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How To Cook On A Gas Grill As A Pro | 5 Tips & Tricks

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Craving some barbeque but feel like the traditional grills are a fuss? Why not just gas-grill it? Gas grills are one of the most convenient grills to cook some amazing barbeque. It is simple to cook on a gas grill, which is why it’s so popular. Gas grills heat up really fast making it a versatile cooking tool. Moreover cooking on a gas grill is unarguably convenient. 

How to cook on a gas grill

With a gas grill, there’s no fuss of dealing with ashes and coals after use. You also don’t have to worry about the cloud of smoke or your clothes turning black. The gas grill is cleaner, for you and for your surroundings. Also, no carrying around the bag of coal. Just some fuel and you’re done. The gas grill also comes with many useful add-ons to better your grilling experience. 

When it comes to lighting a gas grill, it’s as easy as turning a knob (it literally is turning a knob). You just need to wait about 10 minutes and then you can use it. But cooking on a gas grill might not be as intuitive. There are a few nits and grits you need to know before you can cook on a gas grill. So we designed this guide to teach beginners some tips and tricks about cooking on a gas grill. Read on!

What Is A Gas Grill?

gas grill

Let’s start with the basics. That way you’ll have everything you need to know in one place. A gas grill is a grill that cooks food with the help of gas (pretty basic, as I said). Gas grills usually use liquid propane as fuel and are really easy to turn on and off. The grill can be operated like a stove. You can just turn the knob on, light the grill, cook whatever you want to, and then turn the knob off. There are a lot of gas grills out there but you should choose carefully. 

Some of the things that you should consider before you buy a gas grill are mentioned below;

  1. Construction – It is important to consider what your grill is made of before you buy it. Many people out there think buying a stainless steel grill is a great option as it is durable and lightweight. But if you want a grill that doesn’t lose heart, you should buy a cast-iron grill. Another thing to consider is that the grill shouldn’t have pointy edges. For easy mobility, it’ll be great if the grill has wheels.
  2. Removable Trays – One thing we know that you are going to use the grill for is cooking meats. So, naturally, there’ll be a lot of grease dripping from the meats. It’s good to have a grill with a removable tray so you can easily clean it. A clean grill is a good grill. 
  3. Burners – It’s great if your grill has multiple burners. Multiple burners will help you to cook many things at the same time. Also, more burners allow you to cook many things that require different heat settings. Now, that’s something all of us need. 

These were some of the things you should pay attention to before buying a grill. If you get some add-ons like fuel-gauges, built-thermometer, and tool hooks and great and welcome additions. Now, let’s see the different types of gas grills. 

Types Of Gas Grill

Propane Gas Grill

Gas grills are of mainly three types. Don’t worry! I have covered all of them here.

  1. The Open Grill – The open gas grill is the grill you can use to sear meat without covering it. The meat comes in direct contact with the heat. This makes the meat tender and juicy. This grill is great if you want some juicy seared meat. 
  2. The Covered Grill – The covered grill is a great option if you want to cook your food over direct as well as indirect heat. You can use it to sear the meat over direct flame or wrap it in foil to cook it for slow-cooked meat. 
  3. The Rotisserie Grill – The Rotisserie grill helps cook the meat all over with the help of continuous gentle heat. The grill has a rotating turnspit that makes the food cook evenly and gives it a beautiful golden exterior.

Which Grill Is Better, Grill Or Charcoal?

This is a question that many people answer differently. But for me, I think a gas grill is better than a charcoal grill. Also, I have reasons to support my claim. First, let me start by saying that gas is cheaper than charcoal. So, you buy a gas grill once and you can cut the rest of the expenses. 

The heat of a gas grill is easy to control and it is easier to light and turn off as well. Meanwhile, the case is different from the charcoal grill. You need to wait until the charcoal ambers up to cook. After you have cooked your food, you need the charcoal ambers to die and cool down. 

Many people argue that you don’t get the smoky taste by using a gas grill. But these days gas grills come with smoke boxes that give that charcoal flavor to them. In addition to that, the gas grill gives off some steam that makes the meat juicy and tender. 

The only downside of a gas grill is that it is expensive than a charcoal grill. But when you get so many benefits, you don’t think about the price. I think all the features of a gas grill almost redeem its price. 

How To Cook On A Gas Grill?

cooking on a gas grill

It is really to cook on a gas grill. But there are still some steps that you need to follow in order to cook on a gas grill. First, open the grill and open the tank’s valve to full. This ensures the flow of gas. Then, turn the knob of one of the burners to maximum heat and then light the burner with the help of the ignition switch. Once you have ignited the burners, close the lid of the grill and let it preheat for 10 to 15 minutes.

After the grill is preheated, rub some oil over the grill grates so that the food doesn’t stick to them. Also, make sure that your grill is clean before you oil it. Then, place whatever you want to cook on the grill and cook it according to the instructions.

Once the food is cooked, transfer it to a plate and turn off the burners. Let the grates cool a little and then clean them. Remember to close the gas tank valve as well. After that, close the lid of the grill and repeat when you have to use it again. You can cook burgers, kebabs, vegetables, and steak on a gas grill. It is very important to know the temperature and cooking time for each food item. This helps to give each food item a delicious flavor and amazing texture. 

Tips and Tricks To Cook On A Gas Grill Like A Pro

Cooking on the best gas grill goes beyond placing your meat on the grates. You also need to know the right temperature and ways to cook the meat. I have a list of tips and tricks for you so you can cook on a gas grill like a pro.  

