Burger King Receives Heavy Backlash Regarding New Whopper Melts’ Size

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Burger King released three new menu items in the initial few days of March Madness. These new menu additions created headlines as soon as the news came out and consisted of three Whopper Melts with “flame-grilled beef patties.”

Whopper melts

These Whopper Melts come in three different varieties; the Whopper Melt, the Spicy Whopper Melt, and the Bacon Whopper Melt. The hype surrounding the arrival of these Whopper Melts was surreal, but unfortunately, Burger King couldn’t quite hit the mark.

Being served at various Burger King outlets nationwide, these Whopper Melts are unable to satisfy the customers. The customers are displeased, and the Whopper Melts didn’t hold up to their expectations.

After trying the new Whopper, one of the customers took to Twitter and wrote, “Super small, deceptive advertising, untoasted bun, unmelted cheese, costs more than 2 Whoppers. DO NOT BUY THIS. Ordered two the other day. Disaster.”

The main reason customers are dissatisfied with this menu item is its size. A customer tweeted about the same, saying, “You have the audacity to call it a Whopper when the burger is not even close to the size of a Whopper at all.”

He further added, “I ordered thinking because it is called Whopper it would be the size too. I was so disappointed.” These menu offerings are receiving a lot of backlash due to the size they come in.

One customer even posted a photo of the Whopper next to a nugget to give other people an idea of how small it is when the two are compared.

Another customer tweeted, saying, “Almost $6 for 2 Whopper JUNIOR patties and some dry untoasted bread,” while another said, “@BurgerKing Should be ashamed! I took a bite just to make sure I wasn’t tripping.”

All Burger King can do now is rectify its mistake by increasing the size of the Whopper or sit there and receive Whopp-ing criticism for the same.

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