Chipotle Is Bringing Back Their Boorito Event For Halloween 2024

Chipotle is known very well for serving some lip-smacking Mexican food, out of which their burritos are something that everyone loves. There is some great news if you love burritos from Chipotle as they are bringing back their Boorito event, that too in person, for Halloween this year. 

Chipotle Booritto Event

Although Covid-19 and the restrictions that followed did bring in a lot of challenges for most fast-food restaurant chains, there was no stopping Chipotle. The chain adapted to the challenges and made sure that they delivered what their fans wanted.

Similarly, they introduced a digital option for the same when the pandemic hit us. After two consecutive years of not having an in-person event, they are finally back! What is the Boorito event, you may ask? Let’s explore the same!

The Boorito from Chipotle has been a holiday promotion of theirs since 2000. Although over the past two years, the company went digital with this promotion, they are now finally back with an in-person promotion event. This event is the perfect opportunity to grab a delicious and free burrito from Chipotle, which is basically what it is all about! 

So, now that you know that the Boorito event is a holiday promotion, let us explore a little more in-depth about how you can get your hands on some free burritos this Halloween! After all, you should never let free food, especially delicious free food, pass you by! I have also discussed some more promotions that Chipotle has come up with for Halloween, so make sure you read this article till the end to know all about them! 

How To Grab Free Burritos From Chipotle On Halloween? 

chipotle Chicken Burrito

Free food is a blessing all in all; plus, if it is delicious too, that can truly make your day much better than what you would expect it to be! With Chipotle, you cannot expect the food to be anything but delicious! So, for this reason, too, this event is surely worth being a part of. It may seem like a tedious task to do so, but it is not at all! 

To be a part of the Chipotle Boorito event and grab a delicious burrito for free, you need to dress up in your favorite Halloween costume and visit a participating Chipotle restaurant in the United States from 3 pm local time to closing time.

Of course, that is not it! This offer is only for Chipotle Reward Members, who will have to open their app and scan their member id at the register. Furthermore, as per Chipotle, in case you are not a part of their Rewards program, you can sign up for one of them until October 31st to get your free burrito.

At selected restaurants, you can also grab any other entree of your choice from the Chipotle menu, which is worth $6. But do remember that one person will be given only one free entree or burrito, and you will be charged for any extras added to your meal. 

Win Free Burritos From Chipotle For A Year

Chipotle Booritto

Yes, without a doubt, you heard that right! You can actually win free burritos from Chipotle for an entire year as a part of their ‘BooReal’ campaign. BeReal is a social media platform where this campaign will take place. Even here, it may seem like a big task, but it really isn’t!

Especially if you are getting free burritos from Chipotle for an entire year; I don’t think anything could be that big a task! But let us take a look at how these burritos can be claimed. To be a part of the ‘BooReal’ campaign, you will have to follow the same process and simply show up at any participating Chipotle restaurant in your favorite Halloween costume holiday.

Take a picture of yourself in your costume and post it on BeReal with the hashtag #booritosweepstakes. Also, share the picture as your Instagram story with the same hashtag, and don’t forget to tag Chipotle! You can also be a part of this competition by sending your photo in via email to [email protected].

However, make sure the subject line reads “BooReal Sweepstakes.” That is your ticket to win free burritos from Chipotle for a whole year. I don’t know about you, but it surely seems like it’s worth a try to me! 

Chipotle Cash App Giveaway


The last deal that Chipotle has to offer on Halloween is their Cash App Giveaways. Yes, Chipotle is giving away a total of $ 25,000 to their Chipotle Reward members! Moreover, there are four chances to enter this giveaway, so it is surely worth a try! To get one of these, firstly, you will have to sign up to be a Chipotle Reward member. 

Once the first step is done, follow @chipotletweets and drop the $cashtag with #ChipotleBoorito, as a reply to Chipotle’s tweets where they will be announcing each giveaway on October 13, 20, 25, and 27. On the first three dates, the giveaways will be worth $ 5000, and the last one will be worth $ 10,000, which is their grand prize!

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This year for Halloween, Chipotle has re-launched their in-person Boorito event, where you can claim free burritos by being a Chipotle reward member and dressing up in your favorite Halloween costume. They have also announced cash giveaways for this Halloween, along with free burritos for a whole year for some lucky winners! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On what day can you get free burritos from Chipotle? 

You can claim a free burrito from Chipotle on Halloween day, which is the 31st of October.

Do you have to be a Chipotle Reward Member to claim prizes from Chipotle?

Yes, to take part in any of the events mentioned above, you need to be a Chipotle Reward Member. 

When will Chipotle be announcing its Cash App giveaway? 

Chipotle will be announcing their Cash App giveaway on October 13th, 20th, 25th, and 27th. 

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