Carluccio’s Menu With Prices [Updated July 2024]

Carluccio’s menu and prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. I’ve provided the menu of Carluccio’s with prices from the Dublin, Dawson Street location updated on the 1st July 2024.

Carluccio's restaurant

For accurate prices, you might have to look at the menu of your nearest Carluccio’s from its official website.

The Carluccio’s menu has many combos for the daytime, which also includes drinks, salads, Pane E Olive, drinks, pancakes, etc. You can also enjoy hot drinks, soft drinks, mocktails, and many more. Most of the food items at Carluccio’s are below $30.

You can also purchase gift cards for more delicious food. Well! If you are here for menu prices, bear with me. You’ll find the menu prices along with all you need to know about this restaurant below. But first, let’s start with the backstory of Carluccio’s.

Carluccio’s is an Italian restaurant chain that was founded in London in 1999. It was founded by Antonio Carluccio, and then his wife opened an Italian food shop named Carluccio’s. In June 2021, Boparan announced plans to open 500 restaurants over five years under the brand Caffe Carluccio’s. Carluccio’s listed on the alternative investment market as a PCL.

Carluccio’s Menu With Prices

Carluccio's food

The breakfast served at Carluccio’s is very light and delicious, like florentine, which costs €9.00, royale €11.00, Benedict €10.50, etc. If you love pancakes, you should try cioccolata, which costs €9.00. This restaurant can amaze you with the antipasti served here, like burrata, Zuppa Di Funghi, chicken liver pate, etc.

In Carluccio’s, the menu specials for chicken lovers are chicken saltimbocca, chicken and pesto risotto, and chicken Milanese which costs around €1650, €17.00, and €14.50, respectively.

It has chicken escalope mixed with white wine sauce and topped with parma ham. You can find the entire updated menu in the tables below.

The kids’ menu at Carluccio’s includes three courses in which you can find many options like lasagne, pesto, chicken Milanese, etc. These will cost you €5.00, €0.01, and €5.00, respectively.

At Carluccio’s, kids can also enjoy gluten-free pasta. They can choose to have penne or spaghetti mixed with their favorite cheese sauce. 

There are many options you get in this, like cocktails, mocktails, spirits, liqueurs, beer, etc. Among hot drinks, you must try espresso macchiato, mocha, caffe latte, and cappuccino at Carluccio’s.

These will cost you €2.70, €2.35, €3.50, and €3.50, respectively, on the menu. You can also enjoy desserts like an affogato, Panna cotta, chocolate ice cream, and raspberry sorbet.


Vegetarian Breakfast  €11.00
Traditional Breakfast €11.00
Vegan Breakfast  €11.00

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Classic Eggs  €10.50
Royale €11.00
Florentine €9.00
Benedict €10.50
Avocado, Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs €11.50
Avocado and Poached Eggs €9.00

Bread & Grains & Pancakes

Toast and Jam €4.50
Porridge €5.50
Granola and Yoghurt €7.00
Pancakes Cioccolata €9.00


Croissant €3.00
Chocolate Croissant €3.00
Almond Croissant €3.00

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Roasted Potatoes € 2.50
Sausage €2.50
Smoked Salmon €2.50
Spinach €2.50
Pan-Fried Pancetta €2.50
Mushrooms €2.50
Grilled Courgette €2.50
Smashed Avocado €2.50



Nocellara Olives €4.50
Mixed Olives €4.00


Bocconcini €7.50
Selection Of Breads €3.50
Garlic And Mozzarella Focaccia €5.00
Garlic Focaccia €5.00
Focaccia €4.00

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Antipasti Plate €9.50
Caprese Salad €8.00
Tomato Bruschetta €7.50
Prawns Marinara €9.50
Calamari Fritti [Large] €16.00
Burrata €9.00
Zuppa Di Funghi €7.00


Penne Giardiniera €12.00
Spaghetti Carbonara €13.00
Homemade Lasagne €14.00
Seafood Linguine €18.00

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Truffle Butter €2.00
Porcini Mushroom €2.50
Sirloin Steak €23.00
Minute Steak €15.00
Vegan Milanese €14.00
Chicken Milanese €14.50
Chicken Saltimbocca €17.00


Tuna Nicoise Salad €16.00
Goats Cheese, Avocado and Barley Salad  €14.00
Chicken, Avocado and Pancetta Salad €15.00


Tomato Salad €4.50
Garlic Focaccia €5.00
Green Salad €4.50
Mixed salad € 5.00
Spinach €4.00
Green Beans €4.00
Rose and Garlic Roast Potatoes €4.00
Tenderstem Broccoli €4.00

