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Cherry Berry (also known as CherryBerry) that features more than 50 premium healthy and fat-free flavors as well as over 50 toppings. The first Cherry Berry outlet was opened by Dallas Jones (present CEO) in 2010. And today the brand has over 100 stores in America.

If you’ve come to this article then you must be a yogurt fan and want to visit Cherry Berry as fast as you can. This article will provide you the whole Cherry Berry menu with prices.

Apart from the menu, you will also find some important information in the article. But first, let’s check out the Cherry Berry Menu.

Cherry Berry Menu with Prices

Cherry Berry menu and prices

The brand has specialized in yoghurt with 50 premium healthy and fat-free flavours as well as over 50 toppings. If you’ve ever visited Cherry Berry, then you must have noticed that instead of paying per flavour, you have to pay per ounce. The price is usually 45 cents per ounce.

In spite of the fact that there are more than 50 flavours in the Cherry Berry menu, they are classified into featured flavours, non-fat flavours, low-fat flavours, no sugar included flavours, dairy-free flavours, and greek flavours.

So without further ado, let’s check out Cherry Berry menu with prices.

Featured Flavors

Butter Toffee Popcorn1 oz.$0.45
Olde Candy Cane1 oz.$0.45
Pumpkin Pie1 oz.$0.45
Moon Pie1 oz.$0.45
Rocky Road1 oz.$0.45
Eggnog1 oz.$0.45
Spiced Apple Pie1 oz.$0.45
Toasted Coconut1 oz.$0.45
Chocolate Mint1 oz.$0.45
Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough1 oz.$0.45

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Non-Fat Flavors

Flavor SizePrice
Butter Toffee Popcorn1 oz.$0.45
Orange Creamcicle1 oz.$0.45
Caribbean Colada1 oz.$0.45
Cherry Tart1 oz.$0.45
Amaretto1 oz.$0.45
Cake Batter1 oz.$0.45
Vanilla Bean1 oz.$0.45
Kettle Corn1 oz.$0.45
Toffee1 oz.$0.45
Italian Style Tart1 oz.$0.45
Pomegranate Energy1 oz.$0.45
NSA Chocolate1 oz.$0.45
Olde Candy Cane1 oz.$0.45
Pineapple Tart1 oz.$0.45
Cotton Candy1 oz.$0.45
Watermelon Sorbet1 oz.$0.45
California Tart1 oz.$0.45
Blue Frostbite Sorbet1 oz.$0.45
Acai Berry Tart1 oz.$0.45
MoonPie1 oz.$0.45
Pina Colada1 oz.$0.45
Malted Candy Easter Egg1 oz.$0.45
Honeydew1 oz.$0.45
Mango Sorbet1 oz.$0.45
Passion Fruit Tart1 oz.$0.45
Lemon Chiffon1 oz.$0.45
Tartastic1 oz.$0.45
Green Apple Tart1 oz.$0.45
Root Beer Float1 oz.$0.45
Coconut1 oz.$0.45
Hazelnut1 oz.$0.45
Pistachio1 oz.$0.45
Blackberry Tart1 oz.$0.45
Cherry Amaretto1 oz.$0.45
NSA Wild Strawberry1 oz.$0.45
Butter Pecan1 oz.$0.45
S’more1 oz.$0.45
Blueberry Tart1 oz.$0.45
Dreamy Dark Chocolate1 oz.$0.45
Boysenberry Tart1 oz.$0.45
Pink Lemonade Sorbet1 oz.$0.45
Birthday Bash1 oz.$0.45
Toasted Coconut1 oz.$0.45
Caramel Custard1 oz.$0.45
Keylime Bar1 oz.$0.45
Cheesecakealicious1 oz.$0.45
Raspberry Tart1 oz.$0.45
NSA Skinny Vanilly1 oz.$0.45
Lemon Ice Box Pie1 oz.$0.45
Banana Rama1 oz.$0.45
Peach Medley1 oz.$0.45
Chocolate Mint1 oz.$0.45
Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough1 oz.$0.45
Key Lime Pie1 oz.$0.45
Outrageous Orange Sorbet1 oz.$0.45
Chilly Vanilly1 oz.$0.45
Tropical Sorbet1 oz.$0.45

Low-Fat Flavors

Cookie Monster1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Red Velvet Cupcake1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Cherry Limeade1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Java Caramel Greek1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Honey Vanilla Greek1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Pumpkin Pie1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Rocky Road1 oz.$0.451 oz.
French Vanilla1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Eggnog1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Spiced Apple Pie1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Bun1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Espresso1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Chocoholic1 oz.$0.451 oz.
White Chocolate Wonder1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Candy Bar Smash1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Strawberry Bliss1 oz.$0.451 oz.
Berry Greek1 oz.$0.451 oz.

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No Sugar Added Flavors

NSA Chocolate1 oz.$0.45
NSA Wild Strawberry1 oz.$0.45
NSA Skinny Vanilly1 oz.$0.45

Dairy-Free Flavors

Watermelon Sorbet1 oz.$0.45
Blue Frostbite Sorbet1 oz.$0.45
Mango Sorbet1 oz.$0.45
Pink Lemonade Sorbet1 oz.$0.45
Outrageous Orange Sorbet1 oz.$0.45
Tropical Sorbet1 oz.$0.45

Greek Flavors

Flavors SizePrice
Java Caramel Greek1 oz.$0.45
Honey Vanilla Greek1 oz.$0.45
Berry Greek1 oz.$0.45

All these items are present in the Cherry Berry menu but these items and prices could vary depending on the outlet you are visiting.

Cherry Berry Nutrition Information


To check out the nutritional information about the ingredients of the items mentioned in the Cherry Berry menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

And if you are allergic to some ingredients, then you can exclude it and then see the nutritional chart.

Cherry Berry Franchising Information

Cherry Berry franchise

Cherry Berry has around 100 units all over the U.S. in states like Georgia, Texas, Mexico and more and the brand is ready to expand itself in the other parts of the country and even outside the U.S.A.

Initial Franchise Fee (single unit)From $5,000 to $25,000
Real Estate and ImprovementsFrom $131,000 to $166,000
Furniture, Fixtures, and EquipmentFrom $150,000 to $170,000
Travel and Living Expenses While TrainingFrom $1,000 to $5,000
SignsFrom $7,000 to $12,000
Opening InventoryFrom $5,000 to $10,000
Grand Opening$5,000
Additional Funds – 3 monthsFrom $35,000 to $71,000
ESTIMATED TOTALFrom $339,000 to $464,000
Royalty6% of Net Sales

You can contact Cherry Berry team directly from the following numbers if you want to open a franchise of them-

Information about Domestic or International Franchise1-800-438-7623

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Cherry Berry Contact Details

Cherry Berry office address- 265 Turner DriveDurango, Colorado 81303

Cherry Berry Phone Number- 702-586-8700

You can also contact the Cherry Berry team using the contact form on their website.

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Facebook Page-

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Twitter Handle-

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