Best Chocolate Raspberry Cake Recipe For First Timers

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How about spending a larger part of your weekend to nail a cake so tasty that girls night over the weekend will be fun to flaunt. You remember my expedition with the fruit when I was little, well Now I am grown and love to experience some newness with the fruit. This is definitely hours hard work and a fruitful journey of savory ahead.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake is another expedition towards a journey to delight your taste buds while you devour its amazing sweetness in the end. Handle with care while you layer it, ’cause the fun later lies in those layers. Reach up the tree to pluck in some fresh raspberries and be cooking ready. cause while rest ingredients come handy being cake ingredients. Chocolate Raspberry Cake is a super tasty delight to try on.

How much time it will take:

Preparation Cooking Total

45 minutes


30 minutes


1 hour 15 minutes

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Ingredients for Chocolate Raspberry Cake:

For Chocolate Raspberry Cake:

Ingredient Quantity
Granulated sugar 2 cups
Light brown sugar 1 cup
All-purpose flour 3 cups
Sifted, unsweetened cocoa powder 1.5 cups
Baking soda 3 Tsp
Baking powder 1.5 Tsp
Salt 1 ¼ Tsp
Large eggs 3 units
Egg yolks 2 units
Full-fat sour cream 1.5 cups
Whole milk 1/3 cup
Vegetable oil ¾ cup
Vanilla extract 2 tbsp
Hot water 1.5 cups
Raspberries 2.5 cups

For the Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting:

Ingredient Quantity
Full-fat cream cheese, soft 8 ounces
Melted, unsalted butter 1 cup
Sifted, confectioners’ sugar 4.5 cups
Sifted, unsweetened cocoa powder ¾ cup
Vanilla extract 1 Tsp
Salt 1/2  Tsp
Heavy cream 3 tbsp
Seedless raspberry preserves 2 tbsp

For garnish:

Ingredient Quantity
Raspberry preserves ½ cup
Fresh raspberry Optional
Shaved chocolate Optional

Ingredient tip:

  1. If you use frozen raspberries do not thaw (defrost) first, fresh ones need to be thawed.
  2. The heavy cream for the Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting is to be used only if extra needed. otherwise, I bet there are a lot many extra fat-full dairy products.
  3. The garnish with some fresh raspberries and shaved chocolate can be done every time served so the topping is fresh enough to rule over the refrigerator savory, just s you want to save some extra cake for afterward.

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How to make Chocolate Raspberry Cake | Recipe:

For the Chocolate Raspberry Cake:

  • Preheat oven to 350°(F). cover your pan’s bottom with parchment paper and butter it nicely so your cake doesn’t stick when completely made. The pan is prepared now set it aside.
  • In the bowl combine both sugars, 2 and 3/4 cups of the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, and salt; mix until dry ingredients are nicely combined. Use your hands to break up any large clumps, if needed. In a separate bowl combine the eggs, egg yolks, sour cream, milk, oil and vanilla extract; mix until completely combined. Pour mixture into the dry ingredients and beat it. Pour in hot water and continue mixing until completely combined. check for a thin consistency of the batter.
  • In a medium bowl, gently toss the raspberries with 2 tablespoons of flour. Add the raspberries into the batter and using a rubber spatula mix it gently like just coat it in the batter.
  • Pour half the batter in the prepared pan and if needed prepare another pan for the remaining batter. Bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes, or until a wooden toothpick inserted in the center of a cake comes out clean or with just a few moist crumbs attached. Cool cake for just over 10 minutes in the pan before removing from pan and transferring to the refrigerator; cool cakes completely before frosting.

For the Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting:

  • In a bowl beat the cream, cheese, and butter until completely smooth. Now sift the powdered sugar and cocoa powder into the mixing bowl, mix until the sugar/cocoa have been absorbed by the butter. Now add in vanilla extract, salt, heavy cream, and raspberry preserves; beat it. If your frosting is too thin, add some confectioners’ sugar; If your frosting is too thick, add additional heavy cream, 1 tablespoon at a time.


  •  Spread a layer of frosting on top of your cake layer, then spread a 1/4 cup of raspberry preserves on top.  Top with another cake layer, and repeat spreading it with a layer of frosting, then add remaining 1/4 cup of raspberry preserves. Top with final cake layer and place cake in the fridge to set for 30 minutes. Once set, finishing frosting the top and sides of the cake. Garnish with fresh raspberries and chocolate shavings. Slice and serve. You can keep it refrigerated for up to 3 days.

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Stay tuned for more such ideas on your food and don’t forget to mention your experience with the Chocolate Raspberry Cake in the comment section below.

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