Celebrity Chef Tommaso Lorio Collaborates with Rovagnati to Craft Culinary Delights!

Many of us have tried recipes inspired by Chef Tommaso Lorio. His traditional Italian recipes are too good to be true. To elevate the beauty of Italian cuisine, Celebrity Chef Tommaso Lorio Collaborates with Rovagnati to Craft Culinary Delights. 

Chef Tommaso

Celebrity Chef Tommaso Lorio is collaborating with Rovagnati to Craft Culinary Delights. Together, they are creating delicious recipes for both of their audiences. 

As we know, Tommaso Lorio is an exceptional chef, and with the best quality meats by Rovagnati, the recipe gets much better in terms of taste and flavors. Without any doubt, this collaboration is a big deal. This collaboration not only serves people with delicious recipes but introduces many of them to delicious, authentic, and traditional Italian flavors. 

So, without further ado, let us see what this collaboration is about. I am sure all the foodies are excited to learn about the recipes curated in this magical collaboration. 

Who Is Chef Tommaso Lorio?


Tommaso Lorio is a well-known celebrity chef who is internationally recognized. He is an Italian site and food entertainer. He also owns a catering company back at home in Chianti named Tuscany. He and his wife, Deana, manage the catering company together. 

Chef Tommaso Lorio is also the consultant for the Italian Charcuterie line of Rovagnati and joins eHealth Radio and the Nutrition and Health News Channels. Tommaso’s culinary journey started when he was five years old. He found his grandmother’s kitchen safe after meeting a series of accidents at five. 

After that, he has never looked back. He continued his journey with food very passionately. His love for traditional cucina Toscana transformed into a fulfilling and successful career. He graduated from the Istituto Technico Agrario di Firenze alle Cascine in Florence. Later, he persuaded various opportunities in the hospitality and wine industry.

One of the most fascinating things about Tommaso’s career is his mentorship. World-renowned artisanal butcher Dario Cecchini mentored him. You can also see the duo on an episode of Netflix’s Chef’s Table. 

Tommaso and his wife have been serving exceptional Tuscan dining service back at Chinati. Over the last two years, they have served more than 250 events across Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Pacific Palisades, Sonoma, and Encino. You can see him loving his life surrounded by food and happiness on social media. 

About The Brand Rovagnati


Rovagnati is one of the leading and well-known Italian brands in the charcuterie market. They deal in meat and salami products with authentic Italian traditional cold cuts. Those fond of charcuterie can explore and gorge themselves on some conventional Italian products like Salame Milano, Salame Napoli, Hot Soppressata, and many more like this and enjoy intense, savory, and robust flavors straight from Italy. 

Rovagnati grabs extra points with its unique “No Nitrites Ever” approach. Without any doubt, this makes Rovagnati stand out and shine. No Nitrites Ever system eliminates artificial and naturally occurring nitrites, which makes all their products healthy. Things like this have enabled Rovagnati to function for around 80 years, and it is still thriving. 

Their constant commitment to environmental responsibility, people, and food safety is exceptional. The brand was established in 1943, and currently, Paolo Rovagnati Line is available in over 3,000 U.S. stores and is expanding. Rovagnoti stands apart from cold-cut brands because of its fusion of quality, experience, and diligent attention to ingredients that blend traditional Italian products and desirable flavors. 

As per Chef Tommaso Lorio, Rovagnati’s meats inspired him to be a chef. He further adds that with the addition of Rovagnati products, he creates culinary magic that leaves indelible marks. Indeed, the flavors of the dish automatically elevate with Rovagnati products. 

Chef Tommaso Lorio Is Creating A Tasty Treasure In Collaborating With Rovagnati

Chef Tommaso with Recipe

This collaboration is a massive deal for all who love Italian cuisine. Chef Tommaso Lorio, known for his culinary magic, and Rovagnati, who deals in the best quality meats, have added more flavors. 

This association is an excellent deal for Chef Tommaso’s audience and those fond of Rovagnati products. As chef Tommaso loves creating authentic and traditional Italian cuisines, Rovagnati provides high-quality Italian meats and salumi that elevate the overall flavor of the recipe. 

Rovagnati has announced its brand-new Paolo Rovagnati Line of quality salumi products, including its line of nitrite-free salami. They will showcase this new line at this year’s International Dairy Deli Bakery Association show. The show will also feature chef Tommaso, who will use the Paolo Rovagnati Line and create exciting new recipes for the audience. The recipes that will be displayed at the show will be : 

  • Puff pastry shells with mortadella mousse and toasted pistachios

Who doesn’t like the puffy bites of pastries, and with the combination of mortadella mousse, it becomes like a perfect love story? The toasted pistachios add earthy notes and complement the savory flavors of mortadella mousse. 

  • Mezze maniche pasta with spicy salame Rovagnati, tomatoes, and fresh burrata

Pasta with spicy salami Rovagnati is something that you may crave now and then. You can experience the tangy and creamy notes with tomatoes and fresh burrata. Tease your tastebuds with the right amount of spicy and savory notes. 

  • Prosciutto crudo rolls with avocado, arugula, and fresh goat cheese.

The creamiest avocados in prosciutto crudo rolls are like a symphony. From taste to texture, you can experience many things simultaneously, like savory, salty, creamy, and tangy. 

  • Mushroom ragu polenta with salame Milano

With rich and sour flavors of mushrooms and sweet notes of polenta, you can enjoy the salame Milano subtly. The Italian sauce ragu will take your breath away, and you will deeply fall in love with the recipe. 

  • Asparagus, prosciutto crudo, and montasio cheese

You cannot ask for the best combination of sweet, salty, and delicate flavors in one single dish in front of this delicious dish—a perfect blend of flavors of earthy and bitter asparagus with tasty prosciutto crudo. The star of the dish is montasio cheese – very delightful. 

  • Vintage tortellini with cream and prosciutto cotto

Enjoy the right flavors of Italy with vintage tortellini with cream and sweet-flavored prosciutto cotto that leaves a desirable smoky aftertaste. Everything has very lustful flavors, from the shape of the pasta to the taste. 

Chef Tommaso Lorio has also mentioned the top-notch quality of the Rovagnati and appreciates the addition of innovative flavors that come along with Rovagnati meats and products. 


Without any doubt, this collaboration is essential and sensational. This collaboration is a treat for someone like me who loves exploring new recipes and dishes. If you love eating Italian cuisine or trying to get familiar with the flavors, this is the right opportunity. Two authentic and traditional Italians – Chef Tommaso Lorio and Brand Rovagnati are crafting culinary delights that are undeniably delectable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Chef Tommaso Lorio?

Tommaso Lorio is a well-known celebrity chef who is internationally recognized. He is an Italian site and food entertainer. He also owns a catering company back at home in Chianti named Tuscany. 

What is the Rovagnati brand all about? 

Rovagnati is one of the leading and well-known Italian brands in the charcuterie market. They deal in meat and salumi products with authentic Italian traditional cold cuts.

Is Celebrity Chef Tommaso Lorio Collaborating with Rovagnati?

Celebrity Chef Tommaso Lorio is Collaborating with Rovagnati to Craft Culinary Delights at this year’s International Dairy Deli Bakery Association show. 

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