12 Chili’s Copycat Recipes That You Can Easily Make At Home

Who doesn’t like to go out to restaurants and enjoy delicious food? But in case you wanna make your restaurant favorites at home, I have a solution for you. Try Chili’s copycat recipes! This way, you’ll be turning in regular dishes to culinary masterpieces right from the menu of Chili’s Grill and Bar. Also, you won’t miss your favorite restaurant food when you’re stuck at home. (I guess you remember being trapped at home during the pandemic.)

Chili's Bar And Grill

Most of us love the food served at Chili’s. The food at Chili’s proves to be more than perfect. Its menu is filled with delicious food made with a unique combination of ingredients and flavors. Chili’s Grill and bar is a famous American-based restaurant chain founded by Larry Lavine, with more than 1600 outlets. It started off with its first outlet in Texas in 1975. It offers varieties of food items along with refreshing drinks. But the thing is, you can try many of these famous recipes at home. Isn’t that amazing! 

So here I am with the twelve best Chili’s copycat recipes for you. If you’ve never been to chili’s, you’ll know by the end what you’re missing. Out of all the recipes, I’ve chosen the 12 best recipes, from Chili’s Margarita grilled chicken to Chili’s cheesy queso. The chili’s margarita grilled chicken is infused with margarita flavors. It’s crispy and tender. Chili’s spicy garlic and lime shrimp are shrimp cooked in butter and spiced up with a mouth-watering spice blend. Chili’s Cajun chicken pasta is my all-time favorite. It has chicken seasoned with Cajun spice and is served with delicious creamy pasta. 

Not just grilled chicken and shrimp, Chili’s is popular for its soups, condiments, and drinks too. Chili’s famous enchilada soup is filled with cheese, cream, and chicken. It has crispy bacon with cheese on top. There’s another soup in the list that never fails to win hearts. Chili’s baked potato soup! It has baked potatoes mixed with cream and other ingredients to make it a popular restaurant-worthy dish. The condiments like Chili’s ranch, Chili’s Queso, and Chili’s salsa are all super delicious and easy recipes. 

Chili’s Margarita Presidente is one of the special cocktails offered at Chili’s. It’s an interesting combo of Margarita drinks with Presidente Brandy. Now, check out the list of 12 Chili’s copycat recipes below. Try as many as you want and enjoy your time!

1. Chili’s Margarita Grilled Chicken

Chili's Margarita Grilled Chicken

Let’s begin with Chili’s margarita grilled chicken first! It’s one of the best main course dishes served at Chili’s. If you like spicy chicken masked with crispy charred stripes, this dish is just your type. Not just the taste of this dish, but the way it’s presented also proves to be top-notch. It looks enticing with a brilliant combination of Mexican sides decorating this delicious margarita grilled chicken on a plate. 

As you might’ve already guessed by the name, Chili’s margarita grilled chicken is marinated with spices and a margarita mix. Then, just grill it! The marinade used is the actual jewel in the crown for this recipe. Margarita mix, tequila, and orange each contribute to add flavors and marinate the chicken. The marinade used for this chicken works wonders and fills the chicken with all the flavors of the spices added while making it juicy. 

Chili’s margarita grilled chicken is served with black beans, pico de gallo, Mexican rice, and tortilla strips on top. It’s a bold and colorful combination (as with most Mexican staple foods). If you’ve never tasted this dish before, trust me, it’s worth a try. You can easily try this recipe at home.  

2. Chili’s Spicy Garlic And Lime Shrimp

Chili's spicy garlic and lime shrimp

Shrimp are quite versatile and delicious seafood. You can have them as the main course, as appetizers, or any side dish. What I like about shrimp is that it’s super healthy and easy to make. Chili’s spicy garlic and lime shrimp is one of the wonders of Chili’s menu. These crispy caramelized shrimp are coated with spices and cooked in garlic-flavored butter (I suppose! Reading this would’ve made you, too, drool over this dish)

Not just me, but Chili’s has built a fan base due to its menu, especially Chili’s spicy garlic and lime shrimp. The good thing is, the recipe for this dish is not that long as its name. It’s just shrimp cooked and tossed in a spice blend and finished with lemon squeezed over them (Like it just magically turns into a culinary masterpiece). You can pair them with a spicy condiment or any other side dish. 

