California Comes Up With New Bill For The Betterment Of Fast Food Employees

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Almost everyone can agree that the people working in the fast food industry need more consideration. They work long hours, earn just a little above minimum wage, etc. On the other hand, I feel lazy just picking up the food and end up getting it home delivered. 

Fast Food Workers

Keeping all of this in mind, it feels only right that the people working in this industry get treated better. They do so much, from preparing delicious meals to dealing with rude and complaining customers. 

At times, it is also seen that fast food companies end up getting sued by their employees for mistreatment or harassment. To put an end to this and take a step in the right direction, the state of California and the legislation are considering boosting the work rights of employees in the fast-food industry.

Reportedly, the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act has now been approved in California. This would help fast-food employees to have more control over their working contracts. The only thing left now is for the bill to be passed and approved by the state senate of California.

One of the major reasons people generally leave the fast-food industry is the low wages they get paid. The bill would give control to employees over how they are to be treated and the conditions under which they’ll be working. 

Many people feel like this would lead to employers being more responsible and providing better working conditions for their employees. Some people think that this will lead to employers adding additional costs and would end up in employees resigning.

This bill brings new hope and expectations for employees in the fast-food industry in California. The passing of this bill will completely revolutionize the employment situation in the fast-food industry, and we’re here for it!

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