Burger King Tacos Review | Should You Buy It or Not?

Burger King is a fast-food chain known for its wide variety of burgers like whopper and chicken sandwiches. However, did you know Burger King also offers tacos? You heard that right, we have shared the Burger King tacos review in this article.

Burger King Taco Review

Burger King’s crispy tacos are made with seasoned beef, shredded cheddar cheese, and lettuce, all wrapped in a crispy corn shell. The tacos are priced at $1, making them an affordable option at Burger King. 

For years, Burger King has been a go-to destination for those looking for burgers and chicken sandwiches. However, with the recent addition of tacos to the menu, the chain hopes to appeal to a broader audience. 

It’s noteworthy that Burger King tacos are unlike traditional Mexican tacos. They serve only a limited offering of tacos.

This article will review Burger King’s tacos and see if they are good enough. Also, we will evaluate the taco from a health point of view. So, stay tuned and keep reading.

What Are Burger King Tacos Made Of? 

Burger King Taco

Burger King taco is a popular menu item at the fast food chain made with a crispy corn tortilla. The ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, and taco seasoning sauce are packed in the tortilla. 

The cheddar cheese adds some extra flavor to the tortilla. At the same time, the taco sauce combines taco sauce and creamy sauce, giving it a tangy and sweet taste.

The Burger King Taco is a tasty, budget-friendly snack perfect for craving something crunchy and savory. Although they can be messy to eat, so eat them carefully. 

Burger King Taco Review | Are They Any Good?

Burger King Taco Review In Detail

I recently tried Burger King’s tacos, and I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I wanted to try them. I was disappointed with the tacos here. 

The first thing that caught my eye when I received Burger King’s tacos was the shell. Unfortunately, it was far from golden and looked rather unappetizing. 

To make matters worse, the shell needed to be evenly wrapped around the filling and seemed to need help to hold everything together. The lettuce was particularly unruly and kept trying to escape the tortilla’s clutches.

When I took a bite, I did appreciate the crispy texture of the shell. However, it was evident that the shell had been overcooked. On top of that, it was drowning in grease, which made it even less appetizing.

The inside of the taco could be better. The beef filling was unappetizing and lacked flavor, and the lettuce was wilted. The overall experience of eating these tacos could have been more enjoyable.

I have to say, I had high expectations from Burger King’s tacos. The advertising for Burger King’s tacos made them look incredibly appealing. However, the reality didn’t quite live up to the hype.

Burger King could have improved the flavor of their tacos to make them a more promising menu item. For now, let’s see what other reviewers have to say about the tacos. 

The food website Delish tried Burger King’s tacos and had mixed feelings. They described the tacos as soggy, greasy, and underwhelming. They ultimately concluded that the tacos could have been better.

The Impulsive Buy reviewed Burger King’s tacos and was not impressed. They described the tacos as a mess and said they had a strange flavor. They also noted that the tacos were relatively small and did not contain a lot of meat.

Another website named Brand Eating said, “I was pleasantly surprised by Burger King’s tacos! The shell was crispy, and the beef had a nice seasoning. They were small, but I didn’t expect them to be huge for the price. If you’re looking for a cheap and tasty snack, these tacos are worth a try.”

A famous Youtube channel, Marchers With Munchies, said, “I had high hopes for Burger King’s tacos, but unfortunately, they fell short for me. The shell was a bit too greasy and didn’t have enough crunch, and the filling lacked flavor. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get these again, but they could suffice if I was in a pinch and needed something quick.”

After reviewing all the reviews, we conclude that Burger King’s tacos are small. So, other options may exist if you’re expecting a substantial meal. However, it will be an excellent option for a quick snack or something to tide you over until your next dinner. And for the price, they’re a good value.

Are Burger King Tacos Healthy?

Are Burger King Tacos Healthy

No, Burger King’s tacos are not a healthy option out there. They are deep-fried, which automatically adds some calories and fat. But they might be the best choice for a quick snack.

Each taco contains about 170 calories, 9 grams of fat, and 11 grams of carbohydrates. They also have 7 grams of protein. These tacos are not the healthiest options on the menu. They may be affordable. However, their overall taste and quality could be better when compared to other fast food options.

Remember that one taco doesn’t fill you up, so you may eat more than one.

Another thing to consider is the sodium content. Each taco contains 280 mg of sodium, about 12% of your recommended intake. Too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure and other health issues, so keep an eye on sodium intake.

Overall, Burger King’s tacos are a decent option. However, if you’re trying to eat healthier, there are better options on BK’s menu. 

Does Burger King Still Have Tacos On Their Menu?

Does Burger King Still Have Tacos On Their Menu

The answer is no. In the past, Burger King had tacos on their menu, but now they do not offer them. They were first introduced in the late 2000 and were initially quite popular. However, over time, they became less popular and were eventually discontinued.

Burger King brought back their tacos for a limited time in 2019. They were marketed as a throwback item, and many were excited to try them again. However, they were only available for a few months and were eventually removed from the menu.

So, currently, tacos are temporary items on the Burger King menu. However, it’s always possible that they could bring them back again. They like to get them around occasionally as a special treat for their customers at just $1. 

If you’re craving a Burger King taco, you could always ask the restaurant if they are available. Some locations might still have them in stock, even if they’re not officially on the menu. 


We reviewed Burger King’s crispy taco today. While they may not be the most authentic tacos, they are a tasty and affordable option. The seasoned beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and crispy corn shell combine to create a satisfying flavor and texture.

It’s important to note that these tacos are not like traditional tacos. However, if you’re a fan of fast-food tacos or just looking to try something new at Burger King, they are worth a try.

In addition to its tacos, Burger King has various other menu items, such as their famous Whopper and Chicken Sandwich. If you’re curious about those items, check out our Burger King chicken sandwich review and Burger King ghost pepper nuggets review.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do Burger King’s tacos taste like?

Burger King’s tacos are crispy and savory with a bit of spice. They are filled with seasoned beef, lettuce, and cheese and have a sauce that adds a little kick. Some people love the taste, while others find it to be a bit too greasy.

Are Burger King’s tacos worth the price?

The tacos are relatively inexpensive and available at only $1. They are small in size. Some people think they are a good value for the price, while others feel they need to fill more.

Can you customize Burger King’s tacos?

No! You cannot customize Burger King’s tacos. The tacos come as they are. However, you can always ask for extra sauce to add a different flavor.

Are Burger King’s tacos healthy?

They are a semi-healthy option at Burger King. They are fried and contain a moderate amount of calories and fat. However, they are pretty good compared to other fast food items. It is essential to enjoy them in moderation and balance them with healthier choices throughout the day.

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