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28 Classroom Christmas Party Food Ideas

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With the arrival of Christmas, everything looks shining in your life, including your platter.

Gingerbread houses

Children would have their share of fun as their classrooms would get colorful with different party ideas that invigorate the atmosphere. But what to bring to a classroom Christmas party? 

The party food for classroom Christmas parties should be exciting and delicious. It should also keep up with the Christmas theme. 

Here we have compiled some amazing Christmas party food ideas that would not just delight children but would tempt them to gulp it all away. The foods below will have festive spirits and render nutrition to extremes. 

Some easily prepared snacks and some exciting dessert items completely enthuse us. Let us go on with the list of Christmas fun food ideas one by one in the following lines.

1. Christmas Cheese Crackers

christmas cheese crackers

These crackers are made with wheat flour and cheese to be induced with multiple flavors of your choice. They taste very similar to goldfish crackers but look small and shiny to captivate your attention.

Cornstarch, butter, salt, and water are used to make the dough, and then they are rolled into shapes you like. You can use cookie cutters to mold into holiday-themed shapes, which will basically excite you a lot. 

Now eliminate all the store-bought cookies or crackers, and try this one to boost your Christmas spirits. It would feel relaxing to make these, given you’d not be tempted to eat one too many while cooking. 

2. Christmas Pretzels

christmas pretzals

These are tiny bit shots with great sweet and salt combinations. They are most yummy and come across as natural treats for parties and occasions. You can use different decorative to design your pretzels and make them more colorful.

If you want to make it more peanut-free, it can be made with chocolates and topped with Hershey kids or M&Ms. Kids will fall for this, making your classroom party more exuberant. 

This fusional taste is just magical in all flavors and packs a punch to your taste buds for sure.

3. Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter

christmas tree vegetable platter

This healthy treat is a blessing in disguise for kids to enjoy and eat. The normal vegetable platter is boring and would thrill the consumers.

However, if it is molded as Christmas trees with broccoli and cauliflowers, it will excite and exhilarate you to the core.

Serve this platter with fancy dips and exclusively flavored sauces to instigate the Christmas fun. This will be the hit of the classroom and serve the purpose of being healthy to a large extent.

4. Reindeer Sandwiches

reindeer sandwiches

Reindeer sandwiches are extremely entertaining sandwiches. Just use the pretzels to stuff it inside the bread and make it look like reindeer.

Berries, raisins, and condiments are used as the eyes and organs of the reindeer. Take the red chocolate and jam to mold it into the mouth.

Peanut butter and soya spread can be infused into the sandwiches to spread on the bread. Cheese instead of peanut butter can also be a better option if you want it to be more kid-friendly.

Reindeer sandwiches can also make a good lunch recipe or can be consumed as a lovely breakfast. The classroom buddies enjoy it, and they will love the dish eternally.

5. Strawberry Santa Claus

strawberry santa claus

You would definitely want to display Santa when it is Christmas. Strawberries are molded like the body of Santa with whipped cream and chocolate nuts to decorate the face of Santa.

Whipped cream will make the dish opulent and lovely to entice all the kids. Another better alternative for whipped cream is Greek yogurt if you want your Christmas treat to be slightly healthy. Try some icing on the strawberry so it can be stored for some days. 

6. Watermelon Christmas Trees

watermelon christmas trees

Christmas is always filled with tasty treats that perk up your taste buds. You may also want to take care of your health while enjoying Christmas.

The watermelons are just cut into small pieces in the shape of a Christmas tree and then decorated with creams and jellies of your choice.

The taste will be fusional, but the joy it brings forth is multifold. This is a creative and tasty item that spikes up the spirit.

7. Santa Hat Cupcakes

santa hat cupcakes

Santa is so prominent when it comes to Christmas, and it would be completely apt if you symbolized Santa in all your dishes. The creamy frosting forms the base, and the red cream tops it to make it like a colorful hat.

First, line the hat with marshmallows and add some icing that spruces up its beauty and flavor. White snow can be sprinkled on the top of the cake, making it extremely captivating and beautiful.

8. Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Cookie Cups

hot cocoa marshmellow cookie cups

These are adorable cookie cups that are tailor-made for your classroom party. They excite the kids because the taste is so inviting. They may take time to make, which would keep your children busy and occupied.

The kids can also design the cups however they want it. They can make it look funky and pepper with chocolates and colorful jellies of their choice. Classmates will fall in love with this item and jump at every chance to take a bite of this heavenly treat with all joy.

9. Santa Claus Rice Krispie Treats

santa rice krispie treats

Rice Krispie squares are holiday dessert items that the kids love. They can be made with extra fancy colors and decorative to make them look captivating, especially for classroom parties. 

