Coffee Mate’s New Dessert Themed Coffee Creamer

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With caffeine addiction and academia aesthetics on the rise, the variety in coffee flavors, creamers, etc., is on the rise to keep up with the high demand. Keeping that in mind, Coffee Mate has just released a new flavor of coffee creamer.

Coffee Mate Drumstick Creamer

To yummify your daily cup of coffee, Coffee Mate is launching a new Drumstick’s classic vanilla sundae ice cream cone flavored coffee creamer. I can hear your coffee-starved heart scream in excitement already!

What makes it even more interesting and worth trying is that it tastes just like a dessert! It tastes like ice cream, waffle cones, and chocolates blended to form a creamer, rich in both; texture and flavor. The creamer even has peanut-flavored undertones to it.

Originally, the drumstick ice cream was an accident, later resulting in a delicious dessert. This happened when an employee mistakenly dropped a cone filled with vanilla ice cream into a heap of peanuts and chocolate. This happened in 1928 at a candy factory, as reported by Nestlé. 

This accidental drumstick ice cream was later modified and named by I.C. Parker and his wife. Now, you can enjoy this delicious dessert in your daily cup of coffee, all thanks to Coffee Mate. 

This dessert turned into a creamer isn’t the first time that Coffee Mate has come up with it. The “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” and “Golden Grahams” are similar items in this list.

The Coffee Mate’s Drumstick classic vanilla sundae ice cream cone flavored coffee creamer will be a limited edition creamer. It’ll be available in a 32 fl-oz bottle and priced at $3.99. 

Reportedly, in an email from Coffee Mate to Elite daily, the brand said, “Coffee Mate’s Drumstick Vanilla Sundae Cone coffee creamer is here just in time for you to kick offspring.” 

Totally agreeing with Coffee Mate on this; the creamer is certain to provide the customers the delicious cup of coffee they deserve. You can never be disappointed when it’s Coffee Mate you’re drinking!

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