In case you can’t find your nearest Chili’s or you can’t go out to enjoy these shrimp, I have the recipe for you. Just click on the link for Chili’s spicy garlic and lime shrimp and there you go! Try these delicious shrimp now and I’m sure you’ll have these floating all over the dinner table as everyone will love this dish. 

3. Chili’s Cajun Chicken Pasta

Chili's Cajun chicken pasta

Chili’s Cajun chicken pasta is yet another reason why I keep visiting Chili’s. It has chicken spiced up with Cajun seasoning and served with penne pasta. It’s a lip-smacking combination of spicy chicken and creamy pasta. The fork-tender chicken oozes with juice and melds all the Cajun flavors into creamy pasta. The tomatoes diced on top with shredded cheese can impress you before you hit the stands.

Cajun seasoning is famous for its brilliant combination of spices. It perfectly aces up the taste and quality of Chili’s Cajun chicken pasta. (If you gotta impress the spice lords of your family, mark my words, this recipe is your best shot!) The cream-filled penne pasta is loaded with the flavors of parmesan cheese, half-and-half, and heavy cream. It’s seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. The chicken is sliced and placed on top of penne pasta and garnished with tomatoes and shredded cheese. (Just one bite can get you on cloud nine!)

If you’re thinking of trying Chili’s Cajun chicken pasta recipe at home, I can help you with that. I mean, you don’t need to search for this recipe elsewhere. Just click on the link provided for the recipe and read the entire recipe card. Try it and enjoy this delicious dish with your folks.

4. Chili’s Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadillas

Chili's bacon ranch quesadillas

Here’s another Chili’s recipe for chicken! But this one is a big hit for cheese lovers. Chili’s chicken bacon ranch quesadillas are cheesy tortilla bites filled with chicken and bacon. The tortilla has ranch dressing on one of its sides. The chicken and bacon are cooked to perfection. The cheese mixed with chopped bacon and chicken is sandwiched between tortillas. 

If you have leftover chicken and bacon resting in your fridge, just chop them up and make Chili’s chicken bacon ranch quesadillas. Have it as an afterparty dish to keep the gears going. These delicious quesadillas can be enjoyed as sides with any condiment. You don’t need to prepare the ranch at home for this recipe. Even bottled ranch goes perfectly well with this recipe. (If you want to make the ranch dressing at home, you’ll find the recipe below in this article.) 

The recipe for Chili’s chicken bacon ranch quesadillas is a no-brainer. You can easily try it at home. This was just an idea about Chili’s chicken bacon ranch quesadillas. To know the detailed recipe, you need the recipe card. Click on the link for the Chili’s chicken bacon ranch quesadillas recipe. You’ll find all the information along with the recipe instructions. So hurry! Try this recipe now and surprise your family with this delish side dish. 

5. Chili’s Black Beans

Chili's Black beans

Black beans make a healthy combination when served with any dish. Chili’s black beans recipe is a healthy and tastier way to serve black beans. (In case you try the above recipe that requires black beans, Chili’s black beans is a way better option than any other!) These beans are cooked with spices added to them. These beans are loaded with their natural flavor and mild sugar-sweetness with a hint of spiciness from chili powder. 

Chili’s black beans can be enjoyed with margarita grilled chicken, any Mexican-style food (or any main course dish of your choice). It gets ready in moments before you’re at the dinner table. These beans can stay in the fridge. So, it’s a make-ahead dish and served warm during dinner time. You can even customize this dish by adding more spices to it. But, Chili’s version of black beans stands out to be the best and a versatile dish that can be enjoyed with any side dish, main course, or an appetizer. 

Chili’s black beans recipe is the easiest recipe for beans. If you’re not familiar with this recipe, you’re exactly where you need to be. Read the recipe, and try it. 

6. Chili’s Enchilada Soup

Chili's Enchilada soup

Chili’s enchilada soup is what I call a potager’s choice. The creamy smoothness that’ll flood you with heartwarming flavors with every spoonful sip. It’s so delicious that you won’t be able to resist it once you taste it. It looks creamy thick topped with chopped, bacon tortillas, cilantro, and shredded Monterey Jack. But, the soup is filled with the surprising flavors of Velveeta cheese and enchilada. 

