How to make Camarones al Ajillo at Home

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Sahiba Sharma
Sahiba is a long time food lover. She has a soft spot for cuisines in her heart. Although she loves to cook with her mother, she is also a nutritionist. This means that she knows the science behind the food; what is good and bad in each ingredient. With her experience in cooking and nutritional education, she is a great resource to tell us about food and recipes.

Today I am going to share one of the simplest and quickest Shrimp recipes with you guys. I wonder how one can ignore these tasty shrimps known as Camarones al Ajillo. Eating shrimp may also help in solving various health problems.

When I went to the Maldives a few years ago, I tried Camarones al Ajillo for the first time and I fell in love with this recipe.

This recipe of Camarones al Ajillo reminds me of my hometown. It is a complete dinner recipe that you can make for any occasion. I am always up for any variety of shrimp recipes! That’s why today, I am sharing with you all a new shrimp recipe.

So, let’s start and make this Camarones al Ajillo recipe without wasting any of your time. Here is the list of all ingredients that are required to make this recipe at your home.

Ingredients for Camarones al Ajillo

Olive oil1 tbsp
Butter1/4 Cup
Green bell pepper (sliced)1/2
Large onion (sliced)1
Garlic cloves10
Fresh large shrimp1 pound
Tomato sauce1/2 Cup
Dried parsley1 tbsp
Red pepper flakes (crushed)1/4 tsp
Salt and black pepper1 pinch

These are the ingredients that are required for this Camarones al Ajillo recipe. If you don’t have these ingredients available at home, then you can buy it from the nearest super market.

Now, let’s see how much time it takes to make this Camarones al Ajillo at home.

How much time it will take?

Prep timeCook timeTotal timeServings
15 minutes20 minutes35 minutes4

Now comes the main part that is the procedure of this recipe. I know you all are waiting for this part. So, let’s get started.

Camarones al Ajillo Recipe

Camarones al Ajillo Recipe
  1. Take a pan, heat the oil and butter in it over medium flame.
  2. Mix in the bell pepper and onion; saute it until the onion has softened, near about 5 minutes.
  3. Add garlic, and cook it for about 1 minute.
  4. After that, add the shrimp and cook it for about 2 minutes from both sides.
  5. Mix parsley, tomato sauce, and red pepper flakes, and cook it for about 5 minutes.

Sprinkle it with salt and pepper for taste. Finally, your Camarones al Ajillo Recipe is ready to serve. I hope you all like this.

Nutritional Facts of Camarones al Ajillo

If you are a health-conscious person and want a detailed Nutritional breakdown of Camarones al Ajillo, then here you go.

Protein20.1 g
Carbohydrates8.6 g
Fat16 g
Cholesterol203.1 mg
Calcium71 mg
Iron3.7 mg
Magnesium43.5 mg
Potassium393.6 mg
Sodium445.3 mg

How to make Camarones al Ajillo at Home | Video

If you want to know more details about this recipe of Camarones al Ajillo. So, I have added a video that you can watch to clear all your doubts regarding the Camarones al Ajillo recipe.

Video by Albelys duran

I hope you all liked this recipe. Now, try this recipe at your home and share your experience with us in the comments below. Till then, stay tuned for more recipes like these.

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