Cheese vs Pepperoni Pizza

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Pepperoni is America’s most famous pizza topping, but still, the classic cheese pizza gives it a tough competition. Today, let’s see which pizza wins in terms of nutritional value and people’s opinions. 

Cheese Pepperoni Pizza

In terms of nutritional breakdown, a slice of medium pepperoni pizza contains 25 more calories and 3 g more fat than the cheese pizza. Pepperoni pizza contains more protein than the cheese one. Cheese pizza is rich in calcium and can fulfill 20% of the daily calcium requirements. 

Every person has a different opinion regarding both pizzas. There are also several reasons why the majority of Americans choose pepperoni as the pizza topping. 

Which One Is Better Between Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza?

Cheese Vs Pepperoni Pizza

Nutrition Wise

Now, let’s see the nutritional comparison between cheese and pepperoni pizza. Both dominate each other in different aspects. 


In terms of calories, a slice of medium pepperoni pizza contains 25 calories more than a slice of cheese pizza. Consuming more calories can lead to obesity, which ultimately causes chronic problems and increases the risk of cancer. 


A slice of medium pepperoni pizza has 3 g more fat than that of cheese pizza. Pepperoni contains both healthy and unhealthy fats. So, it’s important to limit the intake of bad fats. Eating too many fats can clog blood vessels and cause strokes. 


Cheese pizza has almost the same amount of protein as pepperoni pizza and can provide 23% of protein the body requires per day. Pepperoni pizza can help in absorbing protein as it contains a mineral called manganese which helps to digest the protein. 


Cheese pizza contains a good amount of calcium and can fulfill 20% of the daily calcium intake. Calcium helps to maintain healthy bones and reduces the loss of bone tissues. Pepperoni pizza isn’t very calcium-rich. 


Pepperoni pizza is rich in selenium, which is an antioxidant that helps to boost the immune system. It also limits the number of free radicals from our metabolism and the environment. According to the countertop pizza oven, 48 g of pepperoni pizza can provide 15% of daily selenium. 

Nutritional comparison table between cheese and pepperoni pizza

Slice of Pizza (Regular)CaloriesFatSodiumCarbsFiberSugarsProtein
Cheese 28510.4 g640 mg35.7 g2.5 g3.8 g12.2 g
Pepperoni31313.2 g760 mg35.5 g2.6 g3.6 g13 g
Source: USDA

People’s Poll

  • Peter S. Conrad on Quora says if he is trying pizza for the first time, he would definitely choose cheese. But if he already knows and loves the pizza place, he will choose whatever toppings he feels like at that moment. At last, he concludes by saying pepperoni is great for making a bad pizza edible, so when he is offered a bad pizza, he will definitely choose pepperoni as a topping.
  • Another user named Flueris says if the meat is thin and seasoned, then he will choose pepperoni pizza. But if the meat is too much seasoned, he will go for cheese pizza.
  • Tuck Emswiler who is a retired cook likes to have cheese pizza if it’s a pizza shop he knows. But if it’s one of those big pizza chains, he will choose a topping and his favorite one is pepperoni. 

Why Do Americans Like Pepperoni Pizza More? 

According to a poll conducted by YouGov in February 2019, pepperoni is the most loved topping in America. 54% voted for pepperoni, 34% for sausage and 31 % for mushroom. Americans like pepperoni pizza more as it has the perfect flavor and spice. Even people who like non-spicy toppings can enjoy the slice of the pizza as it is not too spicy. 

The other reason for its prominence is the fat it contains. Americans love fatty and greasy food because of the taste it gives the food. According to some researchers, it is also the psychology factor that enables people to choose pepperoni as it represents a memory and sensation. 


So, from all the research we came to know that both cheese and pepperoni pizza are almost equal in terms of nutrition but differ mostly in people’s opinion. So, choose whatever pizza you like as it all comes down to your preference. If you ask me, I am a cheese-pizza person. Tell me in the comments what side you are on. Don’t worry, I respect opinions that don’t align with mine (mostly). See you next time with another cheesy article,

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