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Tiramisu €8.00
Panna Cotta €7.50
Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding €7.50
Meringa al frutto della passione €6.95
Lemon Meringue Pie €7.50

Gelato & Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet €1.00
Strawberry Ice Cream €1.00
Vanilla Ice Cream €1.00
Chocolate Ice Cream €1.00
Affogato, with Frangelico €8.00
Affogato €5.50
Strawberry Sundae €8.00


Truffles from our deli €4.95

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To Start

Carrot and Cucumber Batons with Breadsticks €2.00


Macaroni Cheese€0.01
Lamb and Beef Bolognese€0.01
Ham and Pea Risotto€5.00
Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli€5.00


Yoghurt with fresh strawberries and raspberries €1.25
Chocolate Ice Cream €1.00
Lemon Sorbet €1.00
Strawberry Ice Cream €1.00
Vanilla Ice Cream €1.00

Totally Fresca

Rhubarb, Goat’s cheese, and Pistachio Bruschetta €9.00
Quattro Formaggi and Asparagus Lasagne  €14.50
Hot Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Risotto €16.50
Rhubarb and White Chocolate Panna Cotta €9.00

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Tomato Bruschetta €2.00
Bocconcini €2.00
Mixed Antipasti €2.00
Zuppa Di Funghi €2.00


Minute Steak€12.95
Linguine Bolongnese€14.00
Veganesca spaghetti€12.00
Chicken Milanese€14.00
Mussels Marinara€8.95


Lemon Sorbet€1.00
Strawberry Ice Cream€1.00
Chocolate Ice cream€1.00
Vanilla Ice Cream€1.00
Panna Cotta€7.50



Traditional GF€11.00
Avocado and Poached Eggs€9.00
Classic eggs€9.00
Eggs on toast€7.95
Pan-fried Pancetta€2.50
Smashed Avocado€2.50
Smoked Salmon€2.50

Piccolo & Antipasti

GF Zuppa di Funghi€7.00
Tomato Bruschetta€7.50
Nocellara Olives€4.50
Mixed Olives€4.00
Prawns Marinara€9.50
Chicken Liver Pate€8.00
Antipasti Plate€9.50
Caprese Salad€8.00

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Pomodoro e Basilico€11.50
Braised Beef Ragu€16.00
Giardiniera Without Spinach Balls€12.00
Sirloin Steak€23.00
Minute Steak€15.00
Pan Fried Sea Bass Fillets€18.00
Cod with Semi Dried Tomato Pesto€18.00
Chicken and Pesto Risotto€16.50
Chicken, Avocado and Pancetta Salad€15.00
Risotto ai Funghi€16.00
Truffle Oil€1.50
Porcini Mushroom Sauce€2.50
Garlic Butter€2.00
Gorgonzola Sauce€2.00


Pan fried potatoes€4.00
Tenderstem Broccoli€4.00
Green Beans€4.00
Tomato Salad€3.75
Mixed Salad€5.00
Green Salad€4.50


Lemon Sorbet€1.00
Gelati Chocolate €0.01
Gelati Vanilla €1.00
Gelati Strawberry€1.00
Lemon Sorbet€6.00

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Amaretto Sour€10.20
Bloody Mary€9.60
Hazelnut Espresso Martini€10.20
Peach Bellini€8.70
Malfy Aranciata Gin, San Pellegrino Limonata and Prosecco€8.25
Campari Spritz€9.90
Malfy Limone Gin, San Pellegrino Aranciata and Prosecco€8.25
Aperol Spritz€9.90


Orange Cranberry Fizz€5.40
Ceder’s Spritz€5.40
Giardino Mocktail€5.40
Cedar’s Crisp and Tonic€6.00


Beefeater Pink€10.80
Villa Ascenti€10.80

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Ketel One Vodka€9.60
Jack Daniels€9.60
Johnnie Walker Red Label€9.60
Havana Club Anejo Especial Rum€9.60


Disaranno Amaretto€8.40
Vecchia Romagna Brandy€8.40
Tia Maria€8.40

Fever Tree

Fever-Tree Ginger Beer€1.95
Fever-Tree Light Tonic€1.95
Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic€1.95
Fever-Tree Sicilian Lemonade€1.95
Fever-Tree Indian Tonic€1.95

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IRE – Half Pint Guinness€3.10
Peroni Nastro Azzuro€4.00
Peroni Nastro Azzurro€8.00
Orchard Thieves Cider€8.40
Gluten Free Peroni Nastro €4.40
Peroni Libera€4.80

