How to Make Sambosa at Home

September 6, 2020 Ashwi Mahajan 0

Whenever I visit Somali one thing which I never forget to eat was Sambosa’s. Most of the time whenever you are invited to Somalian Weddings one thing you find which constant is Sambosa. But have you tried to make Sambusa [Read More]

Red Eggs

How to Make Red Eggs at Home

September 5, 2020 Divya Bhasin 0

As we all know that eggs hold unique symbolic importance in many of the cultures. Chinese basically believes that the egg is the symbol of rebirth, new life, and fertility. These Red eggs are a traditional part of the Greek [Read More]


How to Make Gnocchi at Home

August 28, 2020 Ashwi Mahajan 0

Today in this blog, I will share the Gnocchi Recipe with my lovely people. I know you might be thinking what is Gnocchi? I will tell you what is it? Word Gnocchi means traditional Italian potato dumplings which are small [Read More]