Captain Morgan Switches Up Rum & Coke By Releasing Cherry Vanilla Rum

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Captain Morgan says, “New Cherry Vanilla Rum?”; we say, “aye-aye!” Captain Morgan is widely known for the variety of flavored rums the brand offers. Recently, it has decided to provide an ultimate upgrade to your usual rum and coke!

Captain Morgan's Cherry Vanilla Rum

Being one of the most famous brands for rum, Captain Morgan has decided to switch up your old glass of rum and coke. It will be rolling out a new flavor, “cherry vanilla-flavored rum,” as a result.

The drink is described to contain the “sweetness of dark cherries” and “rich creamy vanilla” on top of Captain Morgan’s good old spiced rum. Rich in both flavor and texture, the drink has been released just in time to beat the summer heat!

Cola has rolled out cherry-flavored drinks in the past. Meanwhile, Captain Morgan serves its drinks with the addition of cola at times as well. So, it would only feel right if you were to make cola-flavored cocktails with this particular cherry vanilla rum.

The company itself recommended its customers to try making the cola floats using their new flavored rum. Captain Morgan has also launched a contest to award the most creative cocktail recipe that its customers can come up with using this flavor.

You can make an entry by tagging your recipe with the hashtag #MyCherryVanillaCreation. The rewards of the contest aren’t too big of a deal, but you have fun in the process, isn’t it?

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