Cinnabon Menu With Prices [Updated June 2024]

Cinnabon is home to the best Cinnabons, bakery goods, and coffee that you can enjoy. Founded by a father-and-son duo, the business has thrived in leaps and bounds because of its trademarked version of Korintje cinnamon called Makara and its special cream cheese frosting that leaves a lasting impression.

Cinnabon Restaurant

Moreover, they offer coffees made with Arabica beans that provide a rich coffee experience with every sip. The brand has expanded to over 1300 U.S. locations and over 50 countries.

Cinnabon’s Latest Menu With Prices

To explore the latest Cinnabon menu items, click the pop-up option we have provided to expand the table. That way, you can determine which items are vegan, keto-friendly, or gluten-free. 

Furthermore, you can view your desired sections directly from the menu categories below. 

Featured Items | Classic CinnaPacks | MiniBon CinnaPacks | Cinna Extra’s | Chillattas | Cold Drinks |

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeNo
Classic Roll CinnaPack£7.59940NoNoNoNo
Standard Mixed Original Rolls CinnaPack£20.39940NoNoNoNo
ChocoBon CinnaPack£8.99985NoNoNoNo

Classic CinnaPacks

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Caramel PecanBon CinnaPack£9.691080NoNoNoNo
ChocoBon CinnaPack£8.99985NoNoNoNo
Classic Roll CinnaPack£7.59940NoNoNoNo
Lotus Biscoff Bon CinnaPack£9.191019NoNoNoNo
Standard Mixed Original Rolls CinnaPack£20.39940NoNoNoNo
Chocobon Made with OREO CinnaPack£9.191063NoNoNoNo

MiniBon CinnaPacks

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Mini ChocoBon CinnaPack£13.49388NoNoNoYes
Mini Lotus Biscoff Bon CinnaPack£14.19404NoNoNoYes
Mini Pecan Bon CinnaPack£14.99490NoNoNoNo
Minibon Original CinnaPack£12.29380NoNoNoYes
Standard Mixed Minibon Rolls CinnaPack£17.69330NoNoNoYes
Mini Choco Bon Made with OREO CinnaPack£14.19414NoNoNoYes

Cinna Extra’s

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Classic Frosting£0.70258NoYesNoYes
Caramel Sauce£0.70146NoYesYesYes
Pecan Nuts£0.70196YesYesYesYes
Lotus Biscoff Crumb£0.70484YesYesNoNo


Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Cinnamon Roll Chillatta£3.99840NoNoNoYes
Mango Chillatta£3.99270NoNoNoYes
Strawberry Chillatta£3.99770NoNoNoYes
Caramel Latte Chillatta£3.99264NoNoNoYes
Lotus Biscoff Chillatta£3.99330NoNoNoYes

Cold Drinks

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Bottled Water£2.49NilNilNilNilNil
Classic Lemonade£2.4970YesYesYesYes
Iced Coffee£3.590YesYesYesYes
Strawberry Lemonade£2.99140YesYesYesYes
Mango Lemonade£2.99100YesYesYesNo
Dragon Fruit and Mango Cooler£2.4990YesYesYesYes

Popular Items On Cinnabon Menu


1. Classic Roll

Cinnabon is known for its world-famous Classic Roll for a reason. It is an incredibly soft and massive roll that is freshly prepared daily and easily feeds 2 to 3 people. The warm aroma of the cinnamon takes over the senses, even before you take the first bite.

After that, each bite and layer offers a bold hit of sweet and tangy flavors due to cinnamon-flavored sugar and cream cheese frosting. But do you know what part I love the most? It’s the center of the roll. It holds enough cinnamon sugar, making the last bite delicious and memorable.

2. CinnaSweeties

CinnaSweeties are a highly recommended menu item to try at Cinnabon. They are famous for being a delectable portable dessert. These 5-piece baked treats are donut holes coated in cinnamon sugar.

But what makes them even better is a serving of the famous frosting that comes alongside.

Apart from their taste, the donut holes are incredibly light and fluffy in texture. Therefore, they make an excellent option for anyone who wants to avoid devouring a big classic roll yet wants to ensure they get all its delectable taste. 

3. Caramel PecanBon

You must try the Caramel PecanBon to have a truly indulgent experience at Cinnabon. Its delightful presentation tastes fantastic and can turn a rather dull day into a party.

