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Are you looking for a cafe which is connected to their roots and serves the best and is very old, you searched about it on the internet and now you decided to go Cafe Barbera but first you want some information about it?

Now you are at my blog where you will find information regarding Cafe Barbera menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Cafe Barbera Menu.

But first I want to give the glimpse of Cafe Barbera history.

Cafe Barbers is the name which is arrived from the founder and the name of the founder is Domenico Barbera, he founded Cafe Barbera as a cafe roasting business in 1870 in Messina, Sicily. They have more than 150 stores in different countries and Cafe Barbera is amongst the five oldest coffee companies in Europe. At the present time there headquarter is in Naples, Italy

Cafe Barbera Menu Prices

Cafe Barbera franchise MENU

Cafe Barbera menu includes a variety of baked goods and drinks. Their menu includes cakes and pastries, shakes, soft drink, hot Classico Italiano, bagels, cold Classico Italiano and many more items.

People like to go to Cafe Barbera because of their coffee and their welcoming staff, that is most humble with kids and their cafe is very they have long time customers and bond with them is irreplaceable. They treat their customers like they are treating a king or a Queen.

Cafe Barbera prices are very affordable as compared to other coffee brands. Their prices lie between $1 to $8. So, without waiting let’s check the latest menu prices of Cafe Barbera.

Cakes and Pastries

Napoleon Cake$2.95
Carrot Cake$5.50
Muffin $2.95
Italian Cannoli $3.15
Danish pastry$3.15


Vanilla Shake$4.00
Strawberry Shake$4.00
Chocolate Shake$4.00

Soft Drinks

Coca Cola$2.45
Diet Coca Cola$2.45
Sprite $2.45
Gourmet Iced Tea$2.95
Smart Water$2.85

Hot Classico Italiano

Espresso Macchiato$2.25
Cappuccino Italiano$2.45
Caffe Latte$2.45
Caffe Americano$1.95
Tea $2.25


Plain Bagel$1.55
Blueberry Bagel$1.55
Everything Bagel$1.55
Whole Wheat Bagel$1.55

Sandwiches and Salads

Turkey Sandwich$6.90
Cuban sandwich $6.90
Barbera’s Club Sandwich $6.50
Salad $5.00

Cold Classico Italiano

Espresso Fredo $2.25
Espresso Frappe $3.15
Espresso Shakerato$2.35
Cappuccino Fredo$3.75
Cappuccino Napoletano $3.75
Cappuccino Frappe $4.15
Cappuccino Shakerato$3.85
Fredduccino Chocolate$3.45
Fredduccino Caramel$3.45
Aromagic $5.00
Caramel Frozen$5.50
Milky Frozen$5.50

Cafe Barbera Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information on the items present on the Cafe Barbera menu, click on the link mentioned above.

Cafe Barbera Franchise Details

Cafe Barbera franchise

Cafe Barbera has more than 150 stores in different countries in the world. The company has made its presence in places like Europe, South America, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Morocco, Jordan, Ukraine, UK, Philippines, Pakistan, Sudan and Somalia. And the company is planning to open more outlets in different parts of the world.

So if you want to open a Cafe Barbera store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Initial Investment Fee$35,000
Lower Investment Fee$187,000
High Investment Fee$305,000

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Cafe Barbera Contact Information

Cafe Barbera Corporate Office Address– Passeig de l’Arbreda, n.507609 Son Veri Nou – Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Cafe Barbera Corporate Phone Number– 34 689 941 335

Cafe Barbera Contact Email- [email protected]

You can also contact the team of Cafe Barbera by using the contact form on their website.

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Watch the Documentary on Cafe Barbera

Video by Caffè Barbera

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