Coco’s Bakery Menu With Prices [Updated June 2024]

Coco’s Bakery menu with prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. We have shared the menu of Coco’s Bakery menu from the location Arizona, US. The menu is updated on 1st June 2024.

Coco's Bakery Restaurant

For the accurate prices, you might have to look for the menu of your nearest Coco’s Bakery menu from its official websiteandroid app or iOS app, or any other food delivery app.

Coco’s Bakery menu with prices serves traditional favorites, appetizers, fresh salads and soups, burgers, sandwiches, dinner entrees, and desserts. You can have a perfect meal at Coco’s Bakery for around $60.

Coco’s Bakery is the jewel in the crown of American cuisine. This restaurant has been serving Californian folks for years and has never failed to provide a high-end service. You’ll get to know much more about this restaurant chain as you read further.

Coco’s Bakery is a subsidiary chain of restaurants operating in the United States. It was founded by John and Audrey McIntosh in 1948 in Beaverton, Oregon.

Shari’s Cafe & Pies is the parent company of this restaurant brand. It currently has about 29 restaurants serving in Arizona, California. 

Coco’s Bakery Menu With Prices

Coco's Bakery Food

Do you like savoring healthy traditional food? Coco’s Bakery can serve you all the American classics with wine and other beverages.

The traditional food column on the menu has about eight items as a daily breakfast special, country-fried steak & eggs, and many more. You can find traditional food items in other sections of the menu also. 

You can enjoy fall-off-the-bone chicken and steak dishes at Coco’s Bakery. These items include hand-carved prime rib, grilled herb chicken, and many.

This restaurant also serves the best seafood like beer-battered fish n’ chips, grilled Atlantic salmon, etc. It also offers burgers and sandwiches like hangover burgers, bacon cheddar burgers, Coco’s original burger, Coco’s club, etc.

The Club 55 menu has a classic breakfast sandwich, florentine scramble, omelet, and many other mouth-watering items.

Among salads and sides, you can enjoy spicy Asian chicken salad, chicken cobb salad, caesar salad, fries, mashed potatoes, etc.

Among sweet bites, Coco’s Bakery can offer you pie slices, chocolate silk pie, and different varieties of cookies. 

You can pair your mains with refreshing beverages and wine. Try Coco’s shakes, fresh strawberry lemonade, fountain drinks, or wines like budweiser, modelo, bud light, or any other from the menu.

You’ll find a lot more delicious items on the menu. Check out the tables below and read the menu prices of Coco’s Bakery.

You’ll find the link for nutritional information in the table further below the menu. Check out the franchise details and social media handles of Coco’s Bakery.

Order your favorite items now or find your nearest Coco’s Bakery from the link provided below and enjoy your time.

Featured Items

Breakfast Burrito$13.79
BYO Omelette$17.39
Hot Cinnamon Roll$5.99
House Salad$9.59

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Big Bundles / Catering

Big Breakfast Burrito Bundle$41.99
Big Brunch Bundle With Pancakes$47.99
Big Burger Bundle With Pie$59.99
Big Brunch Bundle With Cinnamon Roll French Toast$59.99
Big Brunch Bundle With Brioche French Toast$59.99
Bigger Burger Bundle With Pie$71.99
Big Chicken Bundle$47.99
Ranch Pickle Bundle$14.49
Sausage Link Bundle$12.09
Mashed Potato Bundle$14.49
House Salad Bundle$14.49
Ceasar Salad Bundle$14.49
Broccoli Bundle$14.49
French Fry Bundle$14.49
Bacon Bundle$12.09
Hash Brown Bundle$14.49
Fruit Bundle$18.09

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Traditional Favorites

The Triple Mega Breakfast$17.99
The Classic$16.19
Lumberjack Breakfast$17.79
Country-Fried Steak & Eggs$19.19
Sirloin Steak & Eggs$21.59
Daily Breakfast Special$11.99
Prime Rib & Eggs$22.79
Brioche Eggs Benedict$16.79

Hot Of The Griddle

Coco’s Cinnamon Roll French Toast Combo$17.99
Brioche French Toast Combo$17.99
Buttermilk Pancakes$11.99
Coco’s Cinnamon Roll French Toast$14.39
PB & Jammin’ Pancakes (3)$14.39
Brioche French Toast$14.39
Buttermilk Pancakes Combo$15.59
Belgian Waffle Combo$16.19
Belgian Waffle$12.59
Pancake Sampler$13.19

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Omelette & Scrambles

Denver Omelette$17.39
California Omelette$17.79
California Scramble$17.79
Pacific Scramble$17.99
Prime Rib & Cheddar Omelette$17.99
BYO Scramble$17.39
Meatlover’s Omelette$17.99
BYO Omelette$17.39
Pacific Omelette$17.99
Tomato Basil Scramble$16.19
Meatlover’s Scramble$17.99
Denver Scramble$17.39
Prime Rib & Cheddar Scramble$17.99

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Breakfast Sandwiches & Burrito

Breakfast Burrito$14.39
Breakfast Sandwich$13.79

Breakfast Sides

Fresh-Baked Muffin$4.79
Side Of Impossible Sausage Patty (2)$7.79
Side Of Applewood-Smoked Bacon (4$5.99
Side Of Sausage Links (4)$5.99
Side Of Stuffed Hash Browns$5.99
Side Of Toast & Jam$4.79
Side Of Two Eggs*$4.79
Buttery Croissant$5.99
Side Of Fresh Fruit$4.79
Side Of Hash Browns$4.79

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Chicken Quesadilla$12.59
The Works Platter$21.59
Southern-Style Chicken Strips$13.19
The Trio Dip with Chips$10.79
Firecracker Cauliflower Bites$10.79

