7 Best Celery Substitutes You Should Use in Cooking


Making a salad and missing some good old, crunchy celery? Nothing to worry about here! Today, I will tell you all about some of the best substitutes for celery out there. So, hold onto your kitchen counter and get ready for a crunchy ride into the celery world!

Celery is an easily and globally available vegetable. It belongs to the Apiaceae family, including other vegetables such as carrots, parsley, etc. It’s best known for its crunch. Almost every part of celery can be utilized for cooking, even the seeds.

Celery is like a personal cheerleader of salads. Salads feel incomplete without it, and the whole thing ends up being boring. That is why it is a case of urgency when you run out of celery. In this article, we’re going to discuss the various uses and some of the best substitutes for celery. So, let’s get down to it!

Why Do We Need To Substitute Celery?


As everyone already knows, celery is popular for its crunchiness. Lately, it’s become a staple in a lot of homes. It is mostly used for its stalks. Celery stalks are crunchy and a bit salty. The whole of it is fibrous, crunchy, and has high water content. 

Celery can be used for almost anything when it comes to cooking. From the leaves to the stalk, it is fully edible. It has a distinct taste and is commonly used in salads. It pairs well with any meat like chicken, tuna, etc. It can be used as a filling in sandwiches and gives it a pleasing taste and texture.

Another very popular use for celery is that it is used in forming the base for most soups, braises, etc. It is also a part of the “holy trinity,” which consists of onions and bell peppers beside celery. In French cooking, it is a part of “Mirepoix,” which has carrots and onions in it besides celery. 

Not only that, but there are a lot of health benefits to celery. It is extremely rich in fiber and potassium. It contains a great amount of vitamin A, C, and K. Being rich in antioxidants, celery helps in better digestion. Other health benefits of celery include reducing inflammation, maintaining blood pressure levels, etc.

So, running out of celery means running out of an essential and versatile ingredient that needs to be substituted. But what can you use to substitute celery? I’m here to tell you all about it. A list of the best substitutes for celery is given below. Happy reading!

7 Best Substitutes For Celery 

I know you really don’t want to go ahead with your recipe without celery but don’t rush to make a decision just yet. Read all about the best substitutes for celery and then incorporate any of them into your recipe.

1. Fennel


Fennel comes first in the list of the best substitutes for celery. It is extremely similar to celery in both flavor and texture. It has a stronger flavor than celery and tastes a bit like licorice. It develops a mellow flavor after cooking and tastes a lot like celery. It works best when replaced with celery in soups, stews, etc. 

2. Green Onion

Green Onion

Green onions also go by the names; spring onions and scallions. Just like celery, they are a major component of many salads. They can be consumed both ways; cooked and raw. These are mild in flavor, and the whole of them can be used to prepare salads, sauces, etc.

3. Bok Choy

Bok Choy

Bok choy, also known to many as “Chinese Cabbage,” is a major ingredient in Asian cuisine. Bok choy leaves are tender and have a mildly bitter taste. Its stalks are crunchy and have a flavor similar to that of celery. It is rich in fiber and works best in salads, stir-fries, etc. 

4. Cucumber


Almost everybody thinks of the word “crunch” when cucumbers are mentioned. Being a major crunch provider, cucumber is one of the best substitutes for celery. It has a mild flavor and is watery, the same as celery. It works best to replace celery when used in salads, smoothies, etc.

5. Jicama


Jicama is a root vegetable and is golden-brown on the outside. On the inside, it is white and starchy. It has a certain sweetness to it, along with a nutty flavor. It has high water content and is also crunchy like celery. You can either have it as a stand-alone snack or use in salads, smoothies, etc.

6. Leek


Leeks are an amazing substitute for celery. It has a bit of an onion-like flavor and is also related to it. The onion flavor isn’t too strong. In fact, it is mild and is on the sweeter side. It can also be cooked as a stand-alone vegetable. It works as a great substitute for celery in soups, stocks, etc.

7. Radish


Radishes make a befitting substitute for celery when its crunchiness needs to be replaced. It also has a mild flavor somewhat similar to celery but is a bit on the peppery side—these work best in salads and when eaten alone as snacks.


Celery is quite an underrated vegetable and needs to be valued more (Not an attention seeker, I promise!) It has a great refreshing flavor and texture to it. Finding the right substitutes for celery isn’t too hard and whenever you’re looking for one, be sure to look it up on the list provided above. 

Let me know how much you loved this article in the comments below. I’ll be back with more substitutes for the ingredients you’re missing in the next article. Ciao!

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