The Cinnabon Delights Coffee Is Making A Comeback On Taco Bell’s Menu

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The king of menu item comebacks is back with another fan favorite! Taco Bell has brought several fan favorites back in the last few months. Be it the Nacho Fries or the Klondike Choco Taco, you name it, and Taco Bell will answer your prayers!

Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights Coffee

The collaboration between Cinnabon and Taco Bell produced amazingly delicious results back in 2013. The Cinnabon Delights came out as Taco Bell and Cinnabon’s collaboration product.

They were described as “bite-size donut desserts that are filled with Cinnabon frosting and coated with cinnamon sugar.” Inspired by the menu item itself, Taco Bell created a coffee drink in 2015.

It was later discontinued. But now, Taco Bell is bringing the Cinnabon Delights coffee back for people to sip on while fighting the summer heat. It was put back on the menu on March 10.

This coffee drink is said to be a combination of “premium-roast coffee with vanilla creamer and Cinnabon Delights flavor.” If you place an order of $1 or more during the breakfast hours via Taco Bell’s mobile app, the price of a Cinnabon Delights Coffee stoops down to 50 cents. 

This particular breakfast hour deal is to end after March 17. There have been talks about the coffee drink being a limited-time offer, but no official confirmation has been given yet.

The Cinnabon Delights Coffee has come back to win even more hearts than it did the last time. So, go and get some to sip on right now!

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