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People who are addicted to coffee always get time for the coffee and there is a cafe in Toronto which is named as Coffee Time and most of the people you love coffee prefer to check the details of the coffee cafe before they go and today, I will provide you with the information regarding the cafe.

Before the information of cafe let’s recall the history of Coffee Time.

Apart from this the relevant information, I will provide you is related to Coffee Time menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Coffee Time Menu.

Tom Michalopoulos founded Coffee Time, which is a chain of Canadian coffee shops and snacks in the year 1982. The first restaurant of Coffee Time was opened in Bolton, Ontario and the right now, the company has its headquarters are in Scarborough, Ontario.

Coffee Time Menu Prices

Coffee Time menu

Coffee Time Menu includes the classy of coffee along with divine speciality drinks like cappuccinos, espresso, you will also find full-day breakfast, the goods which are baked and prepared onsite, hearty soups, and fresh sandwiches and many more eatables with drinks.

Coffee Time is famous for the legacy which they are carrying forward from their founders and they are especially known for their myriad variety of coffee with some worldwide famous eatables. Their staff is very friendly with good nature and the way they talk is amazing.

It is one of the most loved coffee cafe’s of Canada and people love to go there because of there quality of the coffee.

Coffee Time serves a myriad variety of food and the Coffee Time prices they have economical prices and their prices are $1 and $20. So, without waiting let’s check the latest Coffee Time menu prices.

Hot Coffee

House Coffee$3.10
Hawaiian Hazelnut$3.90
Cafe Vanilla Nut$3.90
Hot Cocoa$4.95
Espresso Con Panna$4.50
Cafe Latte$4.95
Cafe Mocha$4.95
Cafe Vienna$4.95

Cold Coffee

Beta Coffee$5.00
Iced Coffee$4.50
Iced Latte$5.50
Iced Cocoa$5.50
Iced Cappuccino$5.50
Iced Mocha$5.50
Iced Vienna$5.50
Iced Cappuccino Mocha$5.50


Lemon Spice$4.50
Earl Grey$4.50
Lemon Tea$5.50
Peach Tea$5.50
Milk Tea$5.50
Jasmine Tea$5.50
Green Tea$5.50

Cold Drink

Iced Oolong Tea$4.95
Iced Green Tea$4.95
Iced Tea$4.95
Iced Green Tea$4.95
Iced Milk Tea$4.95
Iced Peach Tea$4.95
Cream Soda$4.95
Diet Code$3.25

Korean Tea

Honey Tea$4.50
Dunguaire Tea$4.50
Citron Tea$5.50
Yulmu Tea$5.50
Ssantwa Tea$5.50
Ginger Tea$5.50
Jujube Tea$5.50
Ginseng Tea$5.50
Plum Tea$5.50
Pumpkin Tea$6.00

Frozen Blended Drinks

Fruit Smoothies$3.75
Ice Blended Coffees$3.75 – $3.95
Whole Bean Coffee – Organic & Fair Trade$11.00

Handmade Gourmet Panini

Turkey Pesto$5.00 – $5.45
Tuscan Chicken$5.00 – $5.45
Signature Clubhouse$5.00 – $5.45
Italiano$5.00 – $5.45
Reuben or Rachel$5.00 – $5.45
Tuna Melt$5.00 – $5.45
Vegetarian$5.00 – $5.45


Coffee Time Special $6.95
Seared Salmon$6.95
Grilled and Ham Cheese$5.50
Ham and Provolone$5.50
Turkey and Sun-Dried Cranberries$6.50
S L Grill$6.95
Turkey and Sun-Dried Tomatoes$6.95
Sweet Potato and Avocado$5.50
Garden Tuna$5.95
Teriyaki Beef $7.95
Grilled Chicken $6.95
C T Club$7.50
Turkey Avocado$6.95
Crab Salad Sandwich $6.00
Chicken Caesar$6.95
Pastrami or Roast Beef$7.50
Chicken B L T$7.95
Roast Beef$7.50


Simply Caesar Salad $5.00
Caesar Salad $6.95
Caesar Salad with Chicken $6.95
Caesar Salad with Tuna$8.25
Caesar Salad with Salmon$5.75
Mandarin and Walnut$6.25
Sun-Dried Cranberries $6.25
Garden Salad$7.25
Garden Salad with Chicken $7.25
Garden Salad with Tuna$8.25
Garden Salad with Salmon$6.25


Soup Of The Day$3.95

Hot Dogs

Grommet Hot Dog$4.35

Teryaki Plate

Chicken $7.50
Beef $7.95


Turkey and Sun-Dried Tomato $6.00
Turkey and Sun-Dried Cranberries$5.00
Sweet Potato$5.00
Coffee Time Special $6.00
C T Club $6.00
Grilled Chicken $6.00
Turkey Avocado $6.25
Ham and Provolone $5.50


Breakfast Burrito$4.35
Croissant and Egg Sandwich $4.35
Bagel and Egg Sandwich $4.35
Bagel with Butter$2.00
Bagel with Cream Cheese$2.50
Bagel with Peanut Butter or Jelly$3.00
Bage Flavored Cream Cheese$3.00
Bob’s Bagel $4.00
Egg Salad Bagel$5.00
Lox Bagel$6.00

Coffee Time Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Coffee Time menu, click on the link mentioned above.

Coffee Time Franchise Details

Coffee Time franchise.

Coffee Time has more than 100 stores in Canada and Alberta. If you want to open a Coffee Time store, then this is how much it will cost you.

For Requirement Franchise Fee
Initial Franchise Fee$25000
 Liquid capital required$50,000
Net Worth Required$150,000
Total Investment $100,000 – $360,000

Coffee Time Contact Information

Coffee Time Corporate Office Address: 77 Progress Ave Scarborough, M1P 2Y7 Canada

Coffee Time Corporate Office Telephone Number: 0001-41628885

You can also contact the team of Coffee Time by using the contact form on their website.

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