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Most people are familiar with the most famous coffee brand which is originated from India any guesses what is the name? You are guessing it right, it is Cafe Coffee Day but most of us think that Cafe Coffee Day only coffees with a limited amount of varieties but today in the coming lines I will provide the detailed information Of Cafe Coffee Day.

I will provide you with information regarding the Cafe Coffee Day menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Cafe Coffee Day Menu. But most of the people are not aware of the history of Cafe Coffee Day. So, I will start with the history first.

Founder of Cafe Coffee Day, an Indian Coffee chain was V. G. Siddhartha. He founded this chain on July 11, 1996. He opened the first store of Cafe Coffee Day at Brigade Road, Bangalore, Karnataka.

In the present time, they have more than 1752 stores in 245 cities of India with more than 20,135 employees, and currently, the headquarters of their brand is in Bangalore, India.

Many people believe that Cafe Coffee Day elevated the coffee drinking experience in India. People love to go to Cafe Coffee Day because of the quality and as compare to their quality there prices are very cheap and affordable.

Cafe Coffee Day Menu Prices

Cafe Coffee Day Menu

Cafe Coffee Day Menu includes marvellous and sumptuous eatables like snacks central, burger binge, sandwiches, dessert delight, and celebration cakes, comfy and delicious combos like classic combos, special combos.

The menu of Cafe Coffee Day also has beverages like sizzling and scorching all-time classics, coffee selections, cocoa indulgence, cold coffee delight, refreshing teas, swanky smoothies, fresh wave, wellness range, infusion, milkshakes.

Cafe Coffee Day is famous for its layouts and interior of its cafes. It is best when you are tired and want to relax you can go there and have a cup of coffee with a beautiful ambience with music running in the back.

Cafe Coffee Day prices are reasonable as compare to other cafe houses and their prices range from Rs. 10 to Rs. 300. So, without waiting let’s check the latest Cafe Coffee Day Menu Prices.

Coffee Selections

EspressoRs. 90
Inverted CappuccinoRs. 125
Filter CoffeeRs. 120
Red Velvet LatteRs. 130
Cranberry LatteRs. 130
MacchiatoRs. 110
Irish CoffeeRs. 130
Cafe AmericanoRs. 110
Cafe MochaRs. 125
Aztec CappuccinoRs. 148
Ethiopian CappuccinoRs. 148
Cappuccino (Regular / King)Rs. 101 / Rs. 116
New Toffee Cappuccino (Regular / King)Rs. 125 / Rs. 145
Irish Cappuccino (Regular / King)Rs. 125 / Rs. 145
Vanilla Cappuccino (Regular / King)Rs. 125 / Rs. 145
Coffee Latte (Regular / King)Rs. 107 / Rs. 122
New Toffee Latte (Regular / King)Rs. 130 / Rs. 150
Irish Latte (Regular / King)Rs. 130 / Rs. 150
Vanilla Latte (Regular / King)Rs. 130 / Rs. 150

Cocoa Indulgences

Hot Gourmet CocoaRs. 125
Cranberry Hot CocoaRs. 125
Cold Cocoa LatteRs. 135

Cold Coffee Delights

Devils OwnRs. 175
Kaapi NirvanaRs. 181
Tropical IcebergRs. 113
Cafe FrappeRs. 137
Dark FrappeRs. 170
Vegan FrappeRs. 130

Refreshing teas

Green TeaRs. 105
Darjeeling TeaRs. 105
Assam TeaRs. 100
Masala ChaiRs. 99
Iced Pomegranate LemonRs. 110

Swanky Smoothies

Assam Tea (350 ml)Rs. 95
Masala Chai (350 ml)Rs. 95
Darjeeling Tea (350 ml)Rs. 100
Green Tea (350 ml)Rs. 100

Fresh Wave

Classic Lemonade Rs. 100
Iced Pomegranate LemonadeRs. 100
Cool BlueRs. 120


Crunchy Frappe Rs. 125
Rasmalai Smoothie Rs. 140
Mango Peach Smoothie Rs. 135

Rush Fruit Beverages

Kiwi Apple & Lemon / Guava & Chilli Mango / Pomegranate & Cherry (400 ml)Rs.75

Vitamin Enriched Flavoured Water

Raspberry & Lychee / Orange (300 ml)Rs. 50


Cappuccino Rs. 97
Cafe Latte Rs. 100
Cafe Americano Rs. 100
Hazelnut Cappuccino Rs. 115
Irish Cappuccino Rs. 115
Vanilla Cappuccino Rs. 115
Cafe Mocha Rs. 115
Hazelnut Latte Rs. 120
Irish Latte Rs. 120
Vanilla Latte Rs. 120
Tropical Iceberg Rs. 105
Cold Sparkle Rs. 110
Cold Sparkle Rs. 120
Cafe Frappe Rs. 130
Hot Gourmet Hot Cocoa Rs. 120
Cold Cocoa Latte Rs. 130


Big Crunch Veg Classic BurgerRs. 110
Big Crunch Veg Spicy BurgerRs. 110
Chicken Hot DogRs. 110
Big Crunch Chicken Classic BurgerRs. 110
Big Crunch Veg Cheese BurgerRs. 120
Big Crunch Chicken Spicy BurgerRs. 125
Big Crunch Chicken Cheese BurgerRs. 130


Spinach N Corn CheeseRs. 105
The Couch PotatoRs. 105
Tandoori PaneerRs. 130
Tandoori ChickenRs. 130
Smoked ChickenRs. 135
Roasted Chicken N CheeseRs. 130

Dessert Delights

Cocoa Bite Cupcake and Berry Bite CupcakeRs. 85
Nutty Fudge Brownie Rs. 90
Cocoa FantasyRs. 110
Hazelnut Karat Pastry Rs. 120
Pure Indulgence Pastry Rs. 115
Mango Shots Tray Rs. 140
Belgian Cocoa Shots Tray Rs. 140

Celebration Cakes

Chocolate Fantasy Rs. 599
Pure Indulgence Rs. 599
Hazelnut Karat Celebration Rs. 599


King Size Cappuccino + Veg BiryaniRs.190
King Size Cappuccino + Afghani Chicken BiryaniRs.200
King Size Cappuccino + Chilli Cheese ToastizzaRs.125
King Size Cappuccino + Veg SandwichRs.165
King Size Cappuccino + Chicken SandwichRs.175
King Size Cappuccino + Hazelnut Karat / Pure Indulgence PastryRs. 165

Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on the menu of Cafe Coffee Day, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Cafe Coffee Day Franchise Details

Cafe Coffee Day Franchise

Cafe Coffee Day has more than 17,512 locations in the cities of India like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Jammu, Haryana, Amritsar, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. If you want to buy their franchise here is the cost then.

Franchise Brand FeeRs.50000
Equipment and Interior Expanse3 lakhs to 4 lakhs
Cafe Coffee Day Franchise Investment9 lakhs to 10 lakhs

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Cafe Coffee Day Contact Information

Cafe Coffee Day Corporate Office Address: Coffee Day Square 23/2, Vittal Mallya Road Bangalore 

Cafe Coffee Day Corporate Office Phone Number: +91 80 40012345

To contact the team of Cafe Coffee Day fill the contact form mentioned on their website.

Social Media Handles

Facebook Page:

Instagram Account:

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Youtube Channel:

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