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Are you a chicken lover, but you are fed from the chicken of KFC? You’ve searched about different places you can try on the internet and decided to go to Chicken Licken, but before you go there, you want some information about the restaurant. This blog is the perfect place for you.

Chicken Licken store

Chicken Licken is a one-stop destination for chicken lovers. They serve eatables like slyders, wings, soulicious, soulsisters, chicken licken, chicken burgers. The most famous dish from their restaurant is cheesewich which costs around R 6090.

So, today I am here with this blog where I will provide the information regarding the Chicken Licken menu prices, franchise details, contact information, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Chicken Licken Menu. Apart from this, I will provide you the history of Chicken Licken Restaurant.

George Sombonos is the founded Chicken Licken in South Africa in 1981 with the help of his father. It is a fast-food fried chicken restaurant chain and it holds a 5% share of South Africa’s and it is the largest non-American-owned fried chicken outlet in the world.

They started their first restaurant in Ridgeway in 1981 and their headquarters are in Johannesburg, South Africa. They have more than 259 outlets in South Africa and outside also.

Chicken Licken Menu Menu Prices

Chicken Licken menu

Chicken Licken Menu includes a wide variety of items for all chicken lovers. Their menu includes chicken wings, chicken popcorn, chicken burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken salads and many more exclusive items.

Chicken Licken is famous for its traditional taste, which they are carrying from their ancestors and giving to today’s generations. The thing which makes them unique is their presentation of chicken, which is quite different and the specialty of their restaurant is their secret menu which is not the same every day.

Chicken Licken prices are quite high as compared to other chicken serving restaurant chains but keeping the quality in mind that they serve is unbeatable. The prices of their items lie between $5 to $300. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest menu prices of Chicken Licken.

NEW: Super Slyders Specials

Chili Cheese Super Slider 3R 5390
Super Slider Mix 4R 7290

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NEW: Super Slyders

Super Slyders Original (4)R 6500
Super Slyders Cheese (4)R 7000
Super Slyders Chili (4)R 6500

Just Hotwing

Hotwings 12R 8590
Hotwings 24R 15590
Hotwings 36R 22190

Soulicious Specials

Hotwings 6 DeluxeR 6790
Hotwings 6 MaxR 7290
Hotwings Party 16R 12390
Feed My Craving 10R 7790
Rock My Soul 3R 6290
Rock My Soul 6R 10790
Soul Mates Classic PartyR 13490
SoulMan Load UpR 8290
Family Full House 6R 14690
Family Full House 8R 17990

Soulsister Specials

Soulsister 2R 4690
Soulsister 2 DeluxeR 6490
Soulsister 2 MaxR 6990
Soulsister Party 4R 8490
Soulsister Party 5R 11090

Chicken Meals

Lunch Meal MaxR 7690
Hotwings Meal 8 MaxR 9090

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Just Chicken Licken

Just 1R 2490
Just 2R 3890
Just 3R 5990
Just 4R 7690
Just 5R 9290
Chicken Inn 9R 16290
Family Bucket 15R 25890
Family Barrel 21R 34590

Original Square Slyders

Slyder 4 OriginalR 5190
Slyder 4 CheeseR 5690
Slyder 4 ChiliR 5190

Slider Specials

Chilli Cheese Slider 3R 4190
Slider Mix 4R 5190

Chick’n Burger Top Deluxe

Double Chick’n Boerie Burger To DeluxeR 6490
Big John Top DeluxeR 7290
Love Me Tender Top DeluxeR 7290
Love Me Tender Cheese Top DeluxeR 7590
Love Me Hot Top DeluxeR 7290
Love Me Hot Cheese Top DeluxeR 7590

Salad Licken

SoulSlaw LargeR 2190
Achaar LargeR 2590
Tomata Salsa LargeR 2590

Secret Menu

ChicwichR 4690
Chicwich Top DeluxeR 6790
Cheesewich R 3690
Cheesewich Top DeluxeR 6090
S’Dumo Burger Top DeluxeR 4790

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California Coolers

BonaqueR 2090
Double Thick Shake (Raspberry, Bubblegum or Chocolate)R 2190
CansR 2090
Liqui FruitR 2390
BottlesR 2090

Chicken Licken Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Chicken Licken menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Chicken Licken Franchise Details

Chicken Licken franchise

Chicken Licken has more than 270 Chicken Licken restaurant franchise in South Africa and 12 outlets in Botswana. So if you want to open a Chicken Licken store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Franchise Fee R 180,000.00

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Chicken Licken Contact Information

Chicken Licken Corporate Office Address: 51 – 53 Booysens Road,
Booysens, 2091

Chicken Licken Corporate Office Phone Number: +27 11 493 3703

To contact the team of Chicken Licken, you can also use the contact form on their website.

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