Chuck E Cheese Halloween Menu With Prices [Updated April 2024]

Chuck E Cheese is known all over the United States for serving up some delicious food. In case you want to celebrate Halloween at Chuck E Cheese, they have a lot to offer with their Halloween special menu. So, let us take a look at the Chuck E Cheese Halloween Menu with prices in this article. 

Chuck E Cheese Halloween Menu

But, before we begin exploring the Chuck E Cheese menu, I would like to mention that the prices at every outlet can vary slightly. The prices mentioned in this article are taken from their Los Angeles, California, location. But, they may vary at certain other locations. 

Chuck E Cheese is known for its delicious menu items like Pizzas, salads, desserts, sides, and so much more. So, this year on Halloween, Chuck E Cheese has introduced some delicious menu options that are surely worth a try. Depending on what you order, these options can range from $ 5.49 – $ 34.99. 

In case you want an even more accurate description of prices for the location closest to you, you can check them with the help of Chuck E Cheese’s official website. This article has all the information about the prices of the Halloween menu items at Chuck E Cheese.

Moreover, you will also find information about how exactly you can order food from Chuck E Cheese. Although before we begin exploring the holiday menu, let me tell you just a little bit about this chain of restaurants. 

Chuck E Cheese, as we all know, is a dream destination for every kid’s party! This chain of restaurants was founded in 1977. This chain does specials for almost every holiday, which are not only limited to their menu!

They also have a lot of activities for both kids and adults, which are truly worth checking out! Moreover, Chuck E Cheese also has a birthday menu that can be customized as per your liking! No wonder the kids love this chain so much! 

Chuck E Cheese Halloween Menu With Prices

Chuck E. Cheese restaurant

Chuck E Cheese, as we all know, is known exceptionally well for serving up some delicious pizzas. This chain of restaurants has a regular menu that features options like Pizzas, wings, appetizers, salads, desserts, and also beverages. 

So, keeping in mind all their specials, Chuck E Cheese has come up with four spectacular Halloween special menu items. These menu items include something out of 2 sections, mainly pizzas, and desserts which are their most popular menu options. 

The options on their Halloween menu include pumpkin pepperoni pizza, creepy cupcakes, slime cookies, and dippin dots ice cream. They also have two phenomenal combos that you can choose from. 

So, as you know, the options at Chuck E Cheese are phenomenal, whether you go for any of the regular Halloween menu items or even the combos. There surely is no better place to have a fun time and enjoy food on Halloween this year.  

1. Pumpkin Pepperoni Pizza

To start off, the first option on the Chuck E Cheese Halloween menu is their pumpkin pepperoni pizza. Well, you don’t really need to worry, as Chuck E Cheese has particularly mentioned that this pizza contains no pumpkin! 

It is just a regular pepperoni pizza, made in the shape of a pumpkin and also topped with some black olives. If you visit Chuck E Cheese, you, of course, need to indulge in their pizzas, and for Halloween, there is nothing better than the Pumpkin Pepperoni Pizza! 

Pumpkin Pepperoni Pizza$ 16.49

2. Creepy Cupcake

Along with some of their delicious pizzas, Chuck E Cheese is also known for serving mouth-watering desserts. Of course, the adults also need to enjoy their share of sweet treats along with the kids! 

These Creepy Cupcakes are made with a jumbo vanilla cupcake, topped with vanilla frosting. What makes this cupcake stand out is the spooky and fun edible slime that goes on top of it! 

Creepy Cupcake$ 5.49

3. Slime Cookie

Giant cookies are always fun, right? If cookies are your guilty pleasure when it comes to desserts, then the slime cookie from Chuck E Cheese is the perfect fit for you that you surely cannot miss out on! 

This giant cookie is a large, shareable (or maybe not) chocolate chip cookie. This cookie is topped with vanilla frosting and edible slime, which makes it a perfect combination of sweet and spooky! 

Slime Cookie$ 6.99

4. Dippin Dots Ice Cream

The last individual option on the Chuck E Cheese Halloween menu is their Dippin Dots Ice Cream. Now, some may say that Halloween is too cold a time to enjoy an ice cream, but I am sure that many of you probably disagree with this statement! 

This ice cream is cookies and cream flavored and topped with some edible slime, gummy worms, chocolate sauce, and a candy eyeball. This ice cream is perfect for kids and adults, too, to get a spooky feeling on Halloween! 

Dippin Dots Ice Cream$ 6.00

5. Combo #5

Looking for options for the entire family to enjoy? Then you surely need to try out the combos from Chuck E Cheese! Combo #5 consists of two large pumpkin pepperoni pizzas, Slime cookies, and soft drinks, along with a $1 cookie upgrade, available only in-store.

So, as you can see, this combo is a perfect meal option for a large party of people. You can also upgrade this combo as per your wish! The starting price of this combo is given below. \

Combo #5$ 52.69

6. Boo-tacular Family Pack

The last option on the Halloween menu at Chuck E Cheese is, you guessed it, another combo! This combo is a little smaller than the previous one mentioned; it is, although, enough for a family to enjoy! 

The combo includes two large Pumpkin Pepperoni Pizzas, Slime Cookie, a goody bag, and a Boo-tacular activity sheet, available only for carry-out and delivery. The starting price of this combo is given below. 

Boo-tacular Family Pack$ 34.99

How To Order Online From Chuck E Cheese’s Halloween Menu? 

Chuck E. Cheese

Although Chuck E Cheese is one of those places where the best way to enjoy their food is, indeed, to dine in, many of you would rather celebrate this holiday at home. So, the ultimate question that may hit you is, how can you actually order food from Chuck E Cheese on Halloween? Let me help you with that! 

To order food from Chuck E Cheese on Halloween, you can place your order on their official website, along with their android app and iOS app. They are also present on delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and UberEats, for convenient delivery. 

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  3. Denny’s – American restaurant chain, Denny’s, is always a good stop to indulge in great food. This Halloween season, Denny’s is offering pumpkin special delights in many forms. Stop by Denny’s for the perfect Halloween meal.  
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  6. Dutch Bros – Dutch Bros. Coffee is one of the most famous coffee houses in the United States. This year they have introduced some delicious Halloween drinks that you shouldn’t miss out on. Check out their incredible Halloween drinks with prices. 
  7. Krispy Kreme – Krispy Kreme is known to have a Halloween special menu every year. This year too, the donut producing brand has come up with a great variety at exciting prices. Grab your Krispy Kreme order soon!
  8. Starbucks – Starbucks is a great place to enjoy some great coffee and other hot and cold beverages along with delicious sweet and savory menu items. Apart from them you can also grab some attractive Starbucks merchandise this Halloween season. 


This year for Halloween, Chuck E Cheese has launched a Halloween Special menu. This menu includes a pizza, a cupcake, ice cream, and also a cookie. There are also two combo options on this menu. The prices of all these menu items may vary from one location to the other. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Chuck E Cheese Halloween menu have any wings or appetizer options? 

No, the Chuck E Cheese Halloween menu only has pizza and dessert options. 

How do I get to know the nutritional information of Chuck E Cheese’s menu items? 

To know the nutritional information of Chuck E Cheese’s menu items, refer to our main article on Chuck E Cheese’s menu with prices. 

Will the prices mentioned above be the same at every Chuck E Cheese location? 

No, the prices can vary slightly depending on the location. 

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