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Are you a hardcore fan of Caribbean Food? If seafood is your love, then here is an exotic dish from the coasts of Bahamas for you. Conch Salad is a staple of Bahamas island. A fresh bowl of Conch Salad is a perfect way to embrace Bahamian culture. One can enjoy a beautiful sunrise with a bowl of Conch salad near the beach! What could be better than this? Choch is chewy and slightly rubbery and it tastes like crab meat.

This bowl full of vegetables and choch meat will give you a feeling of satiation. Freshly chopped tomatoes, onion, green peppers provide this dish bright and vibrant colours that soothe your eyes too. This delightful combination of freshly diced conch meat, Vegetables, citrus juices, spices and hot pepper can be a buffet of flavours to the palate and eyes.

Apart from the taste, Conch meat is a great source of protein and if you are a fitness freak, it can add more nutrition in your body too. With the benefits of citrus fruits and tomatoes, it can be a great source of vitamins also. In crux, conch salad is a bowl of health that will give you a better taste along with better nutrition.

So to experience this Bahamian dish you need some very easily available ingredients and the main attraction is conch meat! Conch meat you can get from any nearby store. There are so many online stores for seafood from where you can get conch meat. Let’s have a look at the other ingredients.

Ingredients for Conch Salad

Onion1 pc.
Green Pepper1 pc.
Orange1 pc.
Conch Meat1 lb.
Tomato1 pc.
Lime1 pc.

These are easily available vegetables that one can get from anywhere. With this, anyone can make this Bahamian Salad at home and have a great exotic experience at home! Let’s check the time it will take to make this amazing salad.

How much time will it take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
10 minutes5 minutes15 minutes

This Bahamian salad is very easy to make and it will take almost 15 minutes. Moving further towards the main steps of making this salad, check these super easy steps of the recipe to make Conch salad at home.

Recipe of Conch Salad

Conch Salad recipe
  1. Remove the shell from the conch and rinse it in water for sometime.
  2. In the meantime, chop some vegetables like tomatoes, onions, green pepper and orange.
  3. Take out the conch from water and squeeze some lemon on it ,then dice is properly.
  4. Add some spices on it and mix the conch with vegetables.
  5. Squeeze some lime and orange on it and serve it in a bowl.

Your Bahamian conch salad is ready to eat. If you are missing the beach and want to experience that tangy thing, so conch salad is the best choice ever!

Nutritional Breakdown of Conch Salad

Enjoy this yummy salad with lots of nutrition value! Check the nutritional breakdown in the coming part.


Conch salad is a great source of protein and one can enjoy it along with its nutritional values.

How to Make Conch Salad at home | Video

Here is a video for you. You can check this for your better understanding and make this salad at home easily.

Video by DavidSriracha

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