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15 Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas

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The festive mood is just kicking in, and there is no better time to bring the Christmas charcuterie boards to your table. You can serve them at holiday parties and family gatherings and serve a large chunk of people at one go. 

charcutrie board

If you are looking for sweet, savory, and fusional platters, then you are just in the right place, which offers you listings of many charcuterie board ideas that excite you and exhilarate you to extremes.

Your holiday table is going to get more interesting, and the new foods on the platter will make the day and the event a success by all means. Before diving deep into the charcuterie board ideas, let us first comprehend what it is.

What Is A Charcuterie Board?

charcuterie boards

The Charcuterie board is a fusion of all cold-cut meats and appetizers to be served on a big board before the actual meal starts.

It kindles your appetite and keeps you ready to gulp heavy foods in a row after you have warmed up enough to empty the tummy. 

This will elicit a lot of thrill, and the innovations you do on this board is about to get all of you excited and happy. Nowadays, these boards have been spruced up to indulge all sorts of items including healthy and tasty ingredients.

You have to make an elegant presentation that lures people from all corners. People are pulled towards the boards instantly and can’t take their eyes off the platter for even a minute. 

Charcuterie boards are all fun and loving to the core that people sometimes binge on them by skipping the main meals to some extent.

Tools You Need To Make Charcuterie Boards

Few supplies in hand can make your boards more than captivating. How you organize the boards and decorate them invites people instantly and makes them fall for it in a minute.

All you need to make charcuterie boards are

  1. Large cutting boards with no pores or leaks.
  2. A serving platter that is big in size.
  3. Cheese knives to cut hard blocks of cheese
  4. Cheese spreader to apply on the crackers
  5. Small bowls to arrange all the dips and sauces
  6. Party pick items like olives or jellies that are store-bought.
  7. Mini tongs to pick up the intended food.

Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas

Various varieties instill craze in people with creativity in the charcuteries boards. The boards are filled with finger foods, snacks, and healthy fruits with a glass of wine or mind-boggling beverages that trigger your temptation.

1. Santa-Shaped Charcuterie Board

santa shaped charcuterie board

This appetizer is a presentable Santa-shaped delight with all colorful food items that decorate the platter extravagantly. It should look like the face of Santa with cheese and pepperonis. 

All you need to make this charcuterie board is just arranging the pepperonis, white cheese slices, orange cheese slices, black olives, and mozzarella slices. The cheese slices are cut into squares, so they are arranged in a beard shape to look like Santa.

Serve it decorated on a round tray and place the olives as eyes to resemble Santa.

2. Charcuterie Caprese Salad

charcutrie caprese sallad

A salad is generally healthy and when designed to suit festive themes like Christmas, it is super fun and delicious.

You serve it with toasted sourdough, vinegar or olive oil, and soy sauce. It will just impress and appeal to people the minute you just take a look at it.

All you need to make Caprese salad are olive oil, balsamic vinegar, baguette, rosemary springs, and salt with black pepper to sprinkle over the salad.

The salad looks colorful and presentable when you arrange it on the board to attract attention.

3. Candy Cane Shaped Charcuterie Board

candy cane shaped charcutrie board

This is a holiday-spirited board with colors of Christmas that constitutes favorite meats, cheese, fruits, and veggies. It will be a classic board with all the delicious ingredients that make a good meal and in the shape of a candy cane.

The items on this board are mozzarella cheese, a block of cheddar, brie cheese, capicola, pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, and cranberries for garnish. You can also combine soy sauce or jam with the mix to induce some color.

Different fruits could also be added to the board as per the shape and color that fits the bill. You can use extra spices to sprinkle on top of the salad to make it more savory.

4. Charcuterie Wreath

charcutrie wreath

This is just an instantly ready-made salad board with five ingredients and rosemary leaves. It is so delicious and gives an Italian flavor when consumed. 

You will just have to make it colorful and so presentable to the eyes that it is immediately captivating. The items are skewers, salami, mozzarella balls, grape tomatoes, cherries, green olives, and rosemary springs with baguettes to resemble the bud. 

You just arrange it with all the colors mixed and keep it so fusional to make it look attractive. You can have crackers alongside this salad, making it more savory and interesting.

5. Mozzarella Cheese And Olive Wreath

mozerella cheese and olive wreath

This is a festive snack or an appetizer that completely pulls your eyeballs. The color is so inviting, and they make your taste buds so watery. This is perfect for Christmas feasts and goes with the celebration mood.

The ingredients needed to make this board platter are artichoke hearts, pickled onions, cubed cheese, cubed salami, basil, prosciutto, and pepperoncini.

You must just arrange it in the border with a spherical shape with all the colors mixing right in. Rosemary leaves are just scattered intermittently to give it an elegant look and are extremely pleasing.

6. Christmas Wreath Charcuterie With Fruit

christmas wreath charcutrie

If you want the charcuterie to be served healthy, just choose fruits and nothing else. This fruit tray is shaped like a Christmas wreath to be made with all colorful fruits.

Any fruits, from grapes to berries, are included in the board, and you can make them as bright as you want them.

The ingredients that go into this wreath are grapes, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. throw in some fancy fruits in the mix as well.