1. Keep Your Gas Grill Clean 

cleaning gas grill

While you may have ignored this before many times, you need to properly clean your gas grill before and after grilling. Apart from the health benefits of keeping your grill clean, it also helps protect the coating material of the grill from deteriorating fast.

In other words, cleaning your grill as when due gives the grill a longer life span. But where many beginners flunk is knowing how to clean the grill properly. Cleaning the grill goes beyond just cleaning the grates. In reality, you should also clean the entire cook box. 

Things you’d need to clean a gas grill ranges from wire brushes to sponges, scrapers, super-absorbent microfiber towels, soap, and water. It’s also a good practice to let your gas grill dry out before actually coupling it. Storing your grill wet aids rusting. To get rid of the food smell from your grill, you can try washing the grill with lemon or vinegar. Washing with warm water removes fat from your grill better. 

Other than cleaning your grill, you also need to make sure that you maintain your grill. Make sure you regularly check the pipes, the burners, and all parts of the grill. Regularly unclog pores of the burners and remove obstructions. This will help prolong the life of your grill. 

2. Control Flare-Ups 

Grill Flare Ups

A burst of flame erupting from your gas grill while cooking is quite common, depending on the gas grilling recipe you’re using. Flare-ups are not such a big deal, but they can be quite alarming if you’re not prepared for it to happen.

In other words, if your gas grill recipe does not require flare-ups, you should prevent it from happening in the first place. The first thing you want to do to control flare-ups is to trim excess fat from your food. Minimizing the oil in your marinade also helps in controlling flare-up. 

Additionally, creating two fire zones, a cool side and a hot one helps you deal with flare-ups if they ever occur. The idea here is to move your food from the hot zone to the cool zone if a flare-up occurs.

If your gas grill has an upper warming rack, you can place your food there while the flare-ups subside. And if your grill is full, you can always move your food to a plate. Importantly, do not try to control flare-ups on your gas grill by spraying it with water. 

Also, make sure that the food you cook is safe too. Keep a check on the meat using a meat thermometer. 

3. Know The Correct Temperature 

Knowing temperature of gas grill

One of the biggest advantages of gas grills is the ease to control the temperature. By simply turning the gas knobs, you can either increase or reduce the temperature of your gas grill.

As such, even though you are a beginner in the realm of grilling, using a gas grill would be quite easy. And the best part is that most gas grills come with a lid temperature gauge, some are digital, while others are analog. But the point is that it gives you the ease to monitor your cooking temperature with ease. 

Here is a rule of thumb for grilling; 

  • For low heat cooking, set your grilling temperature to 250-300℉. 
  • For medium-heat cooking, set your grilling temperature to 300-350℉. 
  • For medium-high heat cooking, set your grilling temperature to 350-400 ℉. 
  • For high heat cooking, set your grilling temperature to 400-450℉.  

4. Indirect Grilling 

Indirect grilling on gas grill

Another big win of gas grills is that you can set it up for indirect grilling. Indirect grilling simply means that you grill your food with the heat coming from either one or both sides of the food. The advantage of indirect grilling is that you can use them to cook slowly, which is ideal for delicate food that may dry out or scorch if cooking over direct heat. You need a multiple burner gas grill for indirect grilling.

To set up your gas grill for indirect grilling, preheat the grill. Then set the food in the cook box, but turn off the burner directly below where you place the food. Lastly, ensure the lit burner does not rise above the proper temperature for the gas grilling recipe. Other than that, searing is also a great option. Searing makes the meat crispy and caramelized on the outside yet juicy and tender on the inside. 

5. Have Extra Fuel

Fuel for gas grill

With a gas grill, there is a big possibility that you can run out of fuel. This possibility should be eliminated at all times. You should always have some propane tanks ready when having a party. Estimate the amount of fuel required on the basis of the size of your party. This will save you the run for fuel at the last moment and the worry and embarrassment as well. 

Things To Avoid While Cooking On A Gas Grill

Now that I have told you about the tips and tricks, let me tell you a few things that you need to avoid while cooking on a gas grill. Here are a few things you need to avoid while cooking on a gas grill.

  • Don’t use the grill without preheating it. If you cook your food without preheating the grill first, it might get stuck to grill gates. The food might also not get cooked properly. 
  • Don’t cook on a dirty grill. I don’t think I have to explain this. There are a lot of reasons that you should not cook on a dirty grill. Besides hygiene, this will also make food stick to your grates and ruin your food.
  • Don’t cook everything over high heat. It’s good to alternate between harsh and gentle heat on the grill. This way you can sear and then slow cook your food to give the ultimate taste and charred flavor and texture. 
  • Don’t lift the lid of the grill every few minutes. I know it is tempting to check if the food is cooked or not. But lifting the lid so many times might delay the cooking time. It’s because continuously lifting the lid makes the grill lose its stored heat. Also, if you keep the lid closed for the set cook time, your food will be perfectly cooked and more flavorful. 
  • Don’t cook without checking the fuel for cooking. A lot of people often ignore it but this is important. Always make sure that the tank that you have connected to the grill is filled. Also, keep extra fuel with you as well so you don’t run out of it while cooking. 


So, this was all you needed to know about how to cook on a gas grill. I told you some tips and tricks. I also mentioned some of the things you should avoid while cooking on a gas grill. I feel like this is a complete gas-grill-cooking guide for you. If you found this article to be helpful, let me know in the comments. It’s time for me to take your leave. I’ll see you with another informative article soon. Until then, happy grilling!

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