How To Choose The Best Suppliers For Gastronomy

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If you’re reading this article, it means you’re opening your restaurant! Congratulations! You probably already have an idea about your place; maybe you know what the interior will look like and what you will be serving!

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Remember that already at the planning stage; it is worth analyzing the market for the availability of products you want to make use of. Do you ask where to start? On the example of the producer of breaded chicken coating below, we will tell you where to start and what to pay attention to when looking for the best suppliers for gastronomy. 

What Products Do You Need?

The key issue is to decide what products and raw materials you will need on an ongoing basis in your restaurant. We will assume that you are opening a restaurant serving dishes based on chicken in batter, so the two most important products are chicken meat and coating mix for nuggets, strips or wings that will be on the menu. Regarding meat, you should look for a local supplier (availability, minimizing problems with quick deliveries); the coating supplier is more difficult and not necessarily a local choice.

Where to Start?

Okay, now that you know what you need for your restaurant, it’s time to see who can offer it to you. Start with building a database of potential suppliers of coating mix and acquiring business contacts. The main source of information will most probably be the internet. You will find there information and offers of many companies. Use also portals and trade magazines. You may also find it fruitful to visit a trade fair where the largest suppliers in the industry meet. Visiting the trade fair has the advantage that you can talk to potential business partners, get an offer and often taste the product, for example, chicken coating.

It Has To Be The Best

Do you already have a list of suppliers? Maybe you’ve already managed to talk to them. Great! Then it’s time to test the products being offered. If a potential supplier doesn’t offer a tasting meeting, remember that our chicken coating mix is a product that can be easily tested in the home kitchen (at least it should be). What is most important to you at this stage? The taste comes first! Remember that the final taste of the dishes you serve will depend on the quality of the product you buy! Coating for chicken should be crispy but not too stiff; it should stick perfectly to the meat and not crumble.

Secondly, repeatability. When you serve your customers a chicken with a perfectly crispy coating, they will always expect this taste from you! Pay attention to the availability of the product. It is important that you can order the product on a regular basis and flexibly, and the chosen product should always be available. Consider buying directly from the producer here. Check whether there is a manufacturer of coating mix for chicken on the market who offers his product without any middlemen.

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You Know the Product – Time to Make a Choice

You have already started evaluating suppliers during testing. You know their offer and product. Now it’s time to analyze a few more issues:

1. Price – it is obvious that you are looking for a business partner who will provide high quality at a good price. Remember, however, that price does not always go together with quality and it is not worth saving on it! Check also how the issue of price stability looks like, negotiate to keep prices unchanged during cooperation,

2. General Terms and Conditions of Cooperation- check if cooperation with a given coating mix supplier involves signing a contract and what are its terms, check what the costs of deliveries, terms of complaints, etc are,

3. Frequency and On-Time Deliveries- this is very important. Delivery time is a key issue in organizing the work of your restaurant,

4. Logistic Minimum – you are just starting work in the gastronomy and it will be difficult, at least in the beginning, to estimate what quantities of products will be ordered by you, check whether the chosen supplier does not force you to place large orders exceeding your needs

5. Supplier Offer- a wide range of products at the chosen supplier, will allow you to quickly and efficiently supply your restaurant. Buying in one place saves time, reduces logistics costs and the volume of purchases may allow you to negotiate additional discounts,

6. Additional Benefits- pay attention to the after-sales service, whether the chosen supplier can count on additional support. We have verified that several coating mix suppliers offer their customers marketing support in the form of photos of ready meals prepared with their chicken coating, recipes for burgers or tortillas, and even ideas for events. This is a great bonus in cooperation!

7. Additional Services- – a supplier with a lot of experience can also support you with content, check if he offers training or other support in the field of gastronomy and offered products.

Now you definitely know how to choose the best business partner! Although we have based our selection on a chicken coating supplier, you can apply the above to sauces, fries or even packaging for your restaurant. We keep our fingers crossed for a good choice and fruitful cooperation with the chosen supplier. And we wish your restaurant the best of luck! 

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