How to Make Classic Banana Bread at Home

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Apurva Sethi
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Banana bread is the old times’ classics. It is probably one of the most famous bread recipes out there. Everyone loves banana bread and should learn how to make one. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to do. Why? Well, who can say no to it? It can become your signature dish.

You can even easily bargain on it if you’d like. Say, you can ask, “help me on my math homework, and I’ll make banana bread for you.” We bet anyone will agree on such a deal. No papercoach writer can compete against such an offer. It’s one of those comfort foods that are perfect for a good breakfast or late-night meal after a long day. It’s easy to make and takes almost no time at all. 

It’s quite possible you already have everything you need to bake this dessert. Just be sure to pick the right bananas for the recipe. Overripe bananas should be at the sweetest and softest point of their lives. Pick only this type for this recipe. So, here’s how you make classic banana bread at home.

Ingredients for Banana Bread

Large Darken Bananas2
Unsalted Butter (melted)¼ cup
Flour (all-purpose flour is recommended) 2 cups
Brown Sugar1 cup
Cinnamon1 teaspoon
Baking powder3/4 tsp
Vanilla Extract1
Nuts, Raisins, Chocolate Chips, Seeds, BerriesOptional

You can get all these ingredients from the nearest supermarket. Now let’s check out what utensils you need and how much time you need to make this Banana Bread.

Required Elements– A Baking Pan, Two Large, Bowls, A Whisk and A Mixer.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
20 minutes1 hour1 hour 20 minutes

Now you have all the ingredients and you know how much time you need to invest in make this bread. So let’s check out the directions you need is follow in making it.

Classic Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Bread
  1. Preheat your oven. 
  2. As always, start by mixing all your dry ingredients (flour, soda, sugar, and cinnamon) in one bowl. Add a pinch of salt into the bowl. Stir it well until all dry ingredients are well mixed.
  3. Peel your bananas and put them in a bowl. Overripe bananas should be easy to smash into a puree. For this purpose, use a fork or a potato masher. You may also use a mixer. Be sure to have a smooth texture in the end.
  4. Add eggs into the banana puree. Use a mixer at a low speed to blend everything.
  5. Add your vanilla extract to the wet mixture.
  6. Add softened butter to the mashed bananas and eggs. Use a mixer to blend everything.
  7. Combine your wet and dry ingredients into one bowl. For that, slowly add dry ingredients into your wet ones. Use a mixer at a slow speed to blend them in. Add dry ingredients one spoon at a time. The classic banana bread dough is ready.
  8. At this point, you may add other ingredients if you want something extra in your bread. Add nuts, raisins, or other flavors, if you desire. Now, mix the dough only with a spatula or whisk. Otherwise, a mixer may break added nuts.
  9. Pick a baking form. For a classic receipt, it is better to be a long rectangle shape. You can use foil or ceramic loaf pans. 
  10. Grease the baking pan thoroughly with some butter, vegetable, or olive oil. You may also use cooking spray. 
  11. Slowly spoon the mixture into the form.
  12. You may decorate the bread with extra bananas on top. For the decoration, use harder bananas cut in long strips or circles.
  13. Bake it at 350° for 50 minutes.
  14. To see whether the baking is going according to the plan, check the loaf for the crack on top. If the bread has formed a long crack in the middle, it means that soda or baking powder is working. It’s a sign that your bread is almost ready. 
  15. Take it out of the oven once the crack is formed and the bread has a nice brown crust on top. 
  16. After taking it out of the oven:Leave the bread in the pan for at least 10-15 minutes.
  17. After, take the bread out of the pan and leave it to cool for another 10 minutes.
  18. Serve it warm with a hot beverage.

You may serve it with fresh berries, greek yogurt, cream cheese, caramelized nuts, or other toppings to your liking for the additional flavor.  

Additional Tips

  1. Brown sugar is better for this receipt as it gives more flavor to the bread.
  2. Use ripe bananas that are soft and dark. They have more flavor and softer texture to blend into the bread mixture.
  3. For the extra lift and softer texture of the bread, beat your eggs separately before adding them into the mixture. 
  4. To test if the bread is baked through or not, use a toothpick or another wooden object. Insert the toothpick into the loaf. If the toothpick is too wet, the bread needs more baking. If it comes out dry (maybe slightly moist) and clean, you can take the loaf out of the oven.
  5. If you want to make the bread vegan, use coconut oil instead of butter and soaked flax seeds instead of eggs.
  6. To cut the calories down, use greek yogurt instead of butter. Yogurt will make the bread just as moist as it needs to be.

These are some additional tips that I want you all to follow if you want to make your Banana Bread the best.

Nutritional Breakdown of Banana Bread

For all the health conscious people out there, I’ve mentioned the nutritional breakdown of this Classic Banana Bread below.

Carbohyrates33 g
Fat 9 g
Cholesterol 48 mg
Sodium269 mg
Potassium104 mg
Fiber1 g
Sugar15 g

How to Make Banana Bread at Home | Video

This recipe is too long and sometimes can create confusion as well. So that’s why, I’ve added a video below for the ease of you all.

Video by Allrecipes

I hope you’ve liked this recipe. I highly recommend you to make this bread at home and share your reviews in comments below. Till then, stay tuned for more recipes like these.

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