Byron Burger Menu With Prices

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Want to give in to your greasy burger indulgences? Byron Burger is the place for you! It is a British restaurant chain featuring a melange of delicious burgers and other food items. A complete enumeration of Byron Burger menu items along with their prices can be found further below in this article.

Byron Hamburgers

Byron Burger’s menu contains various sections like “Proper Beef Burgers” including the blue smokey, B-Rex, etc. The classic Byron and chicken strips are some of the most popular items on the menu. The average cost of a satiating meal at this restaurant is £11.08.

This restaurant also has chicken burgers like clucky, C-Rex, etc. The dessert available here is the salted caramel brownie bites. It also has a kid’s menu called Mini Byron, consisting of mini chicken, mini classic, mac & cheese, etc. It also features oreo milkshakes and strawberry milkshakes.

I know you can’t wait to grab your car keys and get a taste of that juicy hamburger. A thorough list of their menu items and their prices is provided further in this article. Stick around and keep reading for further details on the nutritional content, contact information, gift cards, etc. But before that, let’s quickly get acquainted with the history of Byron Burger.

The restaurant chain of Byron Burger began in 2007 in London. It was founded by Tom Byng, with Simon Wilkinson as its current CEO. The exceptional range of hamburgers provided by Byron Burger was created with the help of Head Chef Fred Smith. This restaurant chain is now present in 21 locations all over the UK.

Byron Burger Menu Prices

Burger at Byron Burger

Byron Burger is a predominantly burger restaurant chain offering three major types of burgers – beef, chicken, and plant burgers. The menu also offers detailed information regarding allergens and is customer-friendly. It is usually open from 12:00 p.m. till 10:p.m. 

This restaurant chain’s plant burgers section has two items, namely – truffler and Cali cheese. The chicken burgers include bacon clucky, chicken smokey, etc. The beef burgers, which Byron burgers is known for, serves the smokey, chili, etc. Several dips like Byron sauce, vegan aioli, etc., are also available.

Byron Burger kid’s menu, Mini Baron, comprises the mini chicken, mini classic, mini cheese, oreo milkshake, and strawberry milkshake. A range of delicious sides such as halloumi fries, Byron slaw, skin-on fries, etc., is also available for inclusion in your meal.

You can order both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with hamburgers by Byron Burger. You can get yourself a soft drink, milkshake, beer, white wine, red wine, or rose wine. The drinks also include Prosecco, champagne, Pinot Grigio, Peroni, Coke, etc. A vegan option for milkshakes is also served here; namely – a vegan salted caramel shake.


Classic £ 7.45
Byron £ 10.50
Chicken Strips£ 5.50

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Classic£ 7.45
Classic Cheese£ 8.95
Byron£ 10.50
The Smokey£ 12.95
The Blue Smokey£ 12.95
BRex£ 12.95
Double Bacon Cheese£ 13.95
Chili£ 8.95
Clucky£ 10.50
Bacon Clucky£ 11.50
Chicken Smokey£ 12.95
CRex£ 12.95

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Cali Cheese£ 10.50
Truffler£ 12.95


Skin On Fries£ 3.00
Sweet Potato Fries£ 3.50
Cheese Fries£ 4.00
Bacon Cheese Fries£ 4.50
Byron Slaw£ 4.00
Onion Rings (v)£ 4.00
Mac & Cheese (v)£ 5.50
Halloumi Fries (v)£ 5.50
Chicken Wings£ 5.50

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Byron Sauce (v)£ 1.00
BBQ Sauce (vg)£ 1.00
Blue Cheese Sauce£ 1.00
Chipotle Mayo (v)£ 1.00
Smoked Chili BBQ Mayo£ 1.00
Siracha Mayo (v)£ 1.00
Vegan Aioli (vg)£ 1.00


Salted Caramel Brownie Bites£ 3.50

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Oreo Shake£ 5.50
Salted Caramel Shake £ 5.50
Strawberry Shake£ 5.50
Vanilla£ 5.50
Vegan Salted Caramel Shake£ 5.50

Mini Byron

Mini Classic£ 5.50
Mini Cheese£ 5.50
Mini Chicken £ 5.50
Oreo Milkshake£ 2.50
Strawberry Milkshake£ 2.50

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Soft Drinks

Sparkling Mineral Water£ 2.50
Still Mineral Water£ 2.50
Coke£ 1.50
Diet Coke£ 1.50
Coke zero Can£ 1.50
Sprite Zero Can£ 1.50
Dalston Fizzy Elderflower£ 3.50
Soda Folk Fizzy Cherry£ 3.50
Soda Folk Root Beer £ 3.50


Byron Lager£ 5.00
Byron Session IPA£ 5.00
Peroni (330 ml)£ 4.25
Peroni (500 ml)£ 7.25

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White Wine

Chenin Blamc£ 17.95
Pinot Grigio£ 20.95
Sauvignon Blanc£ 24.95

Red Wine

Shiraz£ 16.95
Ancien Temps£ 20.95
Malbec£ 23.95

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Rose Wine

Pinot Grigio Blush£ 19.95
Cotes De Provence£ 24.95


Prosecco£ 26.00
Champagne£ 40.00

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Byron Burger Nutritional Information


The nutritional information of all Byron hamburgers and other food items present on the Byron Burger’s menu is provided in the link above. Make sure to check the allergen information as well using the allergen guide’s link provided above.

Byron Burger Franchise Details

Byron Burger restaurant

At the moment, Byron Burger doesn’t have any franchising options available for people to get considered for. As soon as the Byron Burger franchise options become available, we’ll make sure to give you the required updates about it.

Byron Burger Contact Information

Byron Burger Corporate Office Address: Byron, 33-35 Wellington Street, London WC2E 7BN

Byron Burger Corporate Phone Number: +44 2075 890630

Byron Burger Email: [email protected]

You can also contact this restaurant by emailing them at the email address provided here to get further details about this restaurant.

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