How to Make Chimichurri Sauce at Home

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Shuvait Thusoo
Shuvait has lived in Pune alone for 4 years while studying engineering. This was the time period when he explored the South Indian Cuisines and experienced different spices and realised the beauty of food. So he started cooking and fell in love with the craft of it. We can say that Shuvait is a foodie who loves to share his food life experiences and resources with our readers.

Let’s talk about a sauce that you can have with any meal that you like. Whether, it is grilled meat, your vegan salad, sea-food, or just a loaf of normal bread, you can have this sauce with any food. Dips and sauces have the beauty of transforming the taste of any given food. We all have tasted different types of dips and dressings in our life and the fact what I like the most is every dressing or dip has a different taste from one another although they have almost the same ingredients in it. This makes it a very special kind of property that a sauce has.

As a child, my mom used to make a sauce called chimichurri sauce. I used to wonder why this sauce is named so? But I can’t find out why is it called so till today. The only fact that I know about this sauce is that it is from Argentina and people out there love to include this with almost everything they eat. This vast application of this sauce has made it the most lovable one in the whole South American region.

Talking about the ingredients, it has the goodness of all the fresh ingredients that add to its taste and healthy nature. The spices and herbs used in it are completely safe and have some great health benefits. So, let’s move further and see how this sauce is actually made and what makes it so delicious.

Ingredients for Chimichurri Sauce

Olive Oil ½ cup
Red wine Vinegar 2 tsp.
Chopped Parsley ½ cup
Garlic 3-4 Cloves 
Red Chilies 2 small
Dried Oregano ¾ tsp.
Coarse Salt 1 tsp.
Pepper To Taste

The ingredients are ready and the list is quite short in size. It’s easy for you now to grab them from the market and start your preparations.

How Much Time Will it Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
10 Minutes 10 Minutes resting time20 Minutes 

Well, this is a sauce recipe and this is what you often see in the timings section when making one. Just 20 minutes of yours and this delicious sauce or dip will be on your plate, enhancing the taste of your food.

After discussing all the necessary details about this recipe, it’s now time to know the exact methodology that is required to make this delicious sauce at home. This is the best Chimichurri recipe that you will ever find.

Chimichurri Sauce Recipe

  1. Take a large mixing bowl and add all the ingredients to it. Let it rest for about 5-10 minutes such that all the flavours get incorporated into the oil.
  2. You can let it rest for more than 2 hours if you want. Else let it rest for about 10 minutes only.
  3. Refrigerate it and store it in a cool place. Can be stored up to two weeks or more.

That’s it! Your Chimichurri sauce is ready and now can be used to baste the chicken or steak while you BBQ or grill it. This will enhance the taste of every food that you apply this on.

Nutritional Breakdown of Chimichurri Sauce

The nutritional facts of this recipe are in the box below. Have a look and see what makes it healthy and nutritious.

Calories 128
Carbohydrates 1 gm.
Fats 13 gm.
Iron 0.5 mg.
calcium12 mg.

How to Make Chimichurri Sauce at Home | Video

To know more about this recipe here is a video that you can watch. This will show you some easy tricks and ways to make this sauce easily and quickly.

Video By: Dished

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