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Apart from being a renowned rapper and an actor, Ludacris is a die-hard foodie. Luda’s love for food dictates the menu of his layover eatery, Chicken+Beer. You’ll find the crispiest and juiciest chicken in this restaurant with well-crafted beer. Have a look at the menu and affordable prices of Chicken+Beer before you visit this restaurant. 

Ludacris with the team of Chicken+Beer

The Chicken+Beer menu has appetizers & soups like three whole wings, chicken+Corn chowder, chicken+dirty rice egg rolls, fried calamari, etc. You can also enjoy sides here like a wedge salad, mixed green salad, pesto chicken, “patty melt,” and many more. Among drinks, you can enjoy beer like Mexican empire, Munich Dunkel, POG basement, etc. Most of these items are less than $15.

Chicken+Beer is named after Luda’s famous album of “Chicken n beer”. As this restaurant is located at the most crowded airport in Atlanta, it never runs short of visitors. You can also check out the photo gallery of Chicken+Beer by clicking on the link provided below. I’ve also provided some other important links below in this article. But first, I want to give you a quick overview of Chicken+Beer. 

Chicken+Beer is owned by the famous rap artist and actor Ludacris. This restaurant was opened in 2016 in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Concourse D, Gate D5, Atlanta, United States. This restaurant was opened by Ludacris in partnership with Jackmont Hospitality, Inc.

Chicken+Beer  Menu Prices

Beer and sandwich served at Chicken+Beer

Whenever you’re traveling through Atlanta, make sure you stop by Chicken+Beer and have some crispy hot bites with beer. You can have mouth-watering appetizers at Chicken+Beers like three whole wings, deviled eggs snack tray, loaded rosemary tater tots, etc. Chicken + Dirty rice egg rolls are served here with whiskey-infused hot mustard, sweet & sour sauce. 

Fried calamari has pickled vegetables, ale mustard, and lemon flavor in it. Three whole wings have classic or Hotlanta chicken wings served with maple butter biscuits and B&B pickles. Among salads and sandwiches, you can try wedge salad, fried oyster sandwich, mixed green salad, and many more. C+B fried chicken sandwich has classic or Hotlanta chicken, B&B pickles, slaw, and spicy. This sandwich is served with potato wedges. 

Mixed green salad has watermelon, candied pecans, pickled rind, and, balsamic vinaigrette. You can also enjoy sides like cheese grits, collard greens, mac ‘n’ cheese, potato wedges, dirty rice, etc. Mains served here are Luda’s chicken + waffles, BBQ chicken tacos, collard green bowl, etc. You can choose between fried catfish or blackened catfish. It’s served with black-eyed peas, cornbread puree, green tomato chutney, and dirty rice. BBQ ribs, brussels sprouts, slaw, and cornbread. Fried oyster sandwich is served with remoulade sauce & wedge salad. 

Among beer, you can have Mexican Empire, and I’m On A Boat, Munich Dunkel, Dry Irish Stout, and many more. Rowdy and Proud beer is loaded with Amarillo hops, Mosaic, and Huell Melon. This beer is low in bitterness and has the flavors of cantaloupe, honeydew, melon, a hint of strawberry with slight citrusy undertones. 

This was just an idea of the menu. You can read the entire menu with prices in the tables below. I’ve also given some important links in the table further below in this article. Make sure you follow the social media handles of Chicken+Beer. 

Appetizers & Soups

Three Whole Wings$ 10.99
Chicken + Dirty Rice Egg Rolls $ 10.99
Deviled Eggs Snack Tray$ 8.99
Shrimp + Grits$ 14.99
Shrimp + Grits$ 20.99
Chicken + Corn Chowder$ 7.99
Fried Calamari$ 11.99
Loaded Rosemary Tater Tots$ 8.99
Black-Eyed Pea Hummus$ 8.99

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Salads & Sandwiches

Wedge Salad$ 11.99
Mixed Green Salad$ 11.99
Pesto Chicken “Patty Melt”$ 13.99
C+B Fried Chicken Sandwich$ 13.99
C+B Signature Steak Burger$ 14.99
Fried Catfish Sandwich$ 15.99
Fried Oyster Sandwich$ 13.99
Salmon Croquette Sliders$ 14.99


2-Piece Southern Fried Chicken$ 16.99
Luda’s Chicken + Waffles$ 16.99
BBQ Chicken Tacos$ 13.99
Collard Green Bowl$ 17.99
Catfish$ 17.99
Short Rib Mac ‘N Cheese$ 16.99
BBQ Ribs 1/2 Rack$ 22.99

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Cheese Grits$ 4.99
Collard Greens$ 4.99
Mac ‘N’ Cheese$ 4.99
Potato Wedges$ 4.99
Brussels Sprout Slaw$ 4.99
Dirty Rice$ 4.99
Rosemary & Garlic Tater Tots$ 4.99


Bourbon Peach Cake$ 5.99
Buttermilk Chocolate Cake$ 5.99
Southern Fried Apple Pie$ 6.99

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Beers (5 oz)

I’m On A Boat$ 9
Mexican Empire$ 9
Munich Dunkel$ 9
420 Strain G13 IPA$ 9
Rowdy And Proud$ 9
Tropicalia$ 9
Pog Basement$ 9
Dry Irish Stout$ 9

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Chicken+Beer  Franchising Details

Chicken+Beer restaurant

 Chicken+Beer restaurant is the famous layover eatery owned by Ludacris. It has only one location in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Concourse D, Gate D5, Atlanta, in the US. This restaurant brand has not shared any franchise details, at present. When there are any details available for the franchise of Chicken+Beer, we’ll update the information here.

Chicken+Beer  Contact Information 

Chicken+Beer  Head Office Address:  Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Concourse D (Gate D5)

Chicken+Beer  Phone: 404.209.3905

Chicken+Beer’s General Manager Email Address:

Chicken+Beer’s Culinary Director Email Address:

Chicken+Beer’s VP of Operations Email Address:

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