Burger King Suicide Burger | What’s Inside, Price & Review

Many people need to learn about Burger King’s secret menu because it is not mentioned on their regular menu. Fret not. I will help you with all the nitty gritty. Moreover, you will also be amazed to know about Burger King suicide burger. It is one of the famous burgers on the secret menu. 

Suicide Burger

Suicide burger is loaded with four beef patties, cheese slices, bacon, and special BK sauce stacked on sesame seed buns. It’s a meal for a king or someone with a huge appetite. The price of the suicide burger is $3.99.  

The suicide burger is not just a burger; it’s an experience. The burger is heavy in calories and high in saturated fat. So, if you enjoy trying new things, this burger is an exciting choice.

Curious to know more about the suicide burger? Then, check out the detailed review below. This burger from BK’s secret menu is worth trying. So, the next time you’re at Burger King, don’t hesitate to ask for the suicide burger.

What Is Burger King Suicide Burger?

Suicide Burger

Suicide burger is part of Burger King’s secret menu. It is also referred to as the Quad Stacker burger. It’s loaded with four beef patties, four cheese slices, bacon, and special BK sauce stacked on sesame seed buns. 

The name of the burger is suicide because it has a high-calorie intake. This burger is not on Burger King’s official menu but can be ordered at the restaurant.

Burger King Suicide Burger Price

The price of Burger King’s suicide burger is $3.99. The burger is yet to be officially available on Burger King’s menu. BK fans have created the burger by adding additional ingredients. 

How To Order Burger King Suicide Burger?

For many who get confused about how to order a suicide burger, here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. When you visit burger king, ask the server for a quad stacker. 
  2. But if they don’t understand, say it’s four beef patties, four cheese slices, bacon, and the BK special sauce in a burger.  
  3. Let the server prepare the burger, and enjoy. 

Is Burger King Suicide Burger Available On The Regular Menu?

Unfortunately, a suicide burger is not available on the regular menu. However, Burger King recently added a quad stacker burger to their menu, precisely the suicide burger.

It’s always a gamble when it comes to fast food chains bringing back discontinued items – some never come back, while others have the opportunity to return to the regular menu.

The suicide burger falls into the category of items that have been discontinued and haven’t made a return to the regular menu just yet. Who knows, though? Maybe someday Burger King will surprise us and bring it back! In the meantime, there are still plenty of other delicious options on their menu. You can check the the menu pries here.

Burger King Suicide Burger Nutrition

The Burger King suicide burger is a menu item that has gained notoriety for its excessive calorie count and high levels of saturated fat. This burger is not only enormous but also nutritious.

Here is a nutritional value table for suicide burger:

Calories800 kcal
Fat55 g
Sodium1270 mg
Cholesterol 190 mg
Sugar7 g
Protein49 g

Looking at the calorie count, Burger King’s suicide burger is far from healthy. Due to its high-fat content, it’s not heart-healthy and can lead to weight gain. So, it needs to be adjusted on the restaurant’s menu.

If you are a fan of Burger King and want to eat some healthy options there, then we have covered the whole article on Burger King’s menu nutrition values. You can check that out. 

Burger King Suicide Burger Review

Burger King's Suicide Burger

A suicide burger is a delectable burger. It’s loaded with beef patties, cheese slices, bacon, and special BK sauce between the buns.

In terms of taste, it has a rich and savory flavor. The beef patties are meaty, while the cheese has a delicious saltiness. The bacon will give a nice smokey flavor to the burger. Remember that special BK sauce, which brings the burger a tangy and sweet flavor? You will love the special sauce along with the beef. They both taste nice together. Overall, it’s a tasty package.

As for texture, this burger will be quite an unforgettable experience. There are going to be a lot of layers to chew through. Moreover, the beef patties will likely be juicy and tender, while the cheese will be melted and gooey. On top of that, the bacon will provide a nice crunch to balance out all the soft textures.

Let’s Taste, a popular Youtube channel, says, “The barbecue sauce was nice. Yeah, the barbecue with the bacon goes altogether. It was a nice burger.”

According to Today.com, a famous website, “Their beef patties weigh 8.8 oz in total; on the other hand, McDonald’s big mac patties weigh only 3.2 oz.” So, the suicide burger has a big beef patty compared to any other fast-food chain.


Suicide burger is a massive and decadent burger that your taste buds will thoroughly enjoy. Throughout this review, we have explored the suicide burger in detail, discussing its ingredients, nutritional value, and price. We have also provided a comprehensive burger review, including its taste, texture, and overall quality.

For those looking for other burger options at Burger King, we recommend checking out the Rodeo Burger, BK Stacker, and Burger King BLT Burger. Each of these options offers a unique twist on the classic burger.

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