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Download Our Free 9 Recipe Cookbook By Joining FXP+

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Chipotle’s New Chicken Option In 29 Years | The Pollo Asado

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Chipotle offers a range of delicious food items on its long menu. It’s known for serving the best Mexican food at affordable prices. Several celebrities have often praised Chipotle for the great food it offers.

Chipotle Pollo Asado

Chipotle has been working hard to come up with something new to offer its customers. This hard grind has now seemed to pay off because Chipotle is coming up with a new chicken option on its menu! Yes, you heard that right!

This Thursday, Chipotle announced the arrival of a new chicken option on its menu. The Pollo Asado is the brand’s first new chicken dish in 29 years. Our hearts are full, knowing that our stomachs will soon be full with this delicious new Chipotle menu item.

The Pollo Asado is made with fresh chicken, which is later grilled and seared on the plancha. The chicken is hand-chopped and is marinated with cilantro and freshly squeezed lime juice.

Chris Brandt, the Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle, said in a statement, “Chicken is easily our most popular protein, with many of our most loyal Chipotle customers ordering it the majority of the time.”

He then went on to say, “We’re thrilled to introduce fans to another flavor of chicken that brings a whole new dimension to any Chipotle order and will certainly be a crowd-pleaser.”

The new Pollo Asado was first tested in selected restaurants located in Cincinnati and Sacramento last year at the beginning of November. It seemed to receive a great response, and hence, the decision to release this menu item was finally taken.

To further increase the initial sales of this menu item, Chipotle is offering its customers a deal of $0 delivery fees for Pollo Asado.

To avail this offer, you’ll have to order the Pollo Asado from either Chipotle’s website or app. This offer is limited from March 14 to March 20, 2022. So, get your hands on the Pollo Asado as soon as you can!

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