Chili’s enchilada soup is slow-cooked with butter-smooth Veveeta and Masa Harina mixed in it. The shredded chicken added to this soup amps up the flavors and the quality. Garlic, cumin, salt, and pepper contribute to its amazing seasoning flavor. The enchilada sauce is what makes it enchilada soup. It’s the key ingredient in the recipe. It’s a perfect celebration-worthy dish. It’s hard to believe that Chili’s enchilada soup can be recreated at home. It is indeed! 

The good news is that Chili’s enchilada soup does not require as many ingredients or equipment. It’s super easy to try at home. Don’t believe me? Click the link above and read the recipe. I’m sure you’d be tempted to try it and be proud of the result. It’s a healthier and tastier way to impress your family and guests. 

7. Chili’s Baked Potato Soup

Chili's baked potato soup

Here’s another famous soup from Chili’s menu. Chili’s baked potato soup is loaded with baked potatoes and garnished with bacon, chives, and shredded cheese. It’s one of the most comforting and delicious dishes for potatoes. The potatoes are mashed and mixed with half-and-half. The chicken stock added makes the soup thick and delicious. It’s a perfect side dish for the holiday event. 

Chili’s baked potato soup is enriched with the seasoning spices like salt and pepper. The corn starch added to it works as the thickening agent. In case you don’t have the chicken stock, check out the recipe from the link and you might find a substitute for it. I love this soup for its simple recipe and incredible taste. You can even customize this soup according to your choice. (I prefer keeping it the way Chili’s serves.) This soup is a big hit for whoever tries it. 

Ready to whip some baked potatoes with cream and spices! Check out the recipe for Chili’s baked soup from the link provided. You’ll find all the necessary details in the recipe, along with the recipe instructions. Try this recipe now and enjoy this fresh and warm soup with your family and friends.

8. Chili’s Margarita Presidente

Chili's Margarita Presidente

There are several drinks served at Chili’s that are perfect for your happy hour and beyond. Out of all those drinks, Chili’s Margarita Presidente is the most prominent drink by Chili’s. It’s an elegant mixture of margarita drinks and Presidente brandy. This clear drink is served in a martini glass rimmed with salt, which gives a saline touch to every sip. There are slight zesty notes of lemon juice in it which boosts the flavor of the drink. 

Chili’s Margarita Presidente has aged tequila, Cointreau liqueur, sweet-and-sour mix, and lime juice mixed together. This drink has the flavor of lime and orange from orange-flavored Cointreau liqueur and lime juice. The sweet-and-sour mix adds a sweet and sour taste to the drink. Presidente brandy is what makes this drink Chili’s Margarita Presidente. It enhances the quality of the drink with bold flavors. 

You can try Chili’s Margarita Presidente at home for a bolder take on regular Margarita. The recipe for this drink is surprisingly easy and you’re familiar with the ingredients you need. You need to know the equipment and the right amount of ingredients needed. Just click on the link on the recipe’s name to get the recipe. Try this recipe and enjoy your cocktail. 

9. Chili’s Honey Chipotle Sauce

Chili's honey chipotle sauce

Not only food but Chili’s is famous for its mind-blowing drinks and condiments. Chili’s honey-chipotle sauce is one of a kind. It’s filled with the flavors of chipotle with mild sweet notes of honey. It’s a spicy BBQ sauce that can be enjoyed with chicken or any meat. You can have it as a condiment with a side dish of your choice. It’s a perfect amalgam of orange juice, barbecue sauce, lemon juice, dried chipotle, and honey. 

Chili’s honey-chipotle sauce can also be used to marinate or season the meat with its flavors. The dried chipotle powder used is the sole ingredient for this recipe. It has the spiciness from chili powder in it (the reason why it’s hotter than the regular BBQ sauce). The organic and lemon juice add a sweet symphony of fruity and citrusy flavor. You can have this amazing sauce at home without going out to Chili’s. 