YOu can also pepper some black beans on the rice Krispies to make it look like Santa boots and dress the item with toppings of your choice that makes it delicious. 

10. Candy Cane Hearts

candy cane hearts

The no-mess candy cane hearts are wonderful treats made with simple ingredients but rendered to be too delicious on the whole.

You can pack it in the kid’s school bags and send them off. They also work like gifs for Christmas or tucked-in cards and are given to people all around.

Candy cane hearts are just lovely in appearance and are just distributed to all the party members in pleasure. They please your eyes and elate your taste buds simultaneously.

11. Christmas Tree Brownies

christmas tree brownies

Christmas tree brownies are very simple but too innovative. Cookies are just cut into a triangle shape, and the green cream is splashed on top of it with delight.

They exclusively make the brownies look adorable and resemble a lot like Christmas trees. This could be the best dish for a Christmas celebration where your whole class can go crazy over this item.

Kids can be given a free hand to innovate this heavenly treat as they want it to be and enjoy them with love and craze.

12. Easy Snowman Cupcakes

easy snowman cupcakes

They are lovely cupcakes for parents who are too busy with their professional life. They want their children to take treats to school but would need more time to do that. These cupcakes are delicious and lovely to our taste.

Ice a chocolate cake with white cream and sprinkle some chocolate chips or M&Ms into the cupcake. Tuck a butterscotch cake into the cake and make it look elegant. They are made easily and are a treat to the eyes and taste buds.

13. Candy Cane Reindeer Craft

Candy Cane Reindeer Craft

This is the perfect dish for you if you want your kitchen to be clean and less messy. You cannot handle the pressure of burdening yourself with heavy kitchen work that early in the morning.

Then here comes the item that is easily made in 5 minutes.

Let the kids create their own reindeer candy canes with pipe cleaners and pom poms from the nearby store. It is inexpensive and extremely fun for all of us, including the kids. The classroom will go gaga over it immediately.

14. Christmas Marshmallow Pops

christmas marshmellow pops

This is an extremely easy treat to entice the kids. The chocolate drizzles like a shower on top of the pops, which kindles the celebration mood to extremes. 

Tuck the marshmallows on a stick, immerse them into a tub of melted chocolate, and drizzle it with the kinds of toppings you fancy, and here is the dish everybody loves. It is extremely satiating and definitely a hit in the class for sure.

15. Christmas Peppermint Patties

christmas peppermint patties

Patties definitely trigger a lot of excitement and interest in the kids. These patties are made with simple ingredients and require 6 items to be molded and tossed in the pan before they are ready.

Kids will gallop it like cookies and have so much fun binging it at the Christmas party. You will be surprised to see kids come home with empty boxes.

16. Christmas Tree Oreo Pops

christmas tree oreo pops

Oreo is loved and demanded by all. If you are too lazy to make cookies and decorate them. Just take the Oreos and dress with white creams or chocolates and dazzle it with green cream to look like a Christmas tree.

You will need double-stuffed Oreos and lollipop sticks to tuck it inside. Some white and green wafers on top of it with melted chocolate dripping on the surface, and here is your lovely item.

This is demanded in the classroom and becomes the favorite item to be binged even after the occasion.

17. Christmas Light Cupcakes

christmas light cupcakes

This is another ordinary treat that can be turned into an occasional item. Cupcakes are made easily and can be molded like Christmas treats easily.

All you need are a chocolate cake mix, a box of instant pudding, buttercream frosting, black frosting, and some M&Ms. Buttercream frosting can be made at home as it is simple to mold.

All of them are mixed together and give an instant shine that looks bright and binge-worthy.

18. Grinch Cookies

grinch cookies

If you want to enjoy a greenish delight, then it is time you crash in on these cookies. You can eat them while you enjoy some fun events at the party. They are extremely delicious and come across as super attractive as well.

All you need is some vanilla mix, green food coloring, and some nuts to intersperse in the dough mix. You will bake it right away within 20 minutes to have yourself a great party. Easily made item that is a hit in the class and loved by all.

19. Rolo Pretzel Reindeer

rolo pretzel reindeer

Nobody can fall out of love with pretzels. They are too apt as celebration items that extremely captivate the audience and are gulped by all.

They come in tiny shapes and are also prepared easily. All you need are pretzels and some candies to make your eyes resemble reindeer. Red M&Ms would be perfect as well.

Cut the extra large pretzels to look like horns on the deer and dab them with small candies and chocolates to make them look pretty. Mold it into the shape of reindeer and place the rolo on top. 

Shove it inside the oven as they get baked until the rolos are softened. Add the candies as organs and gulp as much as you can. Children will fall for it and empty it before even the party kick starts.

