How To Make Chocolate Fondue At Home

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Chocolate fondue is a worldwide famous dessert. In this post, let’s see how you can make it at your home.

Chocolate Fondue

The recipe is best paired with cakes, cookies and marshmallows. You can prepare the warm chocolate sauce and dip the fondue in it. My friend first made the recipe for me when I was in high school. Now, I make it regularly at my home and enjoy the chocolaty flavors. Now, let’s have a quick overview of the recipe.

To prepare chocolate fondue, mix chocolate, cream, sugar, butter and milk in a bowl. Heat it over medium flame and add vanilla extract to it. Now, let it cool and serve with chocolate sauce.

Making this recipe at home will not be time-consuming or difficult. It is a simple and easy dessert to make at home. If you have kids at your home, then treating them with chocolate fondue will act as magic on them. But before we jump onto the recipe, let’s check out some other desserts that you might like.

1. Chocolate Trifle BowlThis easy Chocolate Trifle recipe is rich and decadent with layers of fudgy brownie, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream, and it’s perfect for feeding a crowd! It’s often called a chocolate brownie trifle.

2. Coffee FudgeThis rich chocolate fudge is ridiculously easy, using condensed milk, chocolate chips, and instant coffee. It uses only a few ingredients and takes only a few minutes to prepare.

3. Aztec Chocolate BarAztec chocolates were known for their sweet and spicy taste as they used to add chili to their chocolates. Sounds strange, right? But to your surprise, this experiment of theirs got quite popular as it tasted delicious.

4. DonauwelleDonauwelle is a traditional sheet cake with layers of chocolate and plain pound cake with a wavy border between the two. This cake has sour cherries in it and is topped with buttercream and chocolate glaze. It is famous in Germany and Austria.

Ingredients for Chocolate Fondue

Semi-Sweet or Bitter Sweet Chocolate180 grams/ 6 ounces finely chopped
Heavy Whipped Cream½ cup/ 120 ml 
Milk¼ cup/ 60 ml
Light Brown Sugar2 ½ tablespoons/ 35 grams
Butter3 tablespoons/  42 grams cut into small pieces
Pure Vanilla Extract1 teaspoon
Liquor like Kahlua, Frangelico, Grand Marnier, Tia Maria, Amaretto, or brandy1 tablespoon (Optional)

The ingredients to this recipe will be readily available at any supermarket nearby you. No need to worry about them as it will not be difficult to find them. Make a note of them and check your pantry first. You may have some of them there. Now let’s see how much time it takes to prepare this chocolaty delight.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
5 minutes10 minutes15 minutes

How amazing is this. 15 minutes to get it prepared! Looking at this, you can’t wait to get your hands on this recipe. Right? It’s true. Take a look at the instructions and follow them.

Steps to Make Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue recipe
  1. Take a bowl and add chocolate to it. Keep this bowl aside.
  2. Till then, take a saucepan and add cream, sugar, butter and milk to it. Put this pan over a medium flame. Combine them well and then reduce the heat to a minimum. 
  3. Remove the pan and immediately pour this mixture over the chocolate kept aside in a bowl. Let this rest for a few minutes until the chocolate melts and mix it well to smooth.
  4. Now, add vanilla extract to it. And also liquor if you prefer to add it.
  5. Pour this chocolate sauce into the fondue pot and serve.

Note- If you are using a bowl instead of a fondue pot, you can reheat the chocolate sauce if it becomes thick.

I can’t wait to make this chocolate fondue. The best part of this recipe is it requires simple and easily accessible ingredients. And in no time you can prepare the sauce. You can serve this with anything you like. There are so many edibles which you can dip in it.

Nutritional Breakdown of Chocolate Fondue


How to Make Chocolate Fondue at Home | Video

If you are not clear of any step involved in this recipe, I have uploaded the video. Do watch the video once to know about every detail.

Chocolate Fondue Recipe | Easy Chocolate Fondue | How To Make Chocolate Fondue | Varun Inamdar
Video by Rajshri Food

Try this recipe and share your reviews in the comment section below. I will be happy to know how much you liked the recipe. Not just this, you are free to share any suggestion or a recipe you would love to know more about. I will be happy to help you. For now, grab a snack to pair with his chocolate fondue. ENJOY!

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