6 Coffee Brewing Tips Every Coffee Lover Must Know

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Coffee has been one of the favorite drinks for centuries and a small pleasure that everybody can afford. However, not everyone can enjoy coffee the same way, since it may require certain techniques and methods for premium quality.

6 Coffee Brewing Tips Every Coffee Lover Must Know

Therefore, depending on the factors such as how recently your coffee has been roasted, which ways of brewing you used, and with what type of coffee, your cup of coffee may result in many different flavors and aromas.

Did you know that there are hundreds of different ways of brewing your coffee?

If you consider yourself a real coffee lover, then it goes without saying that you must know at least six important brewing tips for an awesome cup of coffee and delightful pleasure!

First Things First

Always make sure that you have fresh coffee with you, for if you don’t have one, then no matter what brewing technique you use, it will hardly have any satisfying effect with stale coffee.

In that sense, always try to find a bag of coffee with the most recent date of grinding, for this will greatly impact your coffee quality. In the best possible case, grind your coffee yourself at home, for you can easily afford a cheap hand mill and make your coffee-making process more controlled, personal, and professional!

  1. Coffee Weighing

Most of us have learned that we should add coffee by using a spoon. This, however, may not be a good idea, for, ideally, coffee should be measured on a scale.

The rationale for this is multifaceted. For example, coffees have different mass and during roasting, some types of coffee retain more moisture than the other ones. You can never tell the difference by using a spoon, as only a scale can give you a precise measure of coffee you should add.

Use filtered water
  1. It’s About Balance

Always make sure you strike a balance when it comes to the coffee/water ratio. Based on what brewing method you’re using, try to have an optimal balance between how much your coffee maker is fueled by coffee and water. For instance, with some methods you will need 1 part of coffee on 14 parts of water, hence the ratio is 1:14.

  1. Use Filtered Water

There could be a substantial difference in the taste of coffee based on whether the water used for its preparation was filtered or not. This is because coffee extracts best with water that was previously well filtered.

  1. Preheat Your Brewing Apparatus

The temperature inside your coffee maker is essential for extraction. However, pouring hot water in a cold apparatus can reduce the temperature and affect the quality of your coffee. Accordingly, make sure you preheat your apparatus before brewing.

It’s About Mixing

Due to the density difference, your coffee is actually layered from the bottom to the top. Therefore, by giving it a good stir, you will make your coffee more homogeneous and subtle in taste.

Apart from coffee drinking, coffee-making can also be a special moment of pleasure and delight when done with care and skill, for real coffee lovers champion these small parts of the day that bring us in the supreme mood of relaxation and joy!

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