A Comparative Insight on Top Mount and Undermount Kitchen Sinks

It can be an overwhelming experience when you go shopping for a kitchen sink. The types of materials, colors, sizes, and other features can make it impossible for you to decide quickly. However, there is still one highlight that may not be so difficult to choose – the configuration style. For most homeowners, the real decision hinges between the under-mount and drop-in installations. There was a time when top mount or drop-in basins were the things even after the arrival of the latter design. People hesitated to adopt undermount configuration for two apparent reasons – price and complicated installation process.

Today, homeowners are not reluctant anymore as these are now easy to install, like their drop-in cousins and offer competitive pricing. However, as a buyer, you have a task to figure out what you need and why. Here are a brief rundown and comparative analysis of these two options. You can refer to them to arrive at a favorable decision.

Exploring the sink configurations

If you check a Kraus kitchen sink collection, you will realize that the top mount and undermount are the two primary options. Top mount sinks have other nicknames also, such as self-rimming and drop-in. This type of basin comes with a visible lip or rim around its top corners that stay flat on the countertop. It sits in a pre-cut hole with the flange holding on to the top edge of the slab firmly. The professionals use metal clips and caulk to fasten this sink to its firm position. You cannot see those elements, though, as they hide under the countertop.

Undermount sink fixes from under the countertop with the help of clips and caulk or strong adhesive. There can also be a rim, but you cannot notice it because it rests under the counter. In this installation type, the countertop edge remains in focus. If your countertop is a solid surface with quartz or natural stone, you can buy an undermount model without any worries. 

Now, the question is – how to safely conclude the best solution for your kitchen. Let’s get into this quickly.

Drop-in for Easy Sink Cleaning 

The undermount mounting options feature gaps at the joints where they attach to the counter. The contractors seal the openings with caulk, but it doesn’t create a flush surface. The area remains depressed a bit, where water and food can easily get caught. Due to this specific challenge, some kitchen experts recommend changing the caulk from time to time. With drop-ins, you don’t have to worry about this. The sink corners are comfortable to reach, and even if something sticks to the side of the lip, you can get rid of it effortlessly. 

Undermount for Easy Countertop Maintenance

The countertop becomes very messy once you start working on it. From spilled water to food particles, it can have different layers at different spots. Clearing this mess becomes a priority as soon as you finish your work. With undermount installations, you don’t have to take any pressure with countertop cleaning. Since the edge of the sink lies low to the top corners of the countertop, there is no obstruction. In one swipe, you can push all the dirt and grime into the sink. 

In these designs, you can come across seamless and low rim options. Both these can be an excellent choice for a modern kitchen. 

Drop-in for a Smooth Installation Experience

Setting up a drop-in sink doesn’t feel like a real task. In a pre-cut hole, the basin can effortlessly slide in and hold its position through its overlapping rims. If you are a DIY person, you can install it by yourself. You wouldn’t have to hire any professional and spend your money. However, some experts suggest that hiring a professional is still better than doing it yourself. Anyway, the truth is, it doesn’t need as much care at the time of installation as an undermount fixture. The sink has to fix in its spot rightly with the help of the clips. After this, the caulking part happens. You have to ensure that the fitting is proper. Otherwise, you cannot have an enjoyable journey with this.

Undermount for Modern Taste

This installation creates a symmetrical and sleek line in the kitchen by accepting subjugation to the countertop. When you mount this style of sink, you allow your countertop to be the hero. It makes sense to opt for this choice if your counter deserves the undivided attention. The clean and straight lines between the sink and the countertop can add to any trendy décor without any hassle. You cannot expect top mount options to offer symmetrical patterns. The overlapping rim or lip will always pop out from its surroundings.

Drop-in Designs for Different Countertops

When you go for a comprehensive kitchen renovation work, you change almost everything to new. In the matter of countertop, you can have a free hand in terms of options. Still, if you buy an undermount sink, you cannot choose a custom tile or laminate countertop as it cannot support this installation well. With the drop-in design, you don’t have to think about anything. It can be suitable for all the varieties, starting from tile, laminate, natural stone, composite granite, etc.  

So, what are you wondering now? It must have given you some direction about what you can prefer and why. As such, both of these options are fantastic. The strengths and weaknesses will be there in every item. You have to look past them and make your pick worthy of your kitchen setup. Make sure you visit a credible online store for purchasing. They generally provide all the materials that help in the installation of the appliance. 

Also, even if you are a DIY person, consider taking professional assistance. Any plumbing fixture requires expert skills and knowledge for its firm setup. If it installs well, you can enjoy your experience with it for a long time. Problems like leakage, gaps, and others will not emerge until your sink becomes too old or faces excessive wear and tear.

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