What Is Burger King Rodeo Burger? | Price & Review

Burger King is a notable fast-food chain offering secret menu items that many people are unaware of. One such burger is the Rodeo Burger. The article below will help you get a detailed analysis of what Burger King Rodeo Burger is and its price and reviews! 

Burger King Rodeo Burger

The Rodeo Burger from Burger King is one of their finest flame-grilled options. This burger has a freshly grilled beef patty, sweet and smoky BBQ sauce, and crispy onion rings. All of this is beautifully packed in a sesame-toasted bun. 

Fast food joints like Burger King are well-known for their secret menus. Although the regular menu has plenty to offer, the personal menu brings in a dose of excitement, which most customers look forward to. 

Unlike many other options on the secret menu, the Rodeo Burger was initially a part of the regular Burger King menu. However, now it can only be found as a secret menu item. There are ways to enjoy this menu item at a reasonable price thoroughly, and we will discover all that here! 

What Is Burger King Rodeo Burger? 

What is burger king rodeo burger

Burger King Rodeo Burger is a delightful burger with a balanced BBQ sauce flavor. This burger consists of a flame-grilled beef patty with a generous amount of sweet and smoky BBQ sauce. Lastly, the burger is topped with two onion rings and packed between a toasted sesame-seeded bun. 

Burger King is especially well-known worldwide for their Whopper. It is also considered the Best Burger to buy at Burger King. But, just with that, it is safe to say that the chain knows how to make excellent burgers! 

Keeping that in mind, their choice of flame-grilled burgers is phenomenal! Rodeo Burger, also a beef-based burger, is an excellent choice. Moreover, this was available on the Burger King menu before, but for a limited time. 

Burger King Rodeo Burger Price – $ 1.49, but may vary slightly per location. 

How To Order Burger King Rodeo Burger? 

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It may seem confusing to know how exactly you can enjoy one. Ordering anything off the secret menu at Burger King is mostly a bunch of hacks that bring the burger together. 

Steps To Order Burger King Rodeo Burger: 

  1. Order a cheeseburger, and the server adds BBQ sauce and onion rings. 
  2. If that does not work, order a side of onion rings and BBQ sauce. 
  3. Add some BBQ sauce to the cheeseburger and a couple of Onion rings. 
  4. You’ve got yourself a Rodeo Burger to enjoy! 

Burger King Rodeo Burger Nutrition

Lately, nutrition has become an essential part of our lives. So, because the Rodeo Burger is from a fast food chain, it is not the healthiest thing ever. Let us take a look at the nutritional value of this burger. 

Calories328 kcal
Fat13.7 g
Saturated Fat4.4 g
Trans Fat0.8 g
Cholesterol36.1 mg
Carbohydrates38 g
Fiber 1.6 g
Sugar9.3 g
Protein13.2 g
Sodium488.2 mg

As you can see from the table given above, the Rodeo Burger is undoubtedly not the healthiest option available at Burger King. However, it is also okay at the same time and can be enjoyed every once in a while! 

Burger King Rodeo Burger Review

Burger King Rodeo Burger

The Rodeo Burger from Burger King is one of those burgers that has had the most amount of mixed reviews. Although many people love the burger and favor returning it to the regular menu, quite a few say otherwise. 

People do agree that there are plenty of pros when it comes to the Rodeo Burger. The first pro is that all the flavors complement each other exceptionally well.

The beef patty paired with the tangy, sweet, and sour BBQ sauce, finished with some onion rings, creates a lovely flavor combination. Not just that, though, Burger King offers enormous onion rings, and just two of them fit very well in a single Rodeo Burger.

With each bite, you get enough crispiness from the onion rings, along with many flavors, making the burger experience and price worth it. However, one con that most people pointed out was that the beef burger patty is too small for the burger.

It does not fit well and cannot be enjoyed with every bite. So, if Burger King worked on this one factor, most people would want to bring the Rodeo Burger back on the menu!


Burger King Rodeo Burger is one of the most successful secret menu items that the chain has ever had. Most people love the flavor combination of everything together. Moreover, the price of this menu item is also very reasonable, which makes it even more worth it. 

Burger King’s secret menu has a lot more variety to offer too, which is worth looking at. Some of these secret menu items I recommend are Burger King Suicide Burger, Burger King BLT, and Burger King Stacker too! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Rodeo Burger from Burger King? 

Rodeo Burger from Burger King consists of a beef patty with BBQ sauce and onion rings. 

Is Burger King Rodeo Burger available on the menu? 

No, Rodeo Burger is no longer available on the regular menu at Burger King, but rather, the secret menu. 

How much does a Rodeo Burger cost? 

The cost of a Rodeo Burger from Burger King is $ 1.49. 

Is the Rodeo Burger any good? 

People have had mixed reviews about this burger, so it is best to try it yourself! 

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