Fried Chocolate Glazed Donuts Sprinkled with Colored Fennel and Cocoa Powder

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A quickie in a Chocó recipe is all a savoury needed for an evening hunger respite. So this one’s quite easy as in when the cooks are not in a mood to cook they can try on this wondrous recipe to enlighten their own mood. Attaching it back to life it’s sometimes a delight like this recipe. So we present our life in simple terms on such recipes’ plate.

These CHOCOLATE DONUTS are soft textured due to its special coating CHOCOLATE SAUCE. But when you taste them they are crispier than they look on one sight. It tastes amazing, an absolutely amazing change for harsh realities of real life. Hey can even be stored and eaten afterwards. So once you sow a good seed of CHOCOLATE DISH, you reap a good mood in harsh times.


How much time it will take:

Preparation Cooking Total

45 minutes



30 minutes



1 hour 15 minutes



Ingredients for Fried Chocolate Glazed Donuts:

Ingredients Quantity
Butter 175 gm
Caster sugar 3 tbsp
Eggs 2 units
Cake flour 450 gm
Baking powder 1 tsp
Milk Enough for dough
Oil 4 cups
Cookie cutter To shape a donut
Chocolate 250 gm
Crushed chocolate and coloured fennel To garnish

How to Make Fried Chocolate Glazed Donuts | Recipe:

  • In a bowl add butter and caster sugar. Beat it. Now add 2 eggs and beat it again. Now put cake flour, baking powder and milk. Make dough.
  • In a pre-heated pan add 4 cups oil and heat it. Now make a big ball of the above made dough. With the cookie cutter make 4-5 rounds shapes. Fry them on a medium flame.
  • Now in other pan melt chocolate and prepare a chocolate sauce. Dip the donuts in it. Put them in a plate and garnish it with crushed chocolate and colored fennel. Serve cold.

Serve the wonder of CHOCOLATE DONUTS and savor them with pleasure. Make an interesting evening spent in cooking and eating the wonders of chocolate.

Isn’t it exciting to present life on plate?

Stay tuned for more recipes to depict your life…

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