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It’s time to finally enjoy the newest members of Burger King’s “Whopper family”! Yes, Whopper melts are available on the official menu of Burger King, and trust me, this tasteful bliss is already making waves nationwide. Cater to your curiosity for Burger King melts by reading this entire article. You’ll find here all you need to know about Burger King melts.

Burger King

Burger King whopper melt, spicy whopper melt, and bacon whopper melt are the three mouth-watering whopper melts served at Burger King. These whoppers are patty melts having two flame-broiled beef patties, cheese, and veggies. Royal perks members of Burger King can enjoy whopper melt meal combos for around $6.

Burger King being the iconic brand for burgers, introduced whopper burgers in the late 1950s. This burger was larger in size than a regular hamburger with flame-broiled patties and thus was named whopper. Bacon & cheese whopper, double & triple whoppers, the veggie whoppers, etc., are some of the famous whoppers available here. 

Among all the variants of whoppers, Burger King whopper melts are truly delicious and more fun to try. You can have these with an ice-cold beverage and fries. Read on, and you’ll get to know when you can have these whopper melts along with the prices at Burger King. 

What Are Burger King Whopper Melts? 

Burger King Whopper Melt

Savory juicy flame-grilled patty over melty American cheese between toasted slices of bread! Yes, that’s what a whopper melt looks like. It’s slightly smaller than a regular whopper, but it’s worth a try. Burger King offers three different variations in whopper melts. All three are super delicious and appetizing. 

Whether you’re up for a regular whopper melt, spicy whopper melt, or a bacon whopper melt, the major difference it has with a burger or whopper is that whopper melts have toasted bread slices in place of burger buns. You can also customize your whopper melt by adding some more caramelized onions, tomatoes, cheese and by adding your choice of condiments or sauce to it. 

Burger King Whopper Melts Range

Burger King whopper melts are the three newest variants of the whopper family. These three whopper sandwiches are Burger King whopper melt, bacon whopper melt, and spicy whopper melt. All these three whoppers have caramelized onions, pickles, juicy flame-grilled patties, lettuce, and jalapenos. Check out the list below to have a detailed view of whopper melts at Burger King.

1. Whopper Melt

Burger King’s whopper melt has melty American cheese layered over each junior whopper patty with caramelized onions slathered with Stacker sauce. These are stacked between toasted slices of bread. It has two one-fourth pound flame-grilled beef patties. 

2. Spicy Whopper Melt

Spicy whopper melt served at Burger King has two whopper junior flame-grilled patties made from one-fourth pound ground beef. This Whopper burger has caramelized onions, jalapenos, American cheese, and a spicy sauce. 

3. Bacon Whopper Melt

Just add bacon to the whopper melt, and you’ll have the delicious bacon whopper melt. This whopper melt has melty American cheese with crispy bacon, caramelized onions, two whopper junior flame-grilled beef patties. It has pickle-flavored Stacker sauce. 

Burger King Whopper Melts Price

Whopper Melts at Burger King

Try ‘The antisocial one’ from Burger King’s menu. This drool-worthy whopper meal has a regular whopper melt with some extra caramelized onions. The whopper has crispy charred patties with American cheese layered between the patties. The caramelized onions in the whopper are topped with Stacker sauce. It’s served with crispy onion rings and a beverage of your choice. This combo meal has a small size and a small side. 

‘The spicy one small’ is an appetizing whopper meal combo. It has a jalapeno whopper melt served with fries, four pieces of jalapeno cheddar bites, and a drink. The spicy whopper has extra jalapeno layered over spicy patties in the sandwiches. This combo also includes a small side and a small drink. 

The most exciting of all the whopper meals is ‘Let’s get this bacon’. It has a bacon whopper melt with crispy fries and a drink. The bacon whopper has patties stacked under crispy bacon and caramelized onions. The size of the drink and the side dish is small. You can also have just a whopper melt for just $4.29. Check out the tables below to know the prices of whopper melts.

Whopper Melts

Whopper Melt        $ 4.29
Spicy Whopper Melt        $ 4.29
Bacon Whopper Melt        $ 4.29

Royal Perks Exclusive Whopper Melt Meals

The Anti-Social One        $ 6.00
The Spicy One        $ 6.00
Let’s Get This Bacon        $ 6.00

From When Burger King Whopper Melts Are Available?

The whopper melts are available for fans and royal perks members of Burger King from 10th, March 2022. But the whopper meal combos are available exclusively for “Royal perks” members of Burger King. If you, too, are a royal perks member of Burger King, you can order the delish whopper meal combo from Burger King’s official website or its official app. 

Those who are not the royal perks members but die-hard fans of Burger King can enjoy the whopper melts after 10th March anytime during the operational hours of Burger King. This means you can have these delish whopper bites with bubbling soft drinks during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Burger King Whopper Melts Review

Whopper Melts at Burger King

I, too, was very excited about the latest whopper melts at Burger King. So, I decided to visit my nearest Burger King and try all the three whopper melts. Each of the whopper melts at Burger Kings costs around $4.29. I ordered all three of these with a beverage. These whopper melts are available in four combo sizes – just the sandwich, small, medium, and large. 

‘Just the sandwich’ was my preferred choice over other combo sizes. The regular whopper melt arrived first at my table. I had a bite and really liked its mildly spicy and sweet flavors. Caramelized onions with Stacker sauce add a slightly sweet dimension to the taste of this sandwich. The thick patty with the American cheese adds more to the delight of this sandwich. 

Then I tried the other two whopper melts, the bacon whopper melt, and the spicy whopper melt. Bacon gave a crispy meatiness to the sandwich. Caramelized onions with Stacked sauce add on to its flavorsome bliss. The patty was char-grilled and gave a delish smoky taste. Spicy whopper melt has jalapenos in it. It was a little spicy due to the jalapenos but not as much as expected. 

The thing I didn’t like about them was that the bread slices in all these whopper melts were thick and semi-toasted. They were not as crispy as displayed in the pictures. In fact, the bread slices were a little doughy and chewy. The size of the sandwich was also very small. The patties were thick and could be improved. Caramelized onions tasted great and paired well with the Stacker sauce. 

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