Let me warn you beforehand, this beauty also has a massive size that makes it a wonderful sharing option. However, it doesn’t come topped with Cinnabon’s signature cream frosting.

Instead, you will find a layer of caramel frosting topped with chopped, crunchy, and nutty-tasting pecans. Each layer is perfectly soft and moist, and I love how the flavor of cinnamon sugar shines through.

4. Center Of The Roll

The ooey-gooey center of a cinnamon roll is truly the best part of cinnamon rolls. Therefore, Cinnabon offers “Center Of The Roll” separately, famous for its outstanding taste and ease of carrying. 

So, you can enjoy the center of a classic Cinnabon immediately with the cream cheese frosting in a cup. If you wish to enjoy a more indulgent treat, you can also opt for the caramel pecan-flavored center of the roll.  

5. MochaLatta Chill

The coffee menu at Cinnabon started with the introduction of MochaLatta Chill. Luckily, this drink has withstood the test of time because of its delectable combination of coffee and chocolate. 

It is the perfect drink to beat the heat, as it’s served chilled. The minute you take a sip, its pronounced coffee flavor energizes you with the perfect caffeine hit to wake you up. Furthermore, the rich flavors of chocolate make it a truly indulgent drink. 

6. Strawberries & Cream Chillatta 

Cinnabon’s Strawberries & Cream Chillatta is a fruity delight you shouldn’t miss. It combines the delectable combination of vanilla and strawberry to make a spectacular drink.

I adore this drink; both flavors stand out because of its genius preparation. Unlike other strawberry and vanilla drinks, the Chillatta features strawberry purée on the sides and bottom of the cup. Therefore, without stirring it, you can enjoy both flavors separately or mix them with a straw to enjoy the combined flavors.  

7. Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade hits all the right spots with its beautiful pink color and refreshing flavor. You know it’s freshly made when you can find lemon and raspberry dots at the bottom of the glass, and there are no traces of artificial flavors. 

But the stand-out point is that this drink gets its flavoring right each time. It’s perfectly tart and sweet, and the flavors of lemon and raspberry stand out.  

8. Vanilla Iced Cold Brew

The Vanilla Iced Cold Brew Coffee at Cinnabon is also a must-try option. It offers the quintessential coffee flavor with a hint of vanilla, enhancing the overall taste. Moreover, it’s perfect for those looking for a low-sugar option.

9. Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew Iced Coffee

You should also try Cinnabon’s Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew Iced Coffee. It’s a unique coffee drink with a subtle cinnamon flavor reminiscent of Cinnabon and a smooth and robust coffee flavor in each sip. Yet, it is moderately sweet. 

10. Cookie BonBite 

If you want a cookie to enjoy with coffee, a Cookie BonBite is the perfect purchase from Cinnabon. It comes with a surprise mini cinnamon roll baked inside. This idea is absolutely genius. 

Along with the roll, each bite offers chewy chunks of chocolate chips, offering a lovely contrast of textures. Therefore, it makes for the perfect sweet treat for chocoholics. 

What Are People Asking About Cinnabon?

Current Deals Running At Cinnabon


The last time I checked the Cinnabon website, no deals were available. However, you can still check with your nearest Cinnabon outlet for them. 

Moreover, you can use the Cinnabon rewards program to get your favorite items at discounted prices and freebies. 

How We’ve Verified This Data

At TheFoodXP, we have a process for verifying all information from Cinnabon’s official website. Moreover, our team also verifies the information with the leading delivery platforms to be extra sure.

However, we recommend cross-checking the details with your nearest Cinnabon outlet, as the information may vary depending on location. 

You can check our process to update the menu price for extra assurance. 

Other Restaurants’ Menus That We’ve Covered

Cinnabon is a great place to enjoy delectable bakery items and coffee. However, I recommend you check out other restaurants like Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and Au Bon Pain, which offer similar food and beverages. 

All these restaurants are famous for their quality food and good service. Moreover, like Cinnabon, they offer attractive deals to please your pocket.


A visit to Cinnabon is worth it because their food makes every customer happy. Moreover, you can also get your favorite food items delivered at home by placing an order on their website or through popular delivery platforms. Additionally, you can surprise your loved ones by gifting them a Cinnabon gift card.  

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