Soft Drinks

Fresh Apple€3.60
Fresh Orange €3.60
Spiced Tomato Juice€3.50
Mango Passionfruit Smoothie€4.80
Red Berry Smoothie€4.80
San Pellegrino Sparkling€3.50
Acqua Panna Still€3.50
Coca Cola€3.70
Coke Zero€3.50
Diet Coke€3.50
San Pellegrino Aranciata€3.50
San Pellegrino Limonata & Menta€3.50
San Pellegrino Pomegranate & Orange€3.50

Hot Drinks

Fresh Mint Tea €2.80
Earl Grey€2.80
Green Tea€2.80
Double Espresso€3.30
IRE – Ristretto€2.25
Espresso Macchiato €2.70
Cappuccino €3.50
Caffe Latte€3.50
Flat White€3.50
Fiorentina Hot Chocolate €3.50
Decaf English Breakfast€2.35
Americano €2.90
Coffee Bean Choice€0.01

Dessert Wine

Tropical, Sweet, Fruit€7.50

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Sparkling Wine

Floral, Quaffable, Delicate€6.50
Pink, Fun, Flavorable€6.95
RE – Maximum Brut NV Ferrari Btl€45.00
IRE – NV Brut Réserve, Taittinger Btl€65.00

Rose Wine

Graceful, Perfumed, Fruity€37.00
Light, Vibrant, Fresh€22.00
Light, Vibrant, Fresh€7.95
Blanced, Inviting, Fruity€27.00

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White Wine

Lively, Refreshing, Balanced€5.25€18.00
Fresh, Lively, Light€6.25€7.95
Rich, Mineral, Opulent€32.00
Floral, Elegant, Simple€25.00
Harmonious, Balanced, Fresh€8.25€24.00
Elegant, refined, opulent€45.00
Tropical, Herbacious, Perfumed€33.00
Opulent, Complex, Lively€37.00

Red Wine

Big, Bold, Chunky€65.00
IRE – 2017 Valpolicella Classico Ripasso, Acinatico DOC, Accordini Btl€45.00
Funky, Fresh, Full€27.00
Perfumed, Opulent, Fruit€24.00
Delicate, Soft, Berry Fruit€7.75€21.00
Plummy, Juicy, Fruity€7.95€22.00
Easy drinking, fruity, soft€5.25€7.25

Food To Go


Pain Au Chocolate€3.00
Filled Croissant with Tomato & Mozzarella€3.25
Filled Croissant with Scrambled Egg & Pancetta€3.75
Filled Croissant with Scrambled Egg & Pan Fried Mushrooms€3.75
Filled Croissant with Roast Ham & Mozzarella€3.50
Plain Croissant€3.00
Almond Croissant €3.00


Mozzarella and Pesto Ciabatta€6.00
Milanese Ciabatta €6.00
Prosciutto and Mozzarella Ciabatta€6.00
Roast Ham and Mozzarella Ciabatta €6.00

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Hot Drinks

Hot Chocolate€2.95
Flat White €2.90
Mocha €3.55
Caffe Latte (115kcal]€4.20
Caffe Latte€4.20
Double Espresso€3.00
Cappuccino €4.20

Cold Drinks

Acqua Panna Still Water€1.50
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water€2.00
San Pellegrino Pomegranite€1.25
San Pellegrino Lime and Mint€2.00
San Pellegrino Aranciata€1.25
Diet Coca Cola€1.65
Coca Cola€2.00
San Pellegrino Limonata€1.25

Cakes And Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie€1.95
Dark Chocolate & Rye Cookie €1.95
Cherry and Oat Cookie€1.95
Pink Ripple Meringue €1.25
Brownie €3.25

Alcoholic Bevs

Peroni Nastro Azzurro €8.00
Peroni Nastro Azzuro€5.40

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Now that we have come to the end of this article, I hope it has answered all the questions you may have had about Carluccio’s, its various menus, and of course, the prices too. So, Carluccio’s is one of those places where they have very well taken care of the prices being as reasonable as possible, along with serving the best quality fast food.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Carluccio’s [FAQs]

What are Carluccio’s restaurant’s opening hours?

All the Carluccio’s restaurants are open 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Does Carluccio’s have a chicken menu? 

Yes, Carluccio’s has a chicken menu that has chicken milanese, pesto risotto, chicken saltimbocca etc. All these are below €20.

What is the average price of a breakfast meal at Carluccio’s menu? 

The average price of a breakfast meal at Carluccio’s is around €20. The breakfast dishes  are served all day at this restaurant

Who is the owner of the restaurant Carluccio’s?

Antonio Carluccio is the owner of the restaurant Carluccio’s.

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