Fresh Salads & Soup

House Salad$9.59
Chicken Cobb Salad$16.79
Spicy Asian Chicken Salad$16.79
Caesar Salad$11.99

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Flame-Grilled Burgers

Hangover Burger$18.59
Bacon Cheddar Burger$16.79
Mushroom Swiss Burger$16.79
Sourdough Patty Melt$15.99
Coco’s Original Burger$14.39
B.Y.O. Burger$14.39

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Coco’s Club$16.79
Tomato, Bacon & Four-Cheese Melt$14.19
Grilled Ham & Four-Cheese Melt$13.79
Turkey Avocado Croissant$16.79
Parmesan-Crusted Grilled Cheese$11.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$16.19

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Dinner Entrees

Our Hand-Carved 10oz Prime Rib$27.59
Country Fried Steak$19.19
Shrimp Scampi Past$19.19
Grilled Herb Chicken$15.59
Broccoli Chicken Alfredo$18.59
Beer-Battered Fish N’ Chips$18.39
8oz Sirloin Steak$22.79
Grilled Atlantic Salmon$20.39

Dinner Sides

Baked Potato (After 4pm)$4.79
Seasonal Vegetables$4.79
Loaded Mashed Potatoes$5.99
French Fries$4.79
Mashed Potatoes$4.79
Loaded Baked Potato (After 4pm)$5.99
Fresh Fruit$5.99

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Club 55 Breakfast

55 Classic Breakfast Sandwich$11.39
55 Florentine Scramble$11.99
55 Brioche French Toast Combo$12.59
55 Florentine Omelette$11.99
55 Buttermilk Pancake Combo$11.39
55 Brioche French Toast$9.59

Club 55 Entrees

Grilled Atlantic Salmon$16.19
Grilled Herb Chicken$13.19
Cheeseburger Combo$13.19
Beer-Battered Fish N’ Chips$14.99
Country-Fried Steak$14.39
Chicken Cobb Salad$11.39
Sirloin Steak$17.99
Chicken Alfredo Pasta$16.79

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Kids Chocolate Sundae$2.79
French Toast$6.59
Chicken Alfredo Pasta$7.19
Buttermilk Pancake$6.59
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$7.19
Macaroni & Cheese$7.19
Crunchy Chicken Strips$7.19
Cheese Quesadilla$7.19
Cheese Quesadilla$7.19

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Bakery & Dessert

Hot Cinnamon Roll$5.99
Honey Bran Muffin$5.79
Blueberry Muffin$4.79
Banana Walnut Muffin$4.79
Fresh-Baked Cookies – 2 Pack$3.29
Fresh-Baked Cookies – 1 Dozen$15.59

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Whole Signature Cheese Pie$20.39
Whole Chocolate Cream Pie$19.19
Whole Banana Cream Pie$19.19
Whole Dutch Apple Pie$17.99
Whole Apple Pie$17.99
Whole No-Sugar-Added Apple Pie$19.19
Whole Cherry Pie$20.39
Whole Lemon Cheese Pie$21.59
Whole Classic Pecan Pie$21.59
Whole Coconut Cream Pie$21.59
Whole Raspberry Swirl Pie$23.99
Whole Raspberry Harvest Pie$27.59
Whole Lemon Meringue Pie$20.39
Whole Key Lime Pie$21.59

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Shakes And Pie Slices

Pie Slices$5.19
Coco’s Pie Shakes$9.59


Coco’s Special Blend Coffee$3.99
Peach Lemonade$4.79
Coco’s Pie Shakes$9.59
Chocolate Milk$4.79
Hot Tea$3.99
Peach Iced Tea$4.79
Fountain Drinks$4.39
Iced Tea$4.39
Fresh Strawberry Lemonade$5.99
Hot Chocolate$4.19
2% Milk$4.59

How To Order Online From Coco’s Bakery?

Coco’s Bakery is a subsidiary chain of restaurants operating in the United States. You can order your favorite food online from Coco’s Bakery by following the link of their official websiteandroid app or iOS app, or any other delivery platforms. The restaurant is best known for quality food and services.

To order food from Coco’s Bakery online, you can also refer some of the leading food delivery service apps like DoordashPostmates, and UberEats. We have shared the detailed screenshots that shows how to order food online from Coco’s Bakery.

Finding The Latest Coco’s Bakery Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Click on the link of official website of Coco’s Bakery and place your order online.

McDonald's Official Page

2. Add the location of any nearest outlet of Coco’s Bakery and the menu of that particular outlet will be displayed.

Coco's Bakery Location

3. Add your favorite food items to the order and proceed to place the order from Coco’s Bakery.

Coco's Bakery Menu

4. Once you have added the food items to the cart, click on the checkout and proceed to place the order.

Coco's Bakery Add To Cart

5. Proceed to checkout and place your order online easily.

Coco's Bakery Checkout

6. Once you click on the checkout, the page will guide you to add personal details.

Panera Bread Personal Details


Coco’s Bakery is a place best known for baked goods. We have updated Coco’s Bakery latest menu items and their prices. Moreover, for your convenience we have also added how to order online from the restaurant. Check the details and let us know about dining experience in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Coco’s Bakery [FAQs]

How is service of the restaurant Coco’s Bakery?

Coco’s Bakery is the jewel in the crown of American cuisine. This restaurant has been serving Californian folks for years and has never failed to provide a high-end service.

How many active outlets are there of the restaurant Coco’s bakery?

This brand has 29 active restaurants and bakery.

Who is the founder of the restaurant Coco’s Bakery?

It was founded by John and Audrey McIntosh in 1948 in Beaverton, Oregon.

Is the restaurant Coco’s Bakery is available on food delivery apps?

Yes, the restaurant Coco’s Bakery is available on food delivery apps

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