20. Melted Snowman Sugar Cookies

melted snowman sugar cookies

Sugar cookies are a hit at any party, and this one is going to rock you down in a minute. Make or take sugar cookies and dab them with the icing of your choice. 

Melted marshmallows can be used as a dressing for the cookies, while candies and jellies get stuck on the surface to make them look captivating in all senses. 

Kids will empty the dish while you prepare them as they are so tempting, so make sure you have ingredients left to make some whole pieces. Just decorate and pack them nicely to have an extremely joyful class party.

21. Chocolate-Dipped Mandarin Oranges

Chocolate Dipped Mandarin oranges

Want to gulp something healthy in your party mode? Here comes the option. Kids are bound to pack stuff or food items like cookies and candies to brighten up the celebration, but something healthy is not out of sorts here.

It could also be your teachers’ favorite and requires simple preparation that needs oranges and chocolate as a whole. Take the mandarin oranges and dip them into the bucket of melted chocolates with sprinkles of tootsies frooties to make them colorful. 

The chocolates may have to fill in the oranges fully with a double coating that is befitting. The flavor is fusional but so rocking, and kids are going to fight over it as they could be the winner of all items.

22. Elf Hats

elf hats

Elf hat is a must-have when you celebrate Christmas. The green and red combination of colors in your platter is a treat for your eyes and taste buds. You will need corn chips with green and red chocolate wafers alongside Christmas-colored M&Ms. 

This is a 3-step snack that can be made easily and takes less time than baking a cake. Melt the chocolate in separate bowls and dip your corn chips to dress it red or green.

Insert M&Ms into the treats to make them captivating. Let them cool and binge on it with all your love and passion.

23. Snowman String Cheese

Snowman String Cheese

Making a snowman with string cheese is the simplest idea you can dole out for Christmas. This is extremely easy to whip up with no exceptional ingredients requirement to enrichen the item.

The string cheese snowmen are adorable and lovable with all fun. String cheese with black markers as eyes and a ribbon to tie a turban on the head makes it a delicious item. 

24. Chocolate Pretzel Christmas Tree Brownies

chocolate pretzel christmas tree brownies

This is an exceptionally easy idea if you don’t love baking. Pretzels are just picture-perfect for creating Christmas-based foods, and this is one exquisite item that comes across as delicious. 

Just spread a big pan or a plate and line up the pretzels on the sheet. Melt the green wafers or use green-colored chocolate and dab it on top of the pretzels to make it look like a tree. 

Add some sprinkles for decoration on the surface of the cookies to make them look colorful and attractive to the eyes. Once they have hardened, you can use them as brownies that can be gulped away.

25. Marshmallow Snowmen On A Stick

marshmellow snowmen on a stick

Prepare this school snack just the night before the party. You will need to create the skewers with large marshmallows, chocolate, and orange-colored wafers.

The marshmallows are dressed and shaped like snowmen and the face and arms are made out of melted chocolate. A paintbrush can be used to decorate the surface and make it look captivating.

26. Hot Chocolate On A Stick

hot chocolate on a stick

This is another easy item for your amazing party. It is easy to make these treats; all you have to do is mold the silicon folds into the shape you want. Take the hot chocolate cubes and sprinkle them with broken candies. 

Pack it off in the school box with a glass of milk. Just toss the hot chocolate cubes on the tub of milk and gulp it away. If you want the milk to be hot, the teacher will heat it. You can have this item like a sizzling snack that is hot and delicious on the whole.

27. Snowman On The Stick

Snowman On The Stick

Making snowmen can be easy; this time, you can use a doughnut and powder it with sugar. Use fruit roll-ups as eyes and orange candies for the nose and mouth. Use the pointed end of the skewer to fix the doughnuts and gulp them away straight.

The combination of all the above ingredients will make a delicious item and treat kids with flavor and a sweet taste.

28. Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies

christmas tree meringue cookies

They are just so precious and lovely. All you need are 5 simple ingredients like butter, egg whites, sugar, and green coloring with some cut candies for decoration.

Mold the cookies in the shape of a Christmas tree and bake them until it thickens. Now decorate it with all the jellies or candies on top or even star sprinkles to make it look colorful. 

Pack it in the box to be served and enjoyed in the classroom.


Christmas is a grand celebration with so much on the platter and no end to imagination and innovation regarding dishes.

If only you could freely mold and experiment with dishes on your accord, then there is no better time.

Classroom parties are all fun and trying out different dishes that kindle your excitement makes the mood more perked up. Try some of the above items to boost your spirits and enjoy the break of Christmas with all joy. Happy Christmas!

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