Chipotle Is Selling Mystery Burrito Boxes With Hidden Merch And More!

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Chipotle is the go-to place for many people to enjoy some burritos and other classic Mexican delights. This chain is known for whipping up new deals and offers every now and then. Following that tradition, the Mexican food giant is selling mystery burrito boxes for the Holiday season this year! 

Chipotle Mystery Burrito Box

Just in time for the holiday season this year, Chipotle is selling mystery burrito boxes to make all their die-hard fans really happy! The mystery burrito boxes are available in two variations and are available for purchase. They consist of a lot of hidden merch that is all wrapped up the way a classic burrito from Chipotle usually is! 

The holiday season is usually the time when all major restaurant chains have a lot of deals to offer. So, of course, Chipotle isn’t one that would be left behind in this race! Although some may see it as just a restaurant chain, Chipotle is one place that has some real fans. 

This isn’t just about their food but also all the merchandise they have! Let us take a look at what this mystery burrito box is all about and more, all in this article! 

What Is The Mystery Burrito Box From Chipotle Like?

If you are someone who truly loves everything about Chipotle, I am pretty sure that you cannot wait to get your hands on one of these. Not just that, this mystery burrito box also somehow makes a lovely gift, as it is filled with a lot of their exciting merchandise! However, what are these boxes exactly like?

The Mystery Burrito Boxes from Chipotle consist of a so-called large burrito, which is filled to the brim with exciting merchandise and gifts. The boxes are available in two options, a Small Burrito Box, which is for $30 but has merchandise worth $60. 

This box consists of three to five items. Similarly, they also have a Large Burrito Box, which is $50 but has a value of $100. This box consists of four to eight items. 

How To Get One Of These Mystery Burrito Boxes From Chipotle And When? 

Chipotle Outlet

Are you all ready to get your Chipotle Mystery Burrito Box? Well, if you are a superfan, then you probably cannot wait to get one! How do you get one of these, though? Well, as Chipotle is selling these boxes, access to them is pretty simple. But there are a few things here that are worth keeping in mind, which I have mentioned below. 

To buy one of the mystery burrito boxes from Chipotle, all you have to do is visit and place your order for your favorite box. These will be available from December 1st until supplies last. Moreover, some lucky winners will receive a limited-edition $500 Chipotle gift card with their purchase too! 

Here, Chipotle has also claimed that all the merchandise in these boxes are fit for all ages. Moreover, all of the profits that the company makes out of selling these boxes will go into supporting organizations that participate in sustainable apparel-making and farming! So, it’s a complete win-win! 


Chipotle is selling mystery burrito boxes this year, just in time for the holiday season. The burrito boxes are available in two size variations and are packed with Chipotle merchandise. Moreover, some lucky buyers may also get the chance to win a limited edition $500 Chipotle Gift card along with their purchase! The boxes will be available from December 1st until stocks last.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a contest to win these mystery boxes for free? 

No, Chipotle has only announced that these boxes will be available for sale.

Where can the mystery burrito boxes be bought from? 

The mystery burrito boxes can be bought from

Will these mystery burrito boxes also be available at their restaurants? 

No, the mystery burrito boxes will not be available at their restaurants. 

What is the price range of these mystery burrito boxes? 

The mystery burrito boxes are available in two price ranges, where one is for $30 and the other for $50. 

Until when will these boxes be available for purchase? 

These mystery burrito boxes will be available for purchase from December 1st until stocks last. 

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