You have to mix it all and make it look like a collage of all colors. The red-colored berries go in the middle like a flower bud, and the green ones make the petals. 

7. Pinwheel Christmas Tree Appetizer

pinwheel christmas tree apetizer

This board is Christmas tree-shaped and looks so inviting, with all the colors of the Christmas tree just infused on the platter. The cherry tomatoes are interspersed into the mix, making it look classy and beautiful.

All you need to make it look so appealing are cream cheese, garlic powder, onion powder, lemon juice, green olives, black olives, red peppers, tortillas, rosemary, and cherry tomatoes. 

The items are just arranged to resemble a Christmas tree, and the cherries’ decorations decorate the dish so magnificently.

8. Christmas Tree Appetizer Board

christmas tree appetizer board

This is an interesting appetizer board you would just love to serve on Christmas. The bruschetta’s are just shaped into a tree shape to make it look festive and give a Christmassy look that is so attractive.

It is made with baguette slices, mozzarella balls, rolled prosciutto, and basil leaves. The baguettes are browned or baked until golden brown and placed as a base in a triangular order.

All the ingredients like mozzarella balls, basil leaves, prosciutto, and cherry tomatoes are topped on it to give it a look that is so captivating.

9. Christmas Tree Cheese Board

christmas tree cheese board

A Christmas tree cheese board is a perfect snack meal that is just adorned with different cheese and crackers. You throw in a lot of olives, fresh fruits, nuts, and some crackers on the side.

Cube cheeses of different varieties, green olives, nuts of different varieties, dates, black olives, grapes, and rosemary with crackers. It is just arranged on the board in an order with all colors of items.

Mostly green in color, the arrangement looks like a Christmas tree at its best.

10. Christmas Cookie Charcuterie Board

christmas cookie charcutrie board

Cookies come off as significant when it is Christmas, and a charcuterie board on them will be in demand. They make a very delicious tray; to top it off, it also has a combination of different cookies.

They also make a good colorful mix as all types of cookies get displayed on the tray or platter. Cookies like snowflake sugar cookies, snowdrops, rocky road fudge, smores magic cookie bars, gingersnaps, Santa whiskers, and peanut butter blossoms.

11. Christmas Dessert Charcuterie Board

Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas

Desserts are fun any time of the day. You cannot do it without desserts, especially on occasions, and Christmas is just at the top of that league.

Let us get to our favorite charcuterie board that has a mix of all desserts to trump us with flavors of different choices.

The ingredients that find their way into this board are sugar cookies, Oreos, caramel cookies, Christmas cookie cakes, cranberry white chocolate shortbread cookies, cinnamon palmier, white chocolate peppermint sugar cookies, ginger crinkle cookies, shortbread cookies.

The items that go as decorative and toppings include sugared cranberries, Christmas smores, pretzels, candy canes, M&Ms, frosting, or jam for dipping.

They are just so elegantly mixed on the platter and displayed with opulence that people want to jump and grab a bite.

12. Fun Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

fun hot choclate

Chocolates never cease to amaze us in any way. The bunch of different chocolates on a platter just entices us exclusively. The mix of all of them is going to enthuse you to a large extent. 

A mix of all flavors will be a treat, and that will be a feast on the whole.

Swiss miss hot cocoa mix, semi-sweet chocolate chips, crushed candy canes, hot cocoa stirrers, peppermint bark squares, Hershey kisses, cocoa bombs, Christmas sprinkles, wafer cookies, mini marshmallows, and cocoa cups are some of the ingredients that go into this board. 

They make an interesting display of food items that tempt your taste buds and capture your eyeballs.

13. Christmas Cheese Board

christmas cheese board

Who would not want to see a parade of cheese on their platter? Different cheese has different flavors and the colorful ones just make us go crazy.

Combining all cheese would make a great snack and a meal item that is exclusively loved and adored.

Cheddar hard cheese, soft cheese, blue cheese, assorted crackers, fresh strawberries, fresh raspberries, strawberry jam, 1 cup of green olives, 1 cup of nuts, and sprinkles of your choice would suffice. 

Just amp the color of this tray with colorful cheeses like blue cheeses, or infuse some colors to the cheese on the platter.

14. Breakfast Charcuterie Board

breakfast charcutrie board

This is a perfect breakfast meal that just combines all good breakfasts on one platter. This is tailor-made if you want to kick-start your day with all the best items on the menu.

Pancakes, waffles, fruits, condiments, yogurt, and garnishes are some regular items that get mixed into this tray to give you a wholesome breakfast experience.

15. Candy Cane Charcuterie Board

candy cane charcutrie board

Candy canes are already very delicious and have a combination of different flavors. If you have the idea to just assimilate all of them in one tray, imagine the temptation it would just instigate.

This tray is exactly such fun where you just enjoy all forms of candy and shape it in such a way it is exclusively presentable and extremely colorful.


Charcuterie boards have always been wholesome fun for us since we get the taste and flavor of all combinations in one category. You could just taste a bite and feel like you were tasting all of it in one go.

They make a great representation of the reverberations of Christmas parties and enlighten the mood to no end. Let us enjoy reading this and try something in the above list or just go with the wild imagination that suits you. Happy Christmas!

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