Try the recipe for Chili’s honey-chipotle sauce at home and enjoy your meal with sweet and spicy barbecue flavors. You don’t need to find this recipe elsewhere. Click on this recipe’s name above and you’ll find the entire recipe with all the additional information about it. 

10. Chili’s Ranch Dressing

Chili's ranch dressing

Salads, sandwiches, wraps, and many others! To make them quintessentially delicious, you can always count on Chili’s ranch dressing. Out of all ranch recipes I’ve tried, Chili’s ranch dressing stands out to be my ultimate choice. It goes perfectly well with almost any side dish and gives an extra lift to the flavors. It works as a perfect flavoring agent or a condiment for many dishes. 

Chili’s ranch dressing has mayonnaise whipped with sour cream and pickle juice. It’s filled with the flavors of onion, powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. It has a mildly sour and spicy flavor from pickle juice and cream and a twist of herbal aroma from dried parsley. If you feel like trying this recipe. Trust me! You can work it within a couple of minutes and it can stay in the refrigerator for about six months.  

If you’ve made up your mind to try the recipe for Chili’s ranch dressing, the link is provided here. You’ll find the recipe card with all hows and whys of this recipe as you click the link. Also, you’ll get to know about all the ingredients and equipment used in the recipe. The recipe procedure is quite simple and I’m you’ll enjoy it. 

11. Chili’s Salsa

Chili's salsa

What’s better than enjoying a delicious salsa that you can’t get canned or jarred in stores? Chili’s salsa is just that. This salsa is filled with tomatoes mixed with zesty green chili. Jalapenos add more spiciness to this salsa. The onions give mild sweetness along with sugar to balance all hot and spicy flavors in the salsa. It can be enjoyed with any Mexican side dish (or any side dish of your choice). 

Chili’s salsa has tomatoes blended with jalapenos and green chili’s. This smooth condiment has a tangy and spicy taste with a hint of zesty flavor and sweet notes of sugar. Garlic and cumin (along with salt and pepper) add a sort of seasoning flavor. It’s a make-ahead dish and can be kept in air-tight jars in the refrigerator. So trying the recipe for Chili’s salsa is a great deal! All you need to do is blend the ingredients together and serve!

The recipe for Chili’s salsa is really easy, but you need to know all about the ingredients, equipment, and the recipe procedure. Check out the recipe for Chili’s salsa and try this recipe. Try this zesty, spicy salsa now and enjoy it with your favorite side dish. 

12. Chili’s Queso

Chili's queso

Chili’s queso is a delicious cheese-filled dip. It’s Chili’s version of the famous Tex-Mex queso recipe. It has buttery smooth Velveeta combined with milk and spices like paprika, cayenne, chili powder, and cumin. It can be paired with any side dish and make it cheesy and delicious. It’s one of the famous condiments at Chili’s. If you haven’t had Chili’s queso, try its copycat recipe and you’ll know what you’re missing. 

Chili’s queso is spicy hot due to cayenne, Hormel, and chili with a slight smokiness of paprika in it. Milk and cheese balance the excess spiciness while adding flavors and texture to the queso. Lime juice gives a citrusy lift to the taste. Every ingredient is added in accurate proportion and cooked to perfection. Chili’s queso can be prepared at home. It’s a no-fuss recipe and gets ready within a few minutes. 

If you wanna know the recipe for Chili’s queso, just click the link here and read the recipe. You’ll get to know much more (from ingredients to the taste of the dish) about Chili’s queso. You might find answers to all your queries about this recipe. Don’t waste time! Visit the link and try this mind-blowing recipe now. 


Chili’s copycat recipes will help you make Chili’s famous dishes at home. These are as delicious as the ones served at Chili’s and look exactly the same. You can try more than one recipe from the above list and surprise your family with Chili’s special dinner. This was just an overview of the recipes. You can get a detailed view of the recipe from the recipe cards. 

If you wanna know more, click the links provided for each recipe. These are the most famous recipes from the chili’s menu that can be easily tried at home. Try these recipes and you can save them too for special occasions. That’s all about the 12 Chili’s copycat recipes! I hope you enjoyed reading and find this article helpful! 

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