Burger King 2 For $ 10 | Best Deal For Two People?

Fast food chains like Burger King always create new and exciting deals. One such deal that customers loved was Burger King 2 for $ 10 deal. Here, you will get a detailed analysis of the deal and whether it still exists! 

Burger King, 2 for $ 10, is considered one of the best deals for two people. With this deal, customers get to pick two entrees out of the choices given, along with a side of fries and a soft drink. 

Most of us know that Burger King comes up with exciting deals now and then. Some of these deals work wonders with customers since they allow you to save even more money on an already reasonably priced menu

But most of us need to know when the deals are introduced and discontinued. In this blog post, I have covered all the details possible about this deal. From what it is to whether it can still be availed at Burger King, you’ll find it all here, so stay tuned! 

What’s In Burger King’s 2 For $ 10 Deal? 

Burger King’s 2 for $ 10 deal lets you mix and match two whole meals for a meager price. 

In this deal, the entree options consist of 

  • Whopper,
  • Chicken sandwich,
  • Chicken fries
  • Big Fish Sandwich

You can choose two of the same entrees or even mix-n-match! Along with the entree options mentioned here, this deal includes two small fries and two soft beverages. This meal deal is undoubtedly good enough for two people or even one, depending on your appetite! 

Is The Burger King 2 For $ 10 Deal Still Available? 

Family bundle

Burger King’s 2 for $ 10 deal is unavailable at their current locations. However, Burger King keeps returning this deal now and then, only for limited periods. 

None of the Burger King locations across the United States have this deal available. However, this deal debuted a long time ago, and ever since has appeared on and off at Burger King. So, we hope that it makes a comeback soon! 

Can You Save Money Using BK 2 For a $ 10 Deal? 

There has been a lot of debate about the deals that fast food places like Burger King have to offer. While the deals are made for people to save money, a lot of people have also said that you cannot save any money with this deal. So, let us take a look at whether you can save money or not by comparing prices. 

Burger King Menu ItemPrice
Whopper$ 7.99
Chicken Sandwich$ 6.79
Chicken Fries $ 4.99
Big Fish Sandwich$ 7.39
Classic Fries $ 3.79
Small Beverage$ 3.19

As you can see from the prices in the table, most menu items have a high individual price. If you were to mix and match meals, the estimate for two meals would be $ 20. Whereas with this deal, you can save $ 10 on your feed. So yes, you can save a decent amount of money with this deal. 

Can You Use 2 For $ 10 Deal For Breakfast? 

Burger King Breakfast Start and Stop Hours

Burger King has a specially crafted menu for each meal of the day. They also have many sweet deals that cater to the breakfast menu. But, quite often, specific deals are applicable for breakfast and lunch meals. Is this deal relevant to breakfast meals as well? 

No, the 2-for $ 10 deal is only available for lunch and dinner. As of now, Burger King has yet to mention if they would add this deal for breakfast meals, but we can surely hope for it! 

Although this particular deal is not applicable for breakfast, only one deal works! Burger King offers many exciting Breakfast deals, and I recommend looking at the same! 

How To Check The Latest Burger King Deals? 

To avail of any of the deals that Burger King offers, it is essential to be updated with their announcements. Currently, the best way to check out the deals at Burger King is on their official website, along with the android and iOS apps of Burger King. 

Meanwhile, you can also sign up for the ‘Royal Perks’ program at Burger King, where they have new and exciting offers now and then. Other than that, for more information about all Burger King deals, check out our detailed article! 


The 2 for $ 10 deal is indeed one of the best deals that Burger King came up with, especially for two people. The options offered for entree are plenty; this deal saves you a lot of money. So, it is a total win-win situation for customers! 

As of now, this deal is not available at Burger King. But we can hope for it to make a comeback soon! Also, Burger King offers many other deals that are worth it, like their 2 for $ 5 deal, 2 for $ 6 deal, and their family bundle

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Burger King’s 2-for $ 10 deal? 

With Burger King’s 2 for $ 10 deal, customers can enjoy two whole meals for just $ 10! 

What entrees are available with this deal? 

With the 2-for $ 10 deal, you can choose an entree from Whopper, Chicken Sandwich, Big Fish sandwich, and chicken fries. 

Is this deal available at Burger King at the moment? 

No, this deal is not available at Burger King at the moment. 

Is this deal worth it?

Yes, as you can save a lot of money with this deal, it solves the purpose and is worth it too! 

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