.00
Signature Topping (Chocolate Fudge, Brownie, Fresh Strawberry)$ 2.00
Chef Crafted Cheesecake – “Killed By Chocolate”$ 7.99
Chef Crafted Cheesecake – “Red Velvet”$ 7.99
Chef Crafted Cheesecake – “Cookies Cream”$ 7.99
Chef Crafted Cheesecake – “Turtle”$ 7.99
Bananas Foster$ 6.99
Homemade Brownie Deluxe A La Mode$ 7.99
Bread Pudding$ 7.99
Alex’s Carrot Cake$ 8.99
Big Al’s Chocolate Fudge Cake$ 8.99

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Weekend Brunch


Big Easy 3$ 10.99
Crab Hash $ 15.99
Fried Chicken & Gravy$ 12.99
Shrimp & Grits$ 13.99
Fat City Brunch Fries$ 11.99
Grits & Grillades$ 13.99


California$ 12.99
Crescent City Creole$ 12.99
Crawfish Velvet $ 13.99
Florentine $ 11.99

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Breakfast Burger Melt$ 9.99
Barnyard$ 7.99

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Jazz$ 14.99
Crabcake Pontchartrain$ 15.99
Sardou$ 12.99
Copeland’s benedict$ 12.99

Sweet & Savory Waffles

Fried Chicken Waffles$ 13.99
Classic Honey Butter Waffles$ 8.99
Bananas Foster$ 11.99
Strawberries & Cream$ 11.99

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Andcuille Link$ 3.50
Egg Any Style$ 3.50
Grilled Ham$ 3.50
Applewood Smoked Bacon$ 3.50
Sausage Patty$ 3.50


Cheesy Grits$ 2.99
Brunch Tomato Slices$ 2.99
Rosemary Breakfast Potatoes$ 2.99

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Biscuits & Gravy$ 4.99
Biscuits & Jam$ 4.99

Copeland’s Of New Orleans Nutritional Information


Click on the above of know the nutritional value of the menu items of Copeland’s of New Orleans.

Copeland’s Of New Orleans Franchising Details

Copeland's Of New Orleans Restaurant

Copeland’s of New Orleans has about 40 restaurants serving New Orleans-style food in 12 American states. If you are here for franchise details, check out the table below. You can further inquire about the franchise information of Copeland’s of New Orleans by filling the franchise request form available on the website of this restaurant brand.

Initial Franchise Fee$ 40,000 to $ 60,000
Total Investment$ 2,212,579 to $ 3,497,279
Working Capital$ 19,779 to $ 69,779
Royalty Fee4%

Copeland’s Of New Orleans Contact Information 

Copeland’s of New Orleans Head Office Address: 1001 Harimaw Court South Metairie, LA 70001 United States

Copeland’s of New Orleans Phone: 1-504-620-3740

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Al Copeland

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