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Chuck-A-Rama Menu With Prices

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Chuck-A-Rama is a place where you’ll find a buffet of the best American food. You’ll enjoy the best homemade food here with sumptuous sweet bites and refreshing drinks. This restaurant is famous for serving varieties of fall-of-the-bone tender meat and satiating sides. Check out the menu of Chuck-A-Rama now. Visit the restaurant with your family for happy feasting!

Chuck-A-Rama buffet restaurant

The menu of Chuck-A-Rama has chicken breast, chicken thigh, hot legs, chicken wings, hot legs, kettle roasted turkey, carved roasted beef, and many other items as the mains. You can have mashed potatoes, beef gravy, macaroni & cheese, etc., as sides and coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite among drinks. You can have a delightful meal at Chuck-A-Rama for around $ 15.

Chuck-A-Rama also has daily specials on the menu. For that, you need to check out the link for daily specials provided below. Click on the link provided below in this article for a gift card. You’ll also find all the other important links here, along with the contact details of Chuck-A-Rama. Do you know how this restaurant chain got famous? Let’s know the backstory of Chuck-A-Rama. 

In the year 1966, Chuck-A-Rama was founded by Don Moss in Salt Lake City, Utah, US. It’s a buffet restaurant chain that specializes in American comfort food made with local and fresh ingredients. This restaurant brand has about 10 active branches in Utah and 2 restaurants in Idaho. 

Chuck-A-Rama Menu Prices

Chuck-A-Rama's food

Chuck-A-Rama has delicious meat dishes like chicken breast, chicken thigh, roasted beef, and many more. Kettle roast turkey served here has seasoned turkey with fresh carrots and onions slow-roasted to perfection in a dutch oven. Don’t miss out on the Utah classics when you visit Chuck-A-Rama! Scones is one of the classic dishes of Utah served here. 

You can also enjoy the best homemade staples at Chuck-A-Rama. One of the best staple food items served at this restaurant is fresh fluffy rolls. Sandwiches served at this restaurant are dirty bird sandwiches topped with queso, double meat sandwich, and spicy rojo x sandwich. 

Carved roast beef and carved turkey are among the most enjoyed food items at Chuck-A-Rama. Carved roast beef has beef seasoned in a savory au jus overnight and slow-roasted until fork-tender. This delicious beef is served with onion, mushrooms, and sauces. Carved turkey has turkey breast slow-roasted with spices and is infused with tons of traditional flavors. 

There are a number of side items you can add to your meal for happy feasting. Some of the best items are cheesy and gooey macaroni & cheese, crispy fries, wheat rolls, and white rolls. You can complete your meal with desserts like German chocolate, RK treat, and many more. 

It’s not over yet! The menu of Chuck-A-Rama has many more items to get you hooked on the dinner table. Check out the menu tables below, along with the prices of all menu items. You can also order these delicious food items online. The links are provided below, along with all other important links. Also, follow the social media handles of Chuck-A-Rama. 

A La Carte

Chicken Breast $ 2.90
Chicken Thigh$ 2.09
Chicken Wing$ 1.51
Hot Legs$ 1.81
Chicken Leg$ 1.64

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Kettle Roasted Turkey (1 pound)$ 5.99
Scones (1 pound)$ 5.99
Rolls (1 pound)$ 5.99
Carved Roast Beef (1 pound)$ 5.99
Carved Turkey (1 pound)$ 5.99
Fried Shrimp (1 pound)$ 5.99
Carved Ham (1 pound)$ 5.99


Chicken (8 pieces)$ 13.50
Chicken (16 pieces)$ 25.50
Chicken (32 pieces)$ 49.00

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Mashed Potatoes (Pint)$ 2.99
Beef Gravy$ 1.29
Macaroni & Cheese$ 6.00
Ranch $ 0.50
Macaroni & Cheese$ 3.65
Rojo Sauce$ 0.50


Tacos$ 2.50
Burritos$ 9.00
Side Of Beans$ 2.00
Cali Burrito$ 12.00

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Soups & Salads

Tomato Basil Soup$ 4.90
Clam Chowder$ 8.65
All Salad Dressing $ 1.30
Carrot Salad$ 4.99
Cole Slaw$ 4.99
Potato Salad$ 4.99
Pasta Salad$ 4.99
Kale Salad$ 4.99
Tossed Salad$ 2.50
Acini Salad$ 4.99
Broccoli Salad$ 4.99

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Bakery & Desserts

White Rolls$ 3.50
Wheat Rolls$ 3.50
German Chocolate$ 1.95
RK Treat (1 piece)$ 1.00
Freshly Baked Dessert$ 4.00
Carrot Cake$ 1.95
Tuxedo Cake$ 1.95


Naked Sandwich (No Spice)$ 12.00
Dirty Bird Sandwich$ 14.00
Rojo Sandwich (Medium Hot)$ 12.00
Double Meat Sandwich $ 18.00
Rojo X Sandwich (Very Spicy)$ 12.00

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Regular Fries$ 4.00
Diablo Fries (Spicy)$ 4.00
Dirty Fries$ 5.00


Asada Fries $ 12.00
Super Nachos$ 12.00
Tacos De Papa$ 7.00
Side Of Rice$ 2.00
Quesadilla Con Carne$ 11.00

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Coke (33 oz)$ 2.75
Diet Coke (34 oz)$ 2.75
Diet Pepsi (36 oz)$ 2.75
Sprite (37 oz)$ 2.75
Dr. Pepper (39 oz)$ 2.75
Diet Dr. Pepper (40 oz)$ 2.75
Iced Tea$ 2.75
Orange Mango Drink$ 2.75
Horchata (46 oz)$ 2.75
Aguas Frescas$ 3.00
Pepsi (35 oz)$ 2.75
Mountain Dew (38 oz)$ 2.75
Root Beer (41 oz)$ 2.75
Fruit Punch (45 oz)$ 2.75
Fountain Drinks$ 2.75

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Chuck-A-Rama Nutritional Information


Choose you favorite menu items and read their nutritional value by clicking on the link in the above table.

Chuck-A-Rama Franchising Details

Chuck-A-Rama buffet

 Chuck-A-Rama has about 12 active restaurant branches at present. This restaurant brand offers the best American food buffet. If you wish to have a Chuck-A-Rama franchise, you might have to wait for a while. It’s because this restaurant chain has not shared any franchise information yet. If there are any franchise details available, we’ll update the information here.

Chuck-A-Rama Contact Information 

Chuck-A-Rama Head Office Address: 744 East 400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

Chuck-A-Rama Phone: (801) 433-3663

Chuck-A-Rama Fax Number: (801) 433-0060

Chuck-A-Rama Email Address: 

Fill Chuck-A-Rama’s contact form to get in direct contact with the team of Chuck